This story deals with sex between to males, in graphic detail. If you're
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A perfect porcelain teacup rested a top a porcelain saucer, in the very center of the perfectly round wooden table. A young wolf, by the name of Argent, stared, hands folded on the table, directly at the cup. It was easily twenty times as old as he was. A low hum echoed through the room, as the wolf tried to cast a spell to levitate the cup. Argent concentrated, making himself visualize the spell. He tried with all his might, to make the cup move.

Up, down, it didn't really matter to him; he just wanted his spell to work. He knew a simple way to make the cup move, using a simple cantrip, something that was not really a spell of power, but he was trying to use a real spell. It was a version of the telekinesis spell his Master had just taught him, because he was impressed by how quickly the young wolf had mastered his first spells. The wolf tried as hard as he could, but couldn't make the spell work. He formed the symbols of power in his mind's eye, felt them begin to knit together, and then fall apart, over and over again. Argent shook his head, his mind just refused to let the spell flow like the others he could use did. The few spells he knew were simple, just magic tricks really, not real spells, and he hadn't really had problems willing them to work. But, now, as he tried to cast his first real spell, one he did only with his mind and words, he couldn't make it work. He put all the force he had behind the spell, but he simply couldn't make it work.



After a while, his master came into the room, wearing only his usual trousers. The fox was only known as the Magus to the surrounding villages, and when he went outside, he was always in a dark robe with a hood over his face. His real name was Marcus, and for all the aura of power he had displayed in public, Marcus was a very easy person to get along with. Tall and thin, but well muscled, the fox towered almost a foot over Argent, who was fairly short for a wolf. If Argent had thought about it, he would have guessed that Marcus was the same height as his father, Duke Orthis. As the Duke's fourth and smallest son, Argent had always been a disappointment to his father, which had lead to the other odd thing about Argent's physic. What Argent lacked in height, he made up for in sheer mass, as he was easily the most well built fur in the area, and only his size kept him from being the strongest. Agent remembered the initial fear at being sent to train with a mighty wizard. At first he had made Argent clean everything in his small home that was set rather deep into the woods, from the bright colorful designs that were part of the entry floor, to the highest shelves.

It was later that Argent had learned that Marcus had many a simple magic tools that did all the simple tasks around his house. It had been a test of Argent's convictions, of his willingness to work for his goal of magic. Argent had passed, and his master had even remarked as to how he had been his only student not to complain. Argent didn't tell him his father had told him that if Argent didn't become a wizard of great skill, or if he offended Marcus in any way, his father would kill him. Argent believed his father, and he had sworn to himself to do everything Marcus told him. No matter what. It was the only way to make sure his father never had a reason to kill him. So far, it had worked.



Marcus walked across the room without speaking to Argent so he wouldn't break the young wolf's concentration, to the large bookshelves across the north wall. Marcus thought how strange it was that Argent had not been able to make a higher order spell work. The young wolf has such determination, he thought. Marcus wondered what could be holding him back. He could memorize the symbols, forming each from memory on command. He could easily understand most of the underlying principles, but something held him back. Marcus shook his head, and reached for the book he wanted. As the fox stretched to reach the book on the top of the case, he realized it was almost out of his reach. Marcus thought, *I should really move these down to another shelf so Argent can reach them. * His mind finally given a task more interesting then his old books, Marcus began methodically moving the books on the top shelf to a lower one.


Argent barely noticed his master enter. But when his master began moving his books, Argent's eyes were drawn to him. At first, it was just to see what he was doing, but then he was caught by the way his master moved. First stretching to reach a book, then bending low to put it away. All the time, his master’s tail swished back and forth. It was a beautiful tail, long for a fox and very soft looking, and when he kneeled down, his tail curled around his muscular rump. Argent thought about how nice it would be to touch his rump, caress it, just for a second, and caught himself. He looked back at his work trying all that much harder to make his spell work, blocking out his thoughts of his master by concentrating on the spell. He forced himself to ignore his master, putting all the hate he felt at himself for thinking like that into the spell. His rage built, hazing his vision, until he could no longer see his master. Soon, his will snapped, and the cup moved, startling so, six feet to the right, to hang for a split second in mid air. Then, when Argent realized it was moving, he gasped and lost the spell totally. The tiny instantly crashed to the ground, breaking into a million tiny shards of porcelain...

