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Fun at the Mall guidelines.

So, you want to become part of the Fun at the Mall series huh?  Well, I would love for you too!  Here are the ground rules for the stories:

(Donít read em until after you read the first chapter though, they give away the ending)

-Kevin (the wolf) must end the each chapter in the bathroom stall, still handcuffed in place. Whoever is there with him at the start of your chapter is up to you, the restroom can be empty or well, he may have acquired a line.  Do not harm Kevin in any way beyond emotionally.  his condition needs to remain static at through out the series. 

-Anyone can put their personal characters in, and they can yiff the wolf, or the fox, or the cute doggy, or each other, or someone else, all they like. Be creative *grins* That's what this series is about.

-Wildfire cannot return to the restroom until the last chapter, which I am going to write.  But that doesnít mean he can't meet someone somewhere else in the mall and have a quick interlude.

-You retain the copy right to all your characters and to the chapters that are your creation.  You wrote them after all, they're still yours.  I retain copyright to my characters and the series as a whole.  Realize that your chapter will be published online with the other stories, and will be credited with creating them.  I will post all information you give me, such as a contact email address, and you give me permission to do so by sending me the story.  If you wish to submit anonymously, just tell me so.

-In the future, I hope to publish a book of my stories and I would love to include the Fun at the Mall Series in that collection.  I will contact each author individually before doing this, and obtain your permission before posting your story anywhere but my website.  I would appreciate knowing ahead of time if you would like or dislike being included in such a collection, as that will speed things along nicely.