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Griffon Thief Chapter Two




When Kryn woke, he did so with a low groan. He'd slept on his stomach, and he could feel the aches in his back and legs hadn't been help by that fact. He moaned as he pulled himself to his knees, his hands still bound to the dragon's bedposts. His ass ached, and he felt stretched and hollow inside. His vision was blurry and he stared at the silk ropes listless. The world had a strange fog around it, and while he felt like he had been violated, he also felt so strangely good...


He looked around him quietly. The room was empty, the drapes tied to the bedposts and revealing a beautiful room. Tastefully furnished, but easy containing more wealth then anything Kryn had ever seen, the room had one huge balcony over looking the city. Kryn's heart began to race, and he looked for any guards. No guards, no dragon. No one was watching him. He gripped the silk ropes in his hands, extending his claws from their sheaths. He could cut the ropes with them... easily even. Then, he could use the window to escape, and... And then what? Why didn't he want to leave? He could His claws sunk into the silk, tearing at his ropes. He pulled at the fraying silk, gripping it in his beak and weakly chewing at it. He had to escape, he just had too. If the dragon came back... Kryn shuddered, trying not to think about the night before. The way the dragon's claws had slide over him, the feeling of his flesh inside him...


The rope on his left hand snapped, and he redoubled his efforts on his right arm, snapping it easily. Delicately, he reached back and tore the silk binding around his wings. Slowly, he stretched them, whimpering in pain as his stiff wings unfurled. He must have slept for hours after Khan had... He shook his head, trying not to think about it. He stretched his wings, working out all the kinks in them, checking every feather for damage, stretching each muscle to e if they were pulled. It took time, but as Kryn snuck to the balcony and peered over the edge, staring out of the top of Kahn'tresh huge ivory tower, he was very glad he'd spent the time to do so. Gingerly, he climbed the railing, and pushed off into the cool morning air.


Kryn sunk quickly, barely controlling his dive. He felt the wind rush past him, cold in the early morning. The ground rushed towards him and he stretched his battered wings to catch every bit of air he could, and he still couldn't pull out of the dive. He closed his eyes, knowing that the day he dreaded, the day he couldn't fly anymore and he fell from the sky, was finally here.


He let out a huge sigh as he caught the thermal with his wings, the hot air leveling out his decant and he turned in a wide circle over the city. The warm, almost hot air felt so wonderful against his feathers, like the soft caress of the dragon hand... He looked nervously up at Kahn'tresh's tower, now having to weave through the spires of the other towers of Rog'osto. No shapes glided from it, no magic hurled towards him. Perhaps he had escaped. He closed his eyes as he felt part of him go cold. The part that hadn't wanted to leave. He closed his eyes as he landed on the rooftop of the building his room was in and prayed it was so.




He slipped softly into the window by his rope, setting down soundlessly despite his aches. Thomas lay on the bed, fast asleep. The fox was curled around a pillow, and he looked like he'd cried himself to sleep. Kryn limped a bit as he made his way to the tiny restroom. He'd wake him after he was clean.


The restroom was small, so small Kryn barely fit inside it when the curtain was closed. He leaned on the sink, closing his eyes and opening the faucet. There was no running water, but Thomas had rigged a system where rain water from the roof poured into a tank you could fill the sink with, which then washed right back out the window. He stared into the crack and chipped mirror, his beak dripping water. Kryn shuddered as he remembered that not to long ago, it had been dripping dragon cum. He bit his tongue a bit, like someone chewing his or her lip. The worst part about the thought was he couldn't tell if he liked it or not.


He stepped back, looking himself over as he drew a bath from the water tank. His chest had two sets of claw marks on it, where Khan had dug his claws when he came. Around his wrists was a set of shining gold bracelets. Set with a huge purple amethyst, surrounded in a strange pattern by diamonds, they glittered in the low light. His back feathers were all out of place, and his ass... he rump fur was pasted to him by dried cum, and Kryn reached back and felt his tail hole. It was still loose, and Kryn could feel he still was somewhat full of cum. He sat down with a groan on the camber pot. Kryn closed his eyes, shaking slightly. Part of him enjoyed last night. A big part of him. He could almost feel the dragon taking him and he shock his head, trying to make the thought of the dragon's fucking leave his head. He looked down at himself; his thick black cock was even hard at the thought. Was he really more like Thomas hen he thought? The fox had been very plain about his attraction to males... and now Kryn wondered why he hadn't seen his own before. He stood, disgusted with himself, his cock still hard as he looked into the mirror and raised a leg to step into the bath.