Argent looked down at the pieces of the ancient tea cup, now beyond even a master craftsman’s ability to repair, and then in to the startled face of his master.



Marcus looked up startled at the sound. "Are you all right? What happened?" Argent was looking at the cup, and as Marcus walked towards him, he began to visually shake. Marcus saw a look of utter terror in the poor wolf's features. Marcus realized that he had probably sounded as if he were angry. Argent glanced between the cup and his master, "I...I was trying to move the cup with the spell you taught me and… and…" The wolf stopped, and cringed as if he was expecting Marcus to hit him. Marcus leaned over and picked up the handle of the now shattered teacup. He closed his eyes and mumbled quite words of power. The pieces of the cup suddenly began to rise and swirl in the air, and then reformed to the handle in Marcus's paw. "Well, no harm done, but maybe I should get you something less fragile so you can keep practicing." Argent visibly relaxed, brightening as he realized that he was not going to be punished. Marcus left, and returned with a wooden block. He handed it to Argent. "You should be more careful, and be very specific in what you want the spell you cast to do. With simple things, its not that dangerous, but with a complicated spell, loosing your concentration like that can be deadly," Marcus walked back to the bookshelves, and returned to what he was doing. Argent watched his master for a moment, and again his mind wandered to his master's body. No matter how he tried, he couldn't make the spell work again, or keep the image of the fox from his mind's eye.



After a time, Marcus found himself bored with sorting his old books. Useful as they were, he couldn't stand to read them for more then thirty minutes with out going to sleep. Few of the authors had any skill at writing, and droned on about anything. Marcus made his way outside as he remembered his own master; an old bear named Bramel. Marcus could still here the bear drone on in a monotone voice about magic. The bear didn't really like to teach, but he needed money. He took students so he could find their faults and lecture them about how to change them. *The old bear loved that part* Marcus thought, and he had complained at Marcus for hours about anything he might had seen wrong in the town he went to that day, or anything Marcus had done. Most of all the bear was terribly prejudice, and looked down on everyone not exactly like him. Which was mostly everyone. The bear had nearly killed him when he found out about his fondness for males. *I hope I've been more understanding to Argent, but he's so convinced he'll fail. * Maybe it was because the wolf was little for his age, and because wolves were normally very muscular and became fighters. Argent would have been stronger then any wolf his own size because of the massive amounts of exercise the boy did, but few wolves were as small as he was, and so he was always seen a inferior by his father, a very large and demanding wolf. *Still, I wonder what he thinks of me? *


It was growing late, and Argent had still been unable to make the spell work again. "Course it don't help that I keep thinking about what Marcus looks like beneath those damned shorts of his." Argent growled. He picked up the wooden block, looking at it. "Why the hell do I have to think about that kind of stuff any way. Ahhh, I'll never get this to work." He threw the block, watched it hit the wall with a loud thump, and went to his room.


Marcus lay in the garden just outside his house as he watched the stars come out. The grass tickled his fur as he wondered what to do about his pupil's slow progression. "Course it don't help that I keep thinking about what he looks like beneath those damned shorts of his." That made Marcus sit up in surprise. Of course! No wonder Argent couldn't concentrate on his work any more. Marcus lay back and watched the stars begin to shine, wondering what he should do about his young student.


