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Well, I never claimed I could draw, nothing like such wonderful artists such as Nudog or Foxxfire, but hey, I try.  Any way, here's my junk.  All of its copyrighted by me, as of the moment I made it.  Please, don't take anything from me.  Why would you bother?

Crying dragon.jpg (123460 bytes)

tilairan sword.jpg (104347 bytes)

Cliff dragon.jpg (421330 bytes)

Solance, 2 s.jpg (122998 bytes)

My Dragon form.jpg (59373 bytes)

lizard men.jpg (84510 bytes)

dragon head.jpg (57915 bytes)

landscape dragon.jpg (159828 bytes)

dragon.jpg (71314 bytes)

lizard man.jpg (82301 bytes)

boy with griffon.jpg (75346 bytes)

dragon with book.jpg (386606 bytes)

Dragon with sword.jpg (89547 bytes)

Lizard warrior two.jpg (100358 bytes)

solance, one.jpg (94766 bytes)

gold dragon.jpg (85479 bytes)

grifffon.jpg (52613 bytes) lizard butt.jpg (51760 bytes) Blue garg.jpg (63151 bytes)

first drawing.jpg (116665 bytes)
Look! my first picture!

dragon butt colored.jpg (68271 bytes)
A lame attempt at color