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Griffon Thief Chapter One


The wind carried him high into the air, warm and wet from the sea. Kryn looked down across the city, sparkling brightly in the sun. His huge griffon wings took him high, above the fabled towers of Rog'osto, the dessert port city ruled by Al-shad, the Sultan of the Sun. Kryn smiled, closing his eyes and listening to the wind ripple through his feather, diving and weaving through the air, enjoying every moment. He slowly circled over the city, darting carefree through the towers, high above the bustling streets. Slowly, the griffon sunk towards the city, sighing heavily as he landed onto a rooftop. He grabbed hold of an old rope, muttering, "You know, I used to use this thing for more then just breaking into my own house." He sighed, and slide down through the tiny window to what he called home...




"But its not safe Kryn!" The small fox yelled. A pigeon, startled by the sound, flew away from the lone window. The sound echoed off the bare stonewalls of the tiny, one room apartment. Outside, Rog'osto bustled on, uncaring as the sun set over the sea. Kryn turned, and glared back at his roommate and business partner from across their stone room. He was a golden white griffon, perhaps six feet tall. His wings were folded across his back, each feather in its exact place, painstakingly preened to perfection. His muscles were clearly defined beneath his chest feathers, and his golden fur outlining every detail of his lower half, his powerful legs tensed as if to spring. For a moment, only the small curtain blocking the restroom moved.

"Who cares Thomas? Were out of money, were almost out of food, the store has barely been selling anything, we need to do something!" Thomas, a small, lean fox with a rather bushy tail, shook his black-socked hands. "But stealing? We arenít that desperate are we? I mean, the guardsmen have offered to pay us for making their lantern's no longer need oil for a month..." The griffon growled, "But you said we'd barely break even on each casting of that spell. And there are only so many guards Thomas." The griffon glared, his ears flattening against his head. "Oh come on Thomas, I know you can cast an invisibility spell. They offered us fifty thousand gold Thomas! Thatís more then we made in the last three years! We could pay all our debts; buy a real house, not this one room thing! For once, we wouldn't have to share a fricken bed because we don't have room for two!"


The griffon turned around in anger to look out the window, a wingtip knocking things off a nearby table. He'd turned just in time to miss the fox's face fall. The big griffon seethed with anger, his graceful feathered back, rippling with muscles, twitched and his muscled wings flexing once with a snap, his lion's tail swishing wildly. Thomas tried not to stare at Kryn's beauty. His powerful figure outlined in the sun, almost glowing in the light. His legs, tensed as his claws scraped across the stone, beautiful rump, perfectly round and taught. Each muscle in his body tensed with anger, and the fox tried not to watch his partner's beautiful body, but he couldn't. He shouldn't. Kryn had told him a hundred times he wasn't interested in other males, but... Thomas sighed and buried his face in his paws.


Nothing had gone right since two days ago, when the shadowy figured had appeared. Wrapped in a dark cloak, he had approached their stand and offered then more money then they'd ever seen before for a crystal ball. Thomas had tried to explain he was only a minor magician, and that he couldn't possibly make something like that. The man hadn't cared. He didn't want one made, he wanted on stolen, from someone specific. He wanted a crystal ball from Seer Kahn'tresh, one of the best-known mages in all of Rog'osto, which was impressive to say the least because Rog'osto was the largest trade center in all the shining isles. He lived in a huge tower in the center of the marketplace, his huge white tower glittering in the sun, dwarfed only by the spires of the Sultan's palace. Thomas felt like he was going to cry because now, the one man who had ever bothered to give a damn about him in this god forsaken city, the one person he couldn't stand to lose, wanted to steal from the most powerful mage he knew of.


Kryn turned around, leaning on the windowsill, his wings draped outside the room. "Come on Thomas, I used to make a living as a thief, and its not like I've gotten rusty while watching the store. We need this money, and I'm probably one of the few people who can get the damn thing. You know very well it's hard to find a fur out there who can actually use his wings to fly these days." Thomas nodded weakly, holding the sides of his muzzle. "I know Kryn... but what if you get caught? The spell isn't that powerful... I'd have to use most of the energy just making you undetectable. You wouldn't be able to take anything with you, not even a bag to carry the thing. And once you got the crystal, you'd have to rush back here before the spell collapsed! There are too many things that can go wrong!" Thomas felt on the verge of tears. Kryn just glared again. "But only one thing has to go right Thomas. Come on! We don't have a choice! The store's losing money every day! If we don't do some thing now, well be broke, and then I'll have to steal, just for us to eat!" "You don't know that!" the fox pleaded, "we could get by, and the store could turn around! We can do it Kryn, please, it's too dangerous!" " Dangerous for who Thomas? I'm the one who would be going, not you. If I get caught, you'll be safe here." The griffon turned around, his massive bulk cramped just to lean out the window. "And you'll have one less person to worry about feeding." Thomas closed his eyes, his heart sinking, and he felt himself begin to shake. "He's not going to listen," he thought. "He's not gonna listen, and then I'm gonna be alone, forever." Thomas tried hard, but he couldn't help sobbing just once.


