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Griffon Thief Chapter Four



Thomas put his hand on the door as he watched Kryn, the huge male griffon who had been the center of his life for three years now, walk towards the dragon’s bed. The dragon had whispered to Kryn softly after drying his fur and feathers with magic. Thomas rubbed his black forearms, his soft dry fur perfectly fluffed and shining in the soft light as the sun began to set outside, his naked body glimmering all over. The dragon’s magic had restored life to the fox’s coat that hadn’t been there since the days when he was a kit. Thomas watched Kryn pull back the silk drapes and enter the dragon's bed, his muscular back gleaming in the light as he lay face down on the bed.

Thomas began to breath hard as the dragon stood behind him. Thomas could feel Khan’s eyes wandering over his body, and he jumped and shut his eyes as he felt a hand grip his shoulder, the dragon's voice low as he whispered into his ear. "Tell me Thomas, how long have the two of you been together?" Thomas whispered, "Th... Three years now…" The dragon wrapped an arm around the fox’s chest, pulling him back easily against his body. "And how long have you been lovers?" The fox felt a tear roll down his cheek and he hung his head. His voice was quite and bitter. "Not as long as you have." "And you have loved him all this time?" Thomas could only nod, shaking. "Then why did you send him here to steal from me?" Thomas sniffed and stuttered, "I… I didn’t…" Thomas began to sob softly, "I couldn't stop him… I just couldn't…" The dragon pulled him close, caressing him. "Then why did he come here to steal my crystal?" Thomas sobbed into Khan's chest, hating himself, and the dragon who held him. "There… there was a man, he… he offered us fifty thousand gold pieces for it. We, our shop is almost broke, and, and Kryn didn't…" Thomas broke down into sobs as he felt the dragon turn him around, the fox's head pressed into the dragon's chest as he cried.

"Then you should be the one to go to him." Thomas stared up at the dragon. The seer smiled down at him, "You are my apprentice now Thomas, and he is part of my harem … and I think that my student needs some serious relief of the heart." Thomas gaped up at Khan; then at the huge bed. The griffon's supine form was visible as a shadow across the curtains. "I will join you shortly, after you have had some time alone with him." Thomas began to stammer, but the dragon pushed him forward, and only smiled when the fox looked back at him.



Thomas drew the silk to the side gently, sliding inside the soft drapes. Kryn was on his back, his legs spread and his arms above his head, his hands gripping the metal poles that formed the headboard. His eyes were closed tight, his breathing rapid as he lay there perfectly still. He looked almost scared. His whole body was bathed in a soft, golden light from the sunset, his thick black cock hard, arched gently up over his stomach. Thomas felt his throat close up, and he tried not to cry. He looked so beautiful, like he was waiting for his true love to wake him with a kiss

Thomas slowly climbed onto the foot of the bed, leaning over the larger griffon by putting his paws on either side of his chest. Kryn's body trembled, his eyes still closed tight. He knew Thomas was there; he just was waiting for him to make the first move. Thomas swallowed softly, thinking, "He thinks I'm Khan…" Thomas slowly leaned up, kissing Kryn softly, the griffon opening his beak and letting the fox explore his mouth, but when his tongue touched the griffon's Kryn opened his eyes and stared at him, a bit shocked. "T... Thomas? What's...what are you doing here?" Thomas blushed, ducking his head a bit as his ears lay against his head, "Ummm... Khan sort of sent me… and I think… I…" Kryn looked shocked, sitting up and staring out where the dragon's shadow danced near the window balcony through the silk drapes, as if he were staring off into the sunset. The griffon's face softened, his eyes watering slightly, and Thomas could see the love in his eyes. Kryn barely whispered, "He…" Thomas hugged Kryn's neck tight, nuzzling him, tears forming in his own eyes as he tried to push his feeling deep down inside, like he always did. "Please, we may never get the chance again… I want you to actually mate with me while we still can…" Kryn looked at the fox, a thin line of tears beginning to form on his cheek fur. "Thomas… no Thomas don't, don't think of a second he means more then you do… he never will…" Thomas shook his head and leaned into Kryn's hug, his gaze steady, his soft green eyes right next to the griffon's brilliant blues. "He already does, I can see it in your eyes…" Kryn closed his eyes as he felt the fox shake a bit with sobs.

Kryn nuzzled him, licking the fox's tears from his face. Thomas nuzzled him back, moving up and into the griffon's lap. Kryn gripped his friend, pulling him close and letting him wrap his legs around his waist, so small and sleek compared to his own.