"Kryn, is that you..." Thomas froze as he brushed aside the curtain separating the main room and the bathroom. Kryn froze too, one leg raised onto the lip of the bathtub. Time seemed to slow a bit as Thomas took in every inch of Kryn's body. His chest was covered in scratches, and two sets of bloody claw marks were raked across his sides. His golden furred rump was covered in white, his fur matted and stuck to him. He was hard, his black cock jutting perfectly up and out, pointing right at the fox. The griffon eyes were bright, wide in shock and his beak hung open a bit as he stuttered, "T..Th... Thomas?" Thomas spun, diving back into the main room and his head against the wall, trying to burn the image of the griffon from his mind. He could smell it, the scent of male sex, hours old, but it clung to the griffon like a fog.


"Thomas, I... Wait Thomas!" Kryn grabbed a towel, wrapping it around his waist, covering his cock as he blushed deeply. He poked his head out of the restroom. The fox was pressed against the wall, gasping, eyes closed. Kryn frowned, "Thomas I... I'm sorry Thomas." The fox opened an eye, looking up at him, tears streaming down his face. "Where were you? I waited and waited for you... but you never came back... And now... your covered in blood and, and sex, and..." Kryn took a step towards the fox as he began to sob, burying his face in Kryn's arms. Kryn hugged him tight, kneeling so he could look the fox in the eyes. "Thomas, I can explain... I... the Seer... he..." Thomas's eyes widened, staring up at the griffon. "You got caught?" Kryn nodded closed his eyes and turned his head away, whispering "And then he... he..."


Thomas put his paw over Kryn's beak, silencing the big griffon. "No, you don't have to say it." There was a long moment of silence. Thomas closed his eyes as tears began to run down his cheeks. Kryn looked right at the little fox. He was so light, so sleek. He was so smart, so soft and caring. He'd given a cutthroat, muscle bound street thief a chance. Given him back some semblance of dignity. He actually cared...


Thomas lifted Kryn's hand, staring at the bracelet on his wrist. "Did you steal these? They look magical..." Kryn frowned, "No, I don't remember how I got those... Khan must have... must have put them on me after I..." Thomas closed his eyes as Kryn finished, "I passed out." The fox let out a few shuddering breathes. "What was it like?" he asked, not looking at the griffon, just staring at the bracelets.


Thomas watched Kryn close his eyes, licking his lips. "I... I've never felt anything like it Thomas. I... I understand now why you wanted that from me." Thomas gasped as Kryn put his arms around him, holding him tight to his chest. The fox could feel the griffon shake, tears welling up in his eyes. "I'm sorry Thomas. I'm sorry I've been such a bastard to you. I've ignored you feelings for so long, even with everything you've done..." Thomas stared into the griffon's eyes, shaking. "Kryn you're not saying you... but you're not..." Kryn silenced him with a kiss.


It was light, lasted only seconds, but it set Thomas's body on fire. He clung to Kryn's shoulders and gasped as the griffon griped his rear with both hands. "Kryn? What are you doing..." "Apologizing for the way I've treated you for three years." Thomas swallowed, backing up as the griffon laid a paw on his chest, "But you've been wonderful to me... You've never... " The hand slide lower, pulling the fox close, "Never once told you how much I appreciated you, or even once consider your feelings for me." He swallowed nervously, "But now thatís gonna change." Thomas fell silent. He looked down and shuffled his feet, his bushy tail tucking between his legs.. "I should never have told you how I felt... It just made things worse..."


Kryn raised the fox's muzzle and made him look him in the eye, and whispered, "No, I should never have ignored it." He kissed the fox softly, a hand wandering down his back as he pressed Thomas into sitting on the bed. "Stop trying to blame yourself for how I treated you Thomas." Thomas's protest was cut short by another kiss, long and slow as the griffon explored his smaller body. Thomas pushed him back with a gasp as he felt the griffon's thigh press against his sheath, "Kryn, you... you're not serious are you?" Kryn nodded slowly. "If you'll let me... I wanted to make up for some of the time we've lost." Kryn rubbed a hand across the fox's white chest fur, a hand brushing against his leg, the towel dropping to the ground behind him. Thomas stared up at Kryn wide eyed and just nodded.


Kryn kneeled, his whole body wanting to shake, but he kept himself under control. He wasn't serious about this was he? After just one look at the fox, his mind had ceased upon the idea of getting hold of his cock. He smiled, licking his lips nervously. He reached down and gripped the fox gently, and Thomas gasped at his touch. "Kryn, I..." Thomas whined as the griffon's hand worked at his shaft, "I don't want you to do anything you don't, ugh, want Oh!" Thomas shuddered as Kryn stroked his entire length, the soft, fine scales of his hands so warm against his shaft. Thomas closed his eyes, shivering as the griffon stroked him, his hands digging into the bed.