Argent rubbed his eyes, sleepy from reading the book he was holding. He yawned, and said the word that would darken the lights in his room. The little globe that lit the room darkened. Marcus had then all over his house and they were rather nice. *I'll have to ask him how he made then. Not like I can even make a simple spell work anymore. * "Argent! Would you come here please? I need to talk to you about something." "Just a moment Sir!" as he got up to find his Master, Argent growled "Great, how could today get worse?" He found him in the main room, standing behind the kitchen counter, making a sandwich. *Lucky I can't see his lower half, the way I've been today*

"Argent, there's a few things that I don’t think I understand about wolf culture." Argent was surprised Marcus didn't know something. He answered. "Like what?" "Well I want to know more about wolven culture is something rather trivial. How exactly do you wolves pick your mates." Argent leaned on the huge counter as Marcus made his sandwich. "Well, the father of a female decides when she can court a male. When a male become interested enough to propose marriage, or is forced into it by his father, he makes a deal with the male who wants her for her dowry and then they marry." "So the fathers decide who marries? Is love very important then?" Argent shook his head, "Not usually, though it happens." Marcus paused for a moment as he thought. "Did you ever court anyone?" "Once, but nothing really happened. I didn't even get to kiss her." Marcus bite into his sandwich and chewed for a moment. "How are gays looked upon?" "What?" Argent almost yelped, and Marcus stared at him, a bit surprised. "Something wrong?" "No, no its just you surprised me. I thought it was common knowledge that gays were exiled or killed when they were found."

*That’s right, * Marcus thought, *The wolves around here usually kill any gays they find out about. No wonder the boy is so scared to tell me. * Marcus studied Argent closely. Argent had the sudden urge to look anywhere but at his master eyes...

"Is that what you think I'll do to you?" Marcus asked, staring right in his eyes. "Wh… Wh… What do you mean? I'm NOT gay." Argent fidgeted, Marcus just ate his sandwich. "You don't have to lie to me. Really. I won't get mad at you." "Bu… But I'm NOT GAY!" Argent looked from his master to the door and back. *He looks like a rabbit in a corner. * Marcus thought. "Argent your shouting, and I heard you earlier when you were in the study. You don't have to lie to me." "Bu… Bu… But...."

"Don't worry Argent. I'm not mad," He stepped around the counter, and placed his paw on the wolf's shoulder. "I am the last person to be mad at you." Argent’s eyes got wide as his master stepped to him, because the fox wasn't wearing anything. Argent stared right at his crotch, unable to tear his eyes from the fox's sheath, which bulged with his stiff cock. Argent saw nothing but the stiffening, seven-inch shaft, hidden in the soft red fur of his master's sheath. "Argent." His gaze flashed up, as the fox shook him gently, and he found his nose inches from Marcus muzzle. "Oh God. Oh god, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to stare, I just, just..." *I gotta get out of here* Argent thought, and began to bolt, but Marcus caught his paw, twisted him back to face him, and planted a kiss on his muzzle. The fox's other paw snaked around his back, and pulled the young wolf to his white furred chest. Argent nearly fainted when his master's lips touched his, and when his tongue opened his mouth, he felt his masters cool breath wash into him. For a moment they explored each other, and Argent felt the paw holding his hand move to his ass. Marcus broke the kiss. "Mmm, you kiss pretty well for a first timer." "What...Why are you doing this?" "Because you can't study because your distracted by me. I want you to know what it was like, so you could focus more." "You mean, you... you don't like me?" The look of rejection on Argent's face was unbearable. "That's not what I said Argent. I said that you needed to know what it felt like so you could focus, and I do like you my little wolf." Marcus smiled. "Now that I've gotten you to focus on something for once, what are you going to do, Hmmm?" A smirk played across the fox’s muzzle. Argent's mind whirled, as Marcus's paws caressed his cock through his shorts. A moan escaped his lips when a paw squeezed him. "Oh God," Argent tried to push away from Marcus, "I can't do this, I can't." Marcus put an arm around his apprentice and held him close. "Why not Argent? Why can't you do what you have dreamed about?" "Because, because, its just wrong, and my father will kill me, and...." Marcus put a finger over his mouth. "No one is going to kill you. I am certainly not going to let anything happen to you. Don't worry, we can do anything we want together." Argent swallowed. "Even, even, mate? Oh god this isn't happening." Marcus put a paw on Argent’s cheek. "Yes, Argent this is happening, and yes, we can mate if you want to. All you have to do is say please." Silence. Argent tried to look away, but Marcus held his head. "Please, " Argent paused, "please, I want you to, to..." Marcus silenced him with a kiss. They held each other for a moment, before Marcus lifted his student into his arms. Marcus carried Argent to his bed, and laid him down on the soft mattress. Argent watched his master hook his paws into his shorts and pull then off of him and Marcus murmured. "My, My. You aren’t so little after all are you, my wolf." Argent blushed, his six inches of black cock already hard with anticipation. When Marcus wrapped a paw around Argent’s shaft, he growled softly. He had never been touched there before by anyone else, and his master's paw was so soft on his cock. Marcus began to slowly rub his paws over Argent shaft, and Argent moaned louder. Marcus rubbed his cock, and Argent thrust slightly into his hands. Marcus lowered his muzzle to his student's cock ran his tounge along his length. Argent growled, arching his back. Marcus's tounge had felt so good. Slowly, Argent moved his hands to Marcus's solders. Argent felt his shaft enclosed in the warm mouth of his master, and his head swam with pleasure, and he began to moan louder. Eternity seemed to pass as he his master sucked his cock.

