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Well everyone, this is the largest collection of my stories on the web. 
It should be all the stories I've published on the web, and new stories are marked with *NEW*.

The pictures that have inspired me over the years are sitting right beside the stories they inspired,
so please check out the artist who drew them.

Any comments or ideas are quite welcome, and may be directed to teiran@prodigy.net 
Everything else (flames included) can be sent to bottomless@void.com

That annoying WARNING message (Again): All of these stories deal with sex, that's right, sex, specifically sex between two Males.  If that's not your cup of tea, then leave.  If you are under 18, or the legal age for where ever it is you are, it is illegal for you to view these.  I'm doing this to save my own butt, and by clicking on any of the links below, you agree to hold me, the author responsible for absolutely nothing that happens to you because you read this, and agree that I am not legally responsible for any damages or wrong doing that results from you actions on my site.
And yes, all pictures have been approved by the artists.


High School Days Series

*NEW stories inside!*

Here's all the stuff that inspired me, be it pictures, songs or comic strips.
These are stories of growing up gay, of discovering who you really are and how much a family and your school mates, good or bad, can affect you.  And of course, good old gay sex. My readers should be able to spot at least three returning characters from other stories.  the series happens in a basically chronological order, with some flash backs to fill in blanks. 

Cleaver people will notice that the series is patterned after The GreenMount Chronicles By NightCat. That's rather intentional. NightCat's work inspired me to write such an ambitious series about a world of people and how they interact with each other.  I'm sure you'll have fun drawing parallels between some of the characters, but don't assume every character will follow the same pattern.  You will also see some radical differences between the two series too. 

The beginning of the story features two young lovers by the name of Todd and David.  Their story starts in Young Love and Young Love 2, and then expands to include a cast of nearly 18 characters who live in the world around them.  Everyone has a story, everyone has a life and a goal, and all loose ends will be tied up.  Eventually anyway.  I hope everyone enjoys.

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Fun at the Mall Series

(M/M, NC)


This story series is a little different then most. I have only written the first chapter, while other authors have sent in all the rest. At some point, I will write a final chapter to wrap things up, and I’d like to challenge any of you other writers out there to write the chapters in between. I’ve written a few guidelines so that the chapters will flow together fairly well, but anyone is welcome to write a chapter for the story and send it to me.

I’ll try and write the final chapter soon, and of course the more people who write chapters the more likely I am to finish it.


Single Stories

Prince of Wolves 

(M/M, slight M/F)  Currently, this story stands as my longest single chapter story ever as well as my only M/F scene.  At 29 pages, it has more confusing relationships and unrevealed plot twists then any other single story. 

I'm going to warn you right now, this story is NOT finished by a long shot, and it will probably take me forever to finish it but I will finish it.

    By Megan Giels

by Stephanie Lynn

Kalain and Saluki
By Stephanie Stone

by Frank Gemback

by Pinkuh

Life's Best Lessons

(M/M)  This romantic story was inspired by two pictures by two really great artists who I'm honored to call friends. Demetri aka Atsumori, drew the first version, Ian drew the second, and I colored his version and then wrote the story.  It shouldn't be hard to figure out who's who in the pictures after you read the story.  Hope you enjoy.

By Ian R Soulfox
Torcflaed’s Night Out 

(M/M) This story is dedicated to its main character, Torcflaed, a good draconic friend of mine.  Its going to be continued one day, just like every other story I ever write, but for once, this story is pretty self contained.  And its got my first shower scene in it.

Love in the Suburban Jungle  

(No Sex, M/M romantic) Look!  The Gneech posted my story!  Yay!  This story is a what if story between Drezzer Wolf and Wally the kangaroo.  I really enjoyed writing it, and I hope you enjoy reading it.  Please note, this is not Cannon, but more of a "what if"

Here's links to the comics that inspired this story:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Fox Hunt

(M/M) Inspired by the story Sexual Predator by my mate Fuzzwolf, This is low plot, high emotion story.

By  Taurin Fox


(No Sex, M/M romantic)  This long story is one of my very favorites of all time.  I really put a lot into it to try and showcases my romantic side.  If you can't tell, its based on the Cinderella story. 

Try and guess which version of the story I used as the baseline for the story.  There is a specific production I used as a pattern.  If you guess correctly, and no one ever has yet, I'll write a story for you.  Just email me the answer

Cinderwolf by Grimm.  Contact me Grimm! 
Hey Pretty 

(M/M)  This story, which I really really liked writing, is all about good al fashion sex in a cool car. 

This story was inspired by the song, "Hey Pretty" the drive by Remix by Poe.  Its a great song. See if you can tell how many lines I used from the song.

By Dbruin
The Entertainer 

(M/M) This wonderful story was inspired by a picture of the same name by Kaa Starhunter.  Kaa is a wonderful artist, and if you love herpy males doing each other, I suggest you visit his webpage.

Update to this!  Isn't it great when one artist inspires another?  Kaa has drawn a second picture with these characters, inspired to do so by the ending to my story. I'm really happy about it. 

By Kaa Starhunter

Griffin Thief One  (N/C)

(M/M) This was my first real multi part story.  Its about knowing what you want and getting it.  Or taking it if you have to.  The ending is happy, no matter what anyone may say.  Never before has one of my stories generated so much feedback.  Drop me a line of what you think about it.


The picture that inspired me is called Mine! by FoxxFire


I loved it so much I even bought the T-shirt.

Here's the full color version.  I don't have a big version of it, sorry.
By FoxxFire

Griffin Thief Two

Griffin Thief Three (N/C)

Griffin Thief  Four

Dragons of the Fort

(M/M, Orgy) Dragons of the Fort.  Super huge male/male orgies  for all.   VERY ADULT

Right, so I have little to say about this one, beyond I think that its hot?

Alpha Wolf 

(M/M N/C)   This story is one I just wrote a short while ago, and I really like how it turned out.  You'll get the best feeling from the story if your listening to some heavy techno music while you read it, and have been to one of the techno dance clubs before.

*NEW* Look!  I got a great piece of fan art for this story from Complication_5!  He did an amazing job with the picture, don't you think? 

War Herps 

(M/M)   This is a story I wrote the first chapter too, and then lost the will to write more.   Shame really, I should finish it  or at least write a second chapter. Again, this story was inspired by Kaa Starhunter's picture, Captain of the Guard.

By Kaa Starhunter
Fox Squire

(M/M)   One of my longer stories, and is yet again another unfinished piece.  Some of my best work really, or at least it was back in .  And no, the story is not cut off.  Sorry all you furs who have emailed me begging to see the rest, there is no more. It really just sorta stops... After I read the other story inspired by this picture, I just sort of lost the urge to write more.   One day I'll write more, promise guys. Inspired by Foxxfire's picture bottom's up.

By FoxxFire
Wolf Mage

(M/M) Okay, this one is old, but it once got great reviews, and is actually a finished story. *Gangster voice* So I'm posting it, see? 

Draco Yiff 

(M/M) Ahem.  Its me, in my dragon form, and a friend of mine, well, yiffing.

Tyrannix's Yiff 

(M/M) Well, this one doesn't have me in it, but its hot and sweaty.  Written For Tyrannix of course.

A collection of poems 

This is a collection of my poems, most are quite depressing, revolving around me not having a boyfriend. Thankfully that is no longer the case, and the real reason there aren't any new poems like this.   Nothing graphic here.