Kryn licked his lips, staring at the thick vulpine cock in his hands, the fox's knot swelling a bit under his hand. Kryn closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and lowered his head to the fox's cock. Thomas moaned his cock was wrapped in the warm, wet mouth of the larger griffin. Kryn closed his eyes, his tongue slowly swirling around the fox's cocktip, his beak gently scraping the fox's flesh. Kryn murred softly at the taste of the fox's flesh. Thomas's shaft throbbed in his mouth, hot and slick from his own saliva. It rubbed the back of his throat, hot to the touch. Kryn could feel the fox's heart beat as he sucked on his shaft. Kryn smiled, almost purring as he felt Thomas's hand on the back of his head. Kryn nursed on the fox forever, unsure of anything but the soft buck of the fox's hips and the sweet taste of his maleness. Kryn backed off as he felt Thomas's heart race and his breathing quickened, holding him at the brink of orgasm, making him calm down only to coax him back to the brink.


After an eternity of the griffon's teasing hands and suckling mouth, Thomas grabbed the back of his head, howling and thrusting his whole cock into the griffon's beak. Kryn murred and gripped the fox in his beak, trapping his knot inside his mouth and drank the fox's cum greedily. The hot cum was salty and sweet, and it flooded his mouth. Kryn swallowed hard, trying to get as much of the salty seed as he could, gagging slightly in the process, a trickle of fox cum leaking from the corner of his beak to drip onto his furred legs.


Finally, the fox's cock stopped throbbing in his mouth, and the flow of hot cum slowed to a trickle, and Kryn opened his eyes to look up at the panting fox. Thomas was gasping for air, hands on Kryn's head. Slowly the fox let go while blinking down at him. Kryn slowly pulled of his friend's cock, sucking out the fox's last drops of seed and cleaning his softening shaft. Kryn stood slowly, towering of the sitting fox, smiling down at him. Thomas stared up at him and panted hard, his cock fully retreated into his sheath. Kryn gently hugged him, and Thomas wrapped his arms Kryn's waist, burying his head in the soft fur of his belly, enjoying the way the tips of the griffon's feather tickled the back of his neck.


Kryn held the fox to him for a long time, staring out the window into the city. The sun was high in the sky now, and Kryn could hear the market place below their window bustling with people. He rubbed the fox's head softly, listening to the fox softly sniffle into his fur. He felt the fox try to kneel before him, and Kryn knew what Thomas was going to do, but Kryn held the fox tight, keeping him still. Kryn licked the last taste of Thomas's seed from his lips, just holding the fox. Something inside him didnít want to take advantage of the tiny fox. "Kryn?" Thomas's voice was soft and shaky. He pulled his head back from the griffon's stomach, looking up at him. "What... what are we going to do now?" Kryn brushed a hand across Thomas's cheek, his frightened eyes wide. With a smile, he muttered, "I guess well try to be happy together." Thomas smiled softly.


"Unfortunately, the chances of that are very slim now." Kryn spun with a hiss towards the door the instant he heard Kahn'tresh's deep voice, pushing the fox behind him. He opened his wings wide, blocking the dragon's view of Thomas. He glared daggers at the purple dragon, who stood regally just inside the small door of their small home. He was dressed in black leather armor, his golden chest barely visible, his lavender scales making a beautiful pattern with his armor. At his side was a huge sword at his side, in his hand, his glowing staff. Thomas peeked out from between the griffon's shoulder and wing, yelping when he saw the dragon. Khan smiled evilly when he saw the fox, "Am I correct in assuming you are the mage responsible for this one's," he pointed at Kryn, "invisibility when he raided my home last night." Thomas ducked behind the griffon, pressing into his broad back as Kryn leaned over and grabbed his sword, old and battered from where it leaned against the wall. The griffon drew the sword in one practiced motion, pointing it at the dragon, "Get back Khan, I won't let you hurt him."