Thomas sobbed, rubbing against him and kissing his cheek, rubbing his rump against the griffon's crotch. Kryn tired to calm him down, kissing and trying to explain. "Please Thomas, you don't understand. I love you, I do… you've made me happier then anyone else ever has... even if I never told you so. It's just Khan, he… the things he does… I..." Kryn's eyes closed and he sagged backwards against the pillows behind him. "I just feel so good around him… He's so in control, like he owns me completely and he loves me so much, and he would do anything for me. It… it feels so good to have him just hold me. It feels like he’s protecting me." Thomas hung his head, no longer crying as Kryn nuzzled his beak against his muzzle. "With you I feel like I'm in his place. I’m your protector; I’m the one getting to make you happy… and I… Both roles feel so good. I… I don't know which one I want…" Thomas hugged Kryn's neck tightly as the griffon hugged him hard, holding him close to his chest. "But he's not going to let you have both Kryn…" The fox sobbed a bit, "He's going to take you from me, just… just as I finally have you…"

Kryn felt Thomas gasp and tense in his grip as Khan wrapped his huge arms around them both. He stood beside the bed, holding them both tightly to his chest. Kryn and Thomas looked up at him, shaking a bit as the huge dragon leaned down and kissed them both softly on the lips. "Now listen to me carefully Thomas. I have no intention of keeping you from Kryn, or Kryn from you." Thomas closed his eyes, almost growling, "You don't care about him, you're just using him, you…" Thomas gasped as Khan kissed him deeply, surprising the fox as he snaked his tongue into his mouth and twining it with the fox's. Thomas gagged and fought him for a moment, till the dragon hugged him tight. Slowly, Khan broke the kiss, and Thomas panted heavily. "But I do care for him… My love for him is not like your love. You’re love is so pure, so heart felt… built up over years of longing. Mine is filled with lust and passion. Mine is new where yours is old. But neither is fake. I'm willing to take both of you into my home, feed and cloth you, and care for you both for the rest of your lives, just for the chance of being with him." Thomas gapped at the dragon as he leaned down and nuzzled the back of his neck, "and maybe you as well…." Kryn and Thomas squeaked a bit as the dragon climbed on the bed, pressing them together. Thomas gasped as the dragon wrapped his arms around him, pressing close behind him. Thomas murred despite himself as Khan began to scritch his fur, holding him close. "But first, I want to see you take this fox Kryn. If he's been in love with you for three years, you at least owe him that." Thomas whimpered, suddenly realizing what Kryn had meant. The dragon held him just right, cuddling him from behind in his lap, holding him just like he had always wanted a lover to. The dragon grinned as he whispered, "Don't you my little harem boy?" as he leaned forward and nuzzled the griffon.


Thomas blushed a deeper shade of red as the dragon pushed him into Kryn's arms, and Kryn rolled over on top of him. Kryn whispered softly into the fox's ear, "I should have taken you a long time ago," and kissed the fox deeply and Thomas murred softly. Thomas looked up into the griffon's eyes, feeling him spread his legs with his own muscled calves, wrapping his arms around him and holding him tight. Kryn’s eyes sparkled like they did after he finished flying everyday and his smile was bigger then it had been in a long time. Thomas smiled slowly as Kryn's shaft worked it way between his cheeks, and the fox spread his legs and lifted them, wrapping them around the griffon's waist. Slowly, Kryn guided his cock into Thomas, who gasped and shuddered as the griffon slowly spread him open. The small fox moaned as the griffon's cock slowly slid inside him, taking him fully. Thomas opened his eyes and kissed Kryn as his hips pressed flush with his crotch. "Better foxy?" The dragon murmured as he rubbed Kryn's back, groping the griffon softly as he began to mount the fox beneath him slowly.


Thomas began to whimper and moan as the griffon's cock plowed through him, making him shudder in ecstasy. His whole body was covered by the griffon's strong, warm embrace, his hips thrusting his thick cock deep inside Thomas and the fox moaned with each thrust. Thomas began to pant as Kryn mounted him over and over, the fox’s body shaking with each deep thrust of the griffon's flesh. Kryn's lips found his, and he kissed him long and hard, his cock plunging into his depths as his tongue explored the fox’s muzzle. Thomas felt Kryn wrap him in his soft wings, and he felt tears welling up in his eyes as he moaned with pleasure. The male he had loved for so long was finally his.


Thomas wrapped his arms around the griffon's wide chest, gasping as Kryn began to mount him faster, thrusting deep inside his tail hole, his thick cock rubbing against all the places Thomas had dreamed it would. Thomas stared up at him, watching the griffon mount him his eyes closed in pleasure. Suddenly, Kryn's eyes opened and his whole body stiffened, and Thomas gasped as the griffon’s body pressed him down hard into the silk bed sheets. Kryn began to moan loudly, shaking all over, his cock still sliding in and out of Thomas as the dragon above him began to fuck him hard, the thick lavender cock pistoning in and out of his upturned ass, controlling his thrusts into the fox. Khan hissed in pleasure as he took Kryn, who shook and thrust into Thomas's waiting tailhole. Thomas smiled as Kryn shook; griping the griffon’s body tightly with his own as the dragon mounted him.