Kryn looked back at the fox behind him, and sighed. "Damn it, not again, " he thought, "don't tell me he's gonna flip out and cry. Gods, how did I get stuck with a gay fox having a crush on me? Not one of the females in this damned city looks my way, and Thomas nearly losses it every time I barely touch him. If he weren't a thrice damned wizard, I would never have set up that damn shop with him." Kryn dug his claws into the sandstone windowsill. "Still," he mused, "he has kept me fed for nearly three years..." The griffon sighed and leaned his head out the window, closing his eyes as he felt the wind ruffle his feathers. "Gods that feels good," he thought. He sighed and said, "Look Thomas, I'm sorry I yelled at you. Its just, three years in this room has almost driven me insane! I need to get out, to fly and hunt again, like I did in the old days, even if its just one time. And this is the perfect opportunity. We can even bide our time, and hide the fact that we have the money by using the guards themselves as cover for the shops turn around." Thomas nodded and whispered, "I know, you've planned it all out... but you could still get caught Kryn." The big griffon turned around, crossing his arms. "I won't get caught. Trust me."




Kryn grinned, as he set down on the beautiful windowsill in perfect silence. Thomas's spell was working perfectly. No one could see him, and more importantly, no one could hear him. Not even the beat of his huge wings made the slightest sound. Stepping gingerly into the room, he smiled again to himself. He was inside the most beautiful room he'd ever seen. Silk curtains draped every wall, and everything was covered in gold and silver, the walls a sky blue. Resting atop a cushion, swathed in purple silk, lay the largest gem Kryn had ever seen. Perfectly round, the jewel was a perfect sphere of crystal. Gingerly, Kryn crept across the floor to the crystal, having to walk entirely onto the cushion to get to it. The silk was so smooth against his bare fur, Kryn had to smile again, rubbing a bit of it against his exposed cock and balls. It was the softest thing he'd ever felt. When Thomas had said he could take nothing, he had meant it. Poor fox had barley been able to cast the spell once Kryn was actually naked. He had to stand with his back to the fox so he could stop stuttering long enough to cast it. Kryn shook his head as he lifted the crystal.


Why the silly fox was interested in another male, let alone him, was beyond Kryn. He asked him about it once, and the fox had barley replied that it was because he was the strongest male who had ever been nice to him, and the best looking one too. Kryn shook his head and looked into the crystal, which was as big as his head, and muttered, "I still don't understand him... but now I suppose it doesn't really matter..."


Kryn froze as he realized he was actually talking. Heart sunk as a deep voice rumbled, "No, I suppose little thief, it doesn't..." Kryn dived away from the cushion, a beam of green light lancing over his head, twisting into a perfect roll, and with crystal in hand, and landed in a crouch to facing his attacker. Kryn barely kept himself from gasping as he saw his attacker. The dragon was a dark, royal purple. He towered above him even from across the room, his body covered in a dark green toga of silk, was Seer Kahn'tresh. A staff, topped with huge green gem, glowed in his hand with the tip pointed right at Kryn. "Don't move." The dragon rumbled "Next time I won't miss." Kryn tensed, eyes darting around the room for some sort of escape or cover. "I'm blocking the only exit thief. Don't even think of escape now." Kryn ruffled his wings, grinning "Really? Then you don't know me well."


He ran for the window, dodging another blast from the staff. As he dove out the window, the crystal gripped tight in his claws, he felt the wind from the city hit him, the hot air catching his wings, and he began to dive to gain speed. He glided for a moment in the night air, hundreds of feet above the city below, the glow of even the other towers of Rog'osto darkened by the night. Kryn let out a startled squawk and almost lost the crystal as he came to a dead stop, hanging in mid air. Kryn tried to yell or move, but he was frozen, a slight emerald glow surrounding him. He felt himself begin to move, backwards towards the tower, and he mentally screamed. "This can't be happening," he thought, "his magic is this strong? Maybe Thomas was right..."


Kryn didn't get much of a chance to think about it as he crossed the huge balcony thresh hold. The dragon turned him, his body frozen in the act of flight, as if the dragon were inspecting him. "Amazing... you're in good enough shape to actually fly then? Well well, I suppose that makes you a special case then..." The dragon turned him into a somewhat standing position, and Kryn got a good look at the room's ceiling. "Yes... a very special case. Now then..." the dragon touched his head with his scaled hand and Kryn marveled for a second at how soft his scales were, "Sleep." Blackness was all Kryn knew after that.