Khan chuckled, not moving. "Oh please, I have no intention of hurting him. I have come here only to collect you and learn who my new enemy was, but something tells me there is something else going on here then another mage being jealous of my power." The dragon smirked, tapping the head of his staff to his muzzle, and Kryn wiped a sticky trail of the fox's cum from his beak, staring at the white cum on his hand, saying "Leave him out of this Khan, this was all my idea, he had nothing to do with it, I only paid him to cast the spell." Khan narrowed his eyes a bit with a smirk, "Really? Then the fox won't care I take you back to my harem then Slave." Kryn could feel Thomas dig his fingers into his back. "Your not going to take me with out a fight." Khan chuckled. "Oh come now, don't try and tell me you don't want to be in my harem. Just look at you, hard at the very mention of it." Khan pointed at Kryn's waist with his free hand, and the griffon nearly turned red despite his feathers when he realized that what he'd been doing with Thomas had made his cock hard as a rock. Thomas moved a little out from behind the bigger griffon's protection, "Please Seer, we can explain... We were just..." "Just stealing from me, I know little one. And I'm willing to let you of the hook for your involvement if you," he raised a finger and pointed it at Kryn, "return to my tower as my new concubine, and give yourself to me totally willingly, with no exceptions."


Thomas stood perfectly still behind Kryn as silence hung in the room. He was shocked beyond belief, his lips quivering. "NO," he thought, "Kryn final accepts me and now he's going to be taken from me? This can't be happening... It can't... I... I can't let this happen..." The fox shook with fright and anger, and began shouting at the dragon, "What! You can't expect him to do that! What gives you the right to demand that! He'd never..." "I'll do it" "give up his freedom like that, you won't get away with this..." Kryn silenced Thomas with a wave of his hand. His voice was cold as he said, "I'll do it, if you promise to never hurt Thomas, or act against him in any way, and you pay him for the lose of my services." The dragon smiled as Thomas gasped. "Done. I will pay him twenty-five thousand gold sovereigns for you then, agreed?" The griffon began to nod. "NO!" Thomas yelled, "I won't let you, I won't lose you! Not now!"


Kryn tried to grab the fox as he lunged from behind him, arms held out before him. He turned just enough for the blast of flames to miss him. Kryn closed his eyes as the hot flames leaped past him towards the dragon, and he fell backwards. He looked up from the ground to see Thomas's spell fire leaping across the room in one long blast, slamming into the shield of green energy Kahn'tresh had raised, his staff head forth, the tip glowing brightly at the center of his shield. The flames spread around the shield, licking at the walls and scorching them, but not quite reaching the dragon. Kryn stared in awe at Thomas; he'd never seen the fox do something like this before. Suddenly, the shield pulsed, and the flow of energy seemed to reverse and slam into Thomas, who flew backwards and crashed heavily into the wall. Khan drew his sword and walked steady towards the fox, raising the blade...


Thomas opened his eyes just in time to see Kahn standing over him, the purple dragon's sword raised to cut him down in one stroke... He closed his eyes as the sword began to drop, opening them against when he heard the metallic clang of Kryn's sword against the dragon's. Kryn pushed him back a few steps, their swords beginning to clash violently, the steel of Khan's sword flashing brightly in the sun, Kryn's dull blade not nearly as bright, but still good enough to block every blow. But Khan had the advantage of being able to block with his staff, so Kryn's superior swordsmanship meant little in the cramped room. A few moments and they locked across their blades, struggling against each other, Kryn's free hand on Khan's staff. Kryn was barely holding the dragon back. Thomas's eyes widened as he saw Khan release his staff and raise his hand, his palm glowing bright blue. Thomas screamed, casting his fire bolt spell again, catching the dragon off guard this time and sending him back a few paces. Kryn pressed his advantage, throwing away the dragon's staff and forcing him back a few more steps...


There are few good things that can be said about living for three years in a room no larger then eight feet across with someone. One of the few good things you learn is how the other person is going to move. As the griffon and dragon traded a few more blows, Thomas timed his next attack, blasting an icy ray over Kryn's shoulder just as he dipped down for an attack and catching the dragon's shoulder just right. Khan roared, his shoulder suddenly coated in ice, and Kryn knocked the blade from his hand, his frozen shoulder unable to avoid the blow. For a moment, it looked like they would beat the Seer, but the dragon had other ideas. He roared an ancient word, his hand striking Kryn in the chest, a wave of power pounding into him, making him drop his sword and sending him across the room, the shockwave picking up Thomas and flinging him across the room, both of them hitting the wall hard. They both landed in heap on the bed that filled that end of the tiny room.


Kryn panted as he watched the dragon rub his shoulder, the icy white disappearing at his touch. He crouched on the bed, covering Thomas's still form with his body as Kahn grabbed his staff, and pointed it at him, growling a command word. Kryn felt his hands snap together, the bracelets dragging his hands together and holding them there. Kryn glanced down at Thomas, who was out cold. The dragon growled at them loudly. "That was not very smart little fox. Our deal is off Griffon, now Sleep!" Kryn tried to resist the spell as it took hold, but all he could do was keep from collapsing onto Thomas when he fell.