Marcus could taste the sweat on the cock he held in his mouth, the bulge of the forming knot. Argent's labored breathing echoed in his ears, as his cock throbbed in his mouth. The heavy muscles of the wolf surrounded him, and Marcus caressed each one. Argent's firm stomach, his strong thighs and calves. They surrounded him, engulfing him in their blackness as he engulfed the wolf's cock. When Argent put his hands on Marcus's shoulders, he curled over the fox, and Marcus nursed on his cock, teasing him with his tongue and hands. Marcus finally cupped the wolf's ball sack in his hand, the thick black cock being thrust deep into his mouth by the young wolf. Marcus would have smiled if he could. Argent could barley think as the paws of his master explored his body. His cock tingled, and the feeling spread throughout his whole body. Nothing had ever made him feel so good, and as it slowly built, his cock began demanding release. The pleasure focused, gathering in his shaft, tempted and tortured by the fox's muzzle. Suddenly, he realized he was going to climax, and he began to warn Marcus.

"Marcus, I'm going to…" The warning was cut short by a moan, as Marcus grabbed the well muscled wolf's ass with both hands, and lifted him up slightly, totally enclose the black cock in his mouth. It hung it down his throat, knot and all. Marcus sucked harder then before as the wolf’s shaft pulsed in his mouth, and sprayed hot wolf cum down his throat. Argent howled as he came, twisting his fingers through Marcus's head fur in ecstasy. Ecstasy washed over him, and he bucked Marcus's mouth as his master sucked deeply on him. Argent finally slowed, and his master gave one final suck, and swallowed the remaining cum. Argent sat back dazed, and Marcus grasped his head and their muzzles meet again. Argent could taste himself on his master's lips for an eternity. Marcus broke the kiss, and pressed his paws into Argent's chest, slowly lowering Argent on to the bed. Marcus locked eyes with the young wolf, and Argent lost himself in the loving gaze of those green orbs. The fox took a small tube from his dresser, and spread the cream inside along his cock. Argent felt the fox's legs spread his, and he felt his master move his cock, pressing it against his tail hole. Argent tensed, knowing what his teacher wanted. Marcus merely held him, looking deep into his eyes. Marcus slowly massaged his chest, not moving his cock at all. Argent slowly relaxed, and Marcus moved one paw to Argent's neck and the other held the small of his back and slowly massaged him. Argent growled in pleasure, wrapping his arms around the fox's waist. Marcus smiled and leaned in to kiss the wolf deeply. When Argent closed his eyes, Marcus pushed his shaft deep in the wolf muscular ass, plowing through the young wolf’s strong muscles to sink his cock several inches deep in his ass. Argent jumped at the sudden pain that lanced through him, and groaned in utter pain as Marcus filled him. A paw held his head in the kiss as he moaned in pain. Marcus had pinned him, his arms trapped at his sides, his legs held wide, forced to curl around the fox's waist, and he was locked into a kiss, as the fox's opened his no longer virgin ass. Argent screwed his eyes shut with pain, and his ass clenched down on the intruder. Marcus broke the kiss saying, "I'm sorry Argent, but it was the only way you would have relaxed enough so it wouldn’t hurt too badly. Relax, the pain will be gone soon." The wolf whimpered, and a tear rolled down his cheek. Never had he felt this kind of pain, it was like he was being split in half. He opened his eyes, looking into Marcus's eyes. They were pools of concern, sad and worry filled. Marcus felt truly sorry he had hurt him, and Argent muzzled his neck and whimpered. The big fox just held him, waiting for Argent to adjust to having a cock in him. In a few minutes, the wolf slowly relaxed, and his ass slowly released its death grip on his cock. Marcus