Light returned, and Kryn groaned, trying to stretch. His head hurt, and he couldn't remember why. With a start, Kryn opened his eyes as he found himself unable to move his wings properly. He looked back to find them bound, unable to unfurl properly. Thankfully, whoever had done so had not tied the bindings to tight, so they didn't cut off circulation or damage the feathers. He tried to move to untie them, but his hands were bound before him, tied in soft silk to strong metal poles on a huge headboard. He looked around, panicking as he found himself surrounded by the soft silk draperies of a beautiful four-post bed. The white silk waved in a slight breeze, distorting the slight shadows from the room outside. Kryn looked back at his bindings "Oh no, what the hell's going on?" "That, my lovely little thief is something I might ask you." Kryn froze, and looked behind him. The dragon stood bathed in a soft light, his body bare to a simple silk towel wrapped around his waist. His hard muscles glimmered in the soft light, his chest and firm stomach a deep golden color. His purple scales glittered as the dragon let the silk drapes fall closed behind him, and Kryn swallowed as he realized there was a small area at the end of the huge bed where someone could stand inside the drapes.


"Ummm well, it's hard to explain..." The dragon smiled slightly, "You were stealing my crystal ball werenít you?" "Well, I mean I was but..." "Then things are very simple." The dragon murmured, grinning at him "No ones steals from me and gets away with it. I did not become the great seer of Rog'osto to have people steal from me." "Please Kahn'tresh, you don't understand, I needed..." "Silence." Kryn shut his beak. The word wasn't shouted, or even said above a whisper, but it carried a weight to it. "You were stealing from me. That is all that matters in this case. For it, you will pay the price." Kryn swallowed hard, "Which is?" Kahn grinned, his sharp teeth flashing for a second. Wordlessly, he undid the knot holding his towel, tossing it away. The dragon climbed on the bed, moving with a silent grace, his powerful body seeming to flow towards him, his huge cock hanging between his legs, not even hard and it was bigger then any Kryn had seen. Kryn swallowed as he looked over his shoulder, feeling Very exposed as the dragon grinned wide, "Its really very simple my feathered friend." The dragon slapped his rump with both hands; digging his claws into his soft fur as his groped him. "Youíre my slave."


Kryn squawked and pulled away, pressing against the headboard sideways. "What! NO!" Kahn grabbed his neck, pulling his head back and gripping his beak with a hand, turning his head. The dragon's lips meet his, and Kryn was forced into the most powerful kiss he'd ever had. Kahn's strong lips were locked against his as the dragon opened his beak and a long, thick tongue slide inside his mouth, exploring him and twining with his own tongue as Kryn's struggles were stopped by the dragon's body pressing against his. Claws roamed across his rump, gripping him and squeezing, the dragon's sheath rubbing across his rump. Kryn began to struggle, fighting the bonds and the huge dragon's weight.


It didn't work. He was pushed down, the dragon's huge bulk crushing him flat. Kryn cried out and panted as the dragon reached around his chest, Kahn's hands gripping his pecs and squeezing, massaging, and rubbing him, a hand slowly sliding down his front, caressing his abs and rubbing at his sheath. The dragon's teeth pricked his neck as he gripped him, hands rubbing across and caressing his muscles as the dragon's body bore him to the soft silk beneath him. Kryn hands gripped the poles as he was pressed flat beneath the dragons bulk, crying out each time he felt the dragon's hardening cock against his backside, rubbing slowly between his cheeks as the dragon groped and caressed every inch of his body. He gasped for breath as the dragon shifted, his body sliding across him as the dragon's thick, male scent filled his nose, making him gasp as the dragon hugged him tight and kissed him again. He barely managed a muffled "NO!munphmm" before Kahn silenced him with a kiss that left his knees weak, and he would have fallen if he werenít already trapped beneath the dragon's bulk.


Kryn struggled, entwined in the purple scales of his captor, pressed beneath his powerful chest, the dragon's powerful arms pinning his own down as his legs pushed between the griffon's own, forcing him to open his legs, his rump pressed flush with the dragon's crotch. Kryn shouted "NO! Please! NO, you can't!" as the dragon's cock came to rest between his upturned and spread cheeks, his fur pressed against the dragon's soft scales. Kryn could feel the monstrous cock, bigger then his fist and easily over a foot long rub against his ass. It was bigger then anything Kryn had imagined. Kahn chuckled low, an evil sound in the silence, "No, my struggling little whore, I can. You are mine now, and I will fuck you hard for you insolence. You have dared to steal from me, and have instead joined my collection." Kryn screamed as he felt the head of the dragon's cock begin to press against him, his ring on fire as the huge head shoved against it. The cock felt slightly wet, as if lubed, but it didn't make one bit of difference as it forced its way inside him. He thrashed, trying desperately to force the dragon off him, his wings buffeting Kahn uselessly as powerful hips forced the head of his huge cock into the virgin ass beneath him. Kryn began to cry, bawling in pain as the dragon's cock head popped inside him. His chest tightened as a steady, burning pain that made him shake all over griped his ass, pain like nothing he'd ever felt. No sword wound, no poison, not even fire hurt like Kahn's cock was. The huge shaft of flesh began to force him open, and he spread his legs wide, scrambling to get away from the dragon just relentlessly forced his cock inside the struggling griffon beneath him. "NOOOOOOOOO!!!!" Kryn sobbed, shaking and weeping as the dragon's crotch pressed flush with his spread ass. "Yesssssssss...." Kahn hissed in his ear, his cock thrusting ever so slightly, making the griffon shudder in pain. "I will give you time to adjust to your new master's cock, because this is obviously your first time to be taken. But after this, my little slut, you will take my cock whenever I desire it. Ahhhhh yessss... and a ass as tight as yours I will take every day..."