Kryn's head was foggy as he tried to lean forward, waking in a haze. He opened his eyes to the inside of Khan's softly curtained bed, a strange wave of deja'vu washing over him. Kryn looked slowly around him as he woke. The curtains were tied back, and a soft breeze blew in from the outside, night beginning to fall. Nothing in the room had changed, nothing except the sheets. The sheets had been change, the dried cum from the night before gone from the bed, but not from his fur and feathers.


He lay on his back, supported by a whole pile of cushions, his wings unbound, but rather pinned by his other bonds. A golden chain that was threaded through the bars of the headboard connected the bracelets around his wrists. Kryn tested his bonds, and found them a hundred times stronger then the night before. Kryn closed his eyes, breathing deeply, thinking of everything that had happened, especially Thomas. He came to a single, heart-breaking conclusion. This time, the dragon didn't want him to leave.


"I see you are awake." Kryn opened his eyes, looking up at Khan, who stood beside the bed, wearing nothing over his lavender scales. Silence hung for a long moment at the dragon reached out and touched him, letting his hand, strong and wide, brush down his chest, the dragon's eyes just staring at him, like someone marveling at a work of art.


"You let me escaped, didn't you?" The griffon's voice was hollow, and the dragon simply smiled lightly. "Yes, I did." Hs voice was soft, silky even as he rubbed Kryn's chest softly "I'm sorry about having to toy with you, I'm usually very kind to my concubines." Kryn closed his eyes. "You don't like that fact, do you." The dragon's statement was simple that. Kryn stared up at him as the dragon touched his chin, tracing the trail of dried fox cum up his beak. "And yet you seemed so eager to taste male flesh again." Kryn glared at him. "Thomas was different." Khan raised an eyebrow. "Really now? So your little display with him meant nothing to you?" Khan chuckled, ribbing Kryn's leg softly, "Yes, I saw you go down on him, right from the moment your knees hit the floor to when his cum splattered your face. You enjoyed it, and you'll enjoy being my slave."


Kryn growled, "I'm not going to be some meek slave to you bastard, I..." Kahn cut him off by grabbing his beak, forcing it shut easily. "So forceful with the one who is your new master?" Kryn gasped as the breath was forced from his lungs as the dragon jumped onto the bed, crushing him into the silk in one fluid motion. Kryn's shout was muffled as Kahn's lips locked with his, the dragon's legs gripping his chest tightly. After a long, powerful kiss, the dragon whispered, "I would not speak that way to me if I were you little one." Kryn gasped for air as the dragon leaned off his chest a bit, knees still digging into his sides. Khan knelt atop him, straddling him easily and pinning him totally, his huge cock bobbing slightly before Kryn's face. "Besides, you're going to be the perfect slave, because you don't want me to hurt your little fox, right?" Kryn's eyes widened, and Khan stared at him coldly, freeing his beak.


"You wouldn't." The dragon nodded gently, "Your right, usually I wouldn't. But you are the most handsome male I've ever had, perhaps the most beautiful I've ever seen. And I would rather you come willingly to my bed, rather then force you into it," his voice darkened for a moment, "though I will do so to keep you." Kryn glared up at him, "What are you going to do to Thomas?" Khan smiled slightly, "Nothing, for now. It depends upon how you accept my advances." The head of his dark purple cock brushed Kryn's lips momentarily. Kryn stared up at him, trying desperately to ignore the thick cock head, and fighting the urge to lick it with all his might. "And if I refuse you?" "Then he will suffer the fate of anyone who attacks someone of my station." The dragon was matter a fact about it, his voice even, though Kryn detected a hint of displeasure at the thought as he whispered, "Death?" Khan only closed his eyes.


"And if I accept?" The dragon grinned, "Then my offer still stands, albeit slightly altered. He will live unharmed if you accept me as your Master. But he will remain here," the dragon tapped Kryn's chest with a finger, "a permanent 'guest' in my tower. Perhaps I will tutor him in magic so some such nonsense to please the Sultan's court gossips. It is your decision." Khan ended his words with the tip of his cock pressed against Kryn's beak. Kryn closed his eyes, torn. If he refused, Thomas would die, but it he accepted, he would lose his freedom, forever. The simple pleasures of being free, of flying would be lost to him forever, and he would become a slave to the cock pressing against his lips. Part of him shivered at the very thought of such a thing, and Kryn's heart sank when he realized he couldn't tell if it was from fright or lust. If he refused, Thomas would die. The crown of the dragon's cock brushed his beak again, and Kryn squeezed his eyes shut, and choose.


The dragon sheathed his cock in the griffon's mouth with a hiss of pleasure, one of many to follow.

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