slid an inch out and back in. Argent grunted in pain and pleasure. Where there had once only been a burning pain there was a dizzying pleasure. A burning warmth that sent his head reeling as Marcus’s hard cock filled his guts. Marcus slowly did it again, pulling more of his cock out, only to slide it slowly back in. Now, almost all the pain was gone, and Argent felt a filling heat spread from his cock-filled ass. He moaned in pleasure, and Marcus smiled. He set a slow and steady pace, as Argent moaned into his neck fur at the sheer ecstasy of Marcus's movements. Their eyes just held each other, and Marcus saw the need in Argent's. He slowly quickened his pace, and Argent moaned at the increased heat. Even with the cream, his ass burned with each thrust, warmth filling his entire body spread from the shaft that slowly fucked him. His own cock throbbed, his knot fully formed. Marcus slowly wrapped a single paw around it. Argent whined in need, and began pushing against the paw gripping him, causing his ass to slam back into the fox's cock with each thrust. Marcus controlled his thrusts rather well, his knot pushing against Argent's tight ring, but not pushing past, but with Argent's own cock was getting some attention, Argent felt his whole body begin to tingle. It grew, focusing on his ass, as Marcus fucked him with increased speed. Nothing Argent had ever felt even compared to this, and he moaned as the fox pressed his knot against him. Marcus began pushing harder against the tight ring of Argent's rump, and finally, he just pushed, not relenting, whining his need. Argent sucked in a breath as the pain returned the steady pressure of Marcus's knot against him burning like his first thrust. After an agonizing moment, Marcus's knot popping into his ass. Argent howled at the pain, and bit his lip as the fox's hilt slammed home. Marcus slowly rocked him back and forth. Marcus's knot locked his cock deep into Argent's ass, but just enough room remained so he could make short, rapid thrusts. Argent’s eyes watered as the fox buggered him, the knot spreading him wide, bring new levels of pain and dizzying pleasure to the wolf's clenched ass. Marcus moaned "So tight, ohh..." and caressed Argent's muzzle. Marcus picked up speed again, his trusts rapid and short, his breathing labored. Argent gasped with him, the pain intense, but fading in the warmth produced by the fox's thrusts. Argent felt his cock restiffen, his pleasure quickly rebuilding. Time stretched, each thrust sending him to new heights of ecstasy. Argent quickly felt the tingling pleasures of his body focus on the cock sliding into his ass. His world focus down to his tight passage and the seven-inch shaft that filed it. Argent finally couldn't take it any more, and gasped "Harder, please, I'm gonna..." Marcus cut him off with a kiss that drove his head into the pillows and a thrust that lifted his ass into the air. Marcus stroked Argent's cock as he thrust hard a few more times. Argent's howled into the kiss as his world focus on cock in his ass, which exploded as his muscles clamped down on

Marcus cock as he rammed into him one last time. Marcus felt the muscles in Argent’s ass slam down on his cock, squeezing with all their might. The world spun, and he quickly lost his self in climax. Argent felt the cock in him begin to pulse and throb, sending Marcus's seed deep into him. He reveled in the feeling, held protectively by his master, his cock buried deep in him. Slowly, Marcus stopped sending blast after blast of cum into Argent's depth, and the fox almost collapsed into Argent's arms.

Marcus pressed his muzzle against Argent's, and they shared a long and deep kiss. With Marcus's knot tying them together, Argent relax back into the cushions of the bed. Marcus massaged his chest, and curled around the wolf, holding his head beneath his chin, wrapping Argent in his body. Argent slowly drifted into a peaceful sleep, held safe in his Master's arms.