"NO! Please, please, you can't.. I'm a male... no...." Kryn cried, his sobs drowning out his protests as the dragon's claws roamed his body, teasing and caressing him. He gasped as he felt his body respond to the passionate gropes and teasing fingertips. His mind screamed as Kahn even stroked his cock, which to his dismay was harder then it had been in a long time. Kryn's body shuddered as the dragon pulled out a little, and the silk curtains waving a bit with the force of his thrust in. Kryn's body slumped as he felt the dragon begin to pound into him, his ass shuddering in waves of fiery mixture pain and pleasure as the dragon began to fuck him in earnest.


This was no a soft, gentle mounting of lovers. It was a fucking, hard and fast. Kryn's body shuddered with each hammering blow, his ass feeling ripped open over and over as the dragon's cock took him, the dragon hissing and moaning in absolute pleasure above him. "Oh you have such a tight ass! Itssss wonderful to pound such a totally virgin cunt such as yours... OH yesssssss.... you will make an excellent sex slave, very good... I may just chain you here all day, so I can fuck you anytime I have the fancy too... yesssss.. that will be wonderful, don't you think my little slut?" Kryn's voice shuddered as his ass was fucked, wavering as he barely moaned, "...nooooooo...."


Kryn's head swam and his body was on fire. Nothing had ever been like this, nothing. He was being filled; forced open by the powerful thrusts of another male's cock. He trembled as the dragon's claws stroked his cock, his body pressed into the finest, softest silk he'd ever felt by the most powerful male he'd ever meet. Kahn's body pressed down on him, his muscles pushed into his back, sliding and pressing against him. Kryn closed his eyes as his body shuddered, a totally spasm of ecstasy washing over him. He tried to fight it, to fight the all-powerful force of the dragon's thrusts, but each time he tightened his ass, it only made the mind-blowing pain and pleasure greater and more unbearable. Slowly, the dragon pulled him up, his anal passage tightening as his legs were forced to close somewhat, his virgin ass becoming even tighter around the massive cock inside it. Kryn's body shuddered again, and he felt his pleasure begin to peak, every muscle in his body trembling as the dragon's huge cock continued to fuck him, plowing through his spasming ass muscles, forcing him to open and accept his massive cock, which burned with each stroke. He moaned, and it felt like he was dying as his cock sprayed cum across the bed. Kahn grunted, and Kryn seemed to float as he felt the dragon tense around him...


The thrusts blurred together, and Kryn screamed as the dragon power fucked him, humping so fast into his tightened ass that it felt like the dragon's thighs were spanking him. Kryn gasped, shivering as he felt it. Hot, thick cum began to fill his ass like liquid fire, the huge cock fucking a powerful blast of cum deep inside him with each full cock thrust. It felt like forever as the dragon came, wave after wave of hot seed pouring into him as the dragon shook the room with his roar. He closed his eyes, and all he could feel was the huge cock taking him, and the hot seed spraying inside his guts and smearing across his ass.


Kryn opened his eyes, his vision blurred. Kahn was pressed against his back, panting heavy. He could feel the huge cock softening inside him, a huge pool of cum still burning inside him. His body trembled with the force of the fucking, limp and spent as he shivered in ecstasy as Kahn slowly pulled out of him. The dragon lifted off him, shoving his massive cock against his face, forcing him to lick it clean of cum. Kryn could feel his ass leaking the dragon's seed it was slapped. "You are a VERY good fuck. I am going to have to take that ass again. Tonight, I will take you till the sun rises. " The dragon stood beside the bed, and Kryn could only see the softening cock as he lay panting, covered in sweat and cum, both his and the dragon's. "Just you wait griffon, your days will be filled with pleasing my cock and taking my cum inside you, just you wait..." Kahn trailed off as he walked away, and Kryn panted. He couldn't even move his aching legs to close his leaking ass. Closing his eyes was all he could do.

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