Kryn moaned louder now that Khan was spreading him open, making him shake and shudder as he mounted Thomas. His head swam, and he gripped the fox below him tightly, just as the fox was holding onto him. The griffon gasped and shook in pleasure as he both took and was taken. Kryn closed his eyes, his body shaking so hard he was barely able to thrust into Thomas because of the pleasure. He moaned as Khan pushed into him, sliding easily into his ass, as if the dragon’s cock was meant to be inside him, just as his own cock did into the fox beneath him. Thomas began to make soft yipping noises, and the griffon chuckled between thrusts as he realized the fox was yiffing. Kryn hissed softly in pleasure as Thomas's body wrapped itself around his, the fox's slim, sleek body clutching at his own, taking and milking his cock as he thrust into him, even as the dragon's massive, muscled body curled over him and caressed him, pounding his thick cock deeply into his body. The mounting went on forever, Kryn's hips bouncing between the fox's upturned rump and the dragon crotch as all three moaned and pawed at each other in pleasure. Kryn shook, crying out and arching his back, his cock throbbing inside Thomas's ass, his own rump clamping down tight on the thrusting cock pounding inside him. Kryn's whole body shook as Khan humped him harder, forcing him deep into Thomas, who gasped and clutched at Kryn's neck as Khan fucked them hard, forcing Kryn in and out of the fox faster then ever as the fox's cock coated his chest and the griffon's feathers with his cum. The dragon roared, his thick cock pumping his seed deep inside the thrashing griffon. Kryn moaned, thrusting deep inside Thomas, holding him tight and not moving, just holding the fox tight as the dragon fucked him hard, flooding his ass full of cum.

Kryn lay panting atop Thomas, cheek to cheek with the smaller fox. His dark green eyes stared deep into his eyes. The fox had a tired, lopsided smile on his face, and Kryn kissed him gently as Khan continued to mount him, his thick cock plowing through his spread tail hole, the dragon's thick seed leaking from him with each thrust. With a deep sigh, the dragon flopped down atop them, making Kryn groan as the dragon settled atop him, wrapping his arms around him and Thomas, pulling the fox against Kryn's chest, the dragon's broad chest pressing against his back. Kryn closed his eyes and moaned in pleasure as the dragon's thick cock settled deep inside him, buried to the hilt in his tail hole, just as his own was sunk deep into Thomas’s. Thomas moaned, wiggling beneath the griffon as the dragon settled atop them. Khan's eyes were closed gently as he wrapped his arms around both the griffon's and the fox's waist, pressing them together as he hugged them. Thomas nuzzled Kryn softly, whispering, "Do you actually love me Kryn, or… or do you…" Kryn silenced him with a strong, deep kiss. "You. I love you, and I always will." Thomas closed his eyes, and sniffled, nuzzling against the griffon and holding him tight. Thomas and Kryn clutched at each other, basking in the hot after glow of their mating, held securely beneath the weight of the dragon atop them.

Khan smiled as he watched the griffon kiss the fox's cheek, snuggling against him and sighing in pleasure. He watched them hold each other beneath him for a long time, his cock slowly softening inside the griffon's rump. They slowly feel asleep, clutching at each other and whimpering in pleasure each time Khan moved them slightly. The dragon nuzzled them both softly, making them squirm in their sleep, rolling slightly to the side, letting them sleep together.


Kryn stared off the balcony into the sky, hugging himself as he leaned as far over the Seer's railing as he could. He stared up into the night sky, crying softly when he reached out and felt an invisible barrier covering the air, trapping him as well as any chain could have. Not even the wind, always strong this high up, could reach him to give him some measure of comfort. He stared out at the stars, his cheek pressed against the air that was as sturdy as any wall. He closed his eyes as the thick scent of dragon and fox cum made his head spin. It, it had been so wonderful, both of them, together… Kryn shook a bit, praying he could be with them forever…

Kryn shivered as a hand stroked up his side and across his chest gently, a strong, muscled chest pressing against his back. "You really love to fly, don't you?" Kryn closed his eyes, sobbing as Khan turned him around and held him to his chest. The dragon arms held him softly, pulling him close into a strong, warm embrace. The griffon put his arms around the dragon, crying softly. "Yes I do, it…" Kryn sighed and sagged against the dragon. "It makes me feel so free." The dragon lifted his beak and kissed him softly. "Don't you like being mine? My male to control and own you, protect and love you?" Kryn nodded, shaking a bit, "I do, but please Khan I... please… you can't keep me trapped here… I… I can't stand it… I want to be with you… but I have to be free…" The dragon kissed his cheek softly, licking the griffon's tears from his face. "Then you will be… but only if you promise to return to me." Kryn looked up, his mouth open in surprise. The dragon smiled down at him, petting his cheek. "You’re the most beautiful male I've ever met, and I want you more then anything else. And after talking with Thomas for a few hours, I can tell we can easily share you as a lover, IF" Khan laid a finger over Kryn's beak, "you're willing." Khan smiled, and Kryn leaned forward into the dragon’s strong embrace and kissed him deeply, "I could never dream of anything better." The dragon reached a hand out and banished the barrier. The wing caught Kryn's wings and curled them around his dragon lover.