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The Entertainer




"Commander Brawn, will you just stop pacing already." The dark green stegosaur beside Trios glared at him. The tan triceratops just raised an eyebrow, and the stego rolled his eyes and sighed. Trios chuckled at the younger warrior as he shifted a little uncomfortable at being here with him. The room wasn't large, but it had a large open area in the center of it, designed for someone to dance in. Trios chuckled and sat down in one of the lavish high backed chairs. "Why are you pacing about like that Commander? If you could just relax, I know you're going to enjoy tonight. Everyone enjoys their stay at the Jasmine Tails Inn" The tricera sipped from his wine glass, smiling. The Stego snorted, "Its not that, it's just this seems rather, desperate doesn't it? Especially for two males who command nearly two hundred men." Trios chuckled. "Trust me, we don't want to be working out any of our, frustrations, on one of our men this close to a battle. And besides, none of them could possibly compare to someone who does this for a living." The stego's tail whipped back and forth a bit, and he snorted in frustration. "Still…" Trios chuckled as the door across the room cracked open. "Trust me, this is going to be better then any male you've ever had before."


Brawn groaned mentally. Trios, his lieutenant was right. He needed to find someone to mate with. It had been nearly three months since his last mating, and in the height of the spring mating time; it was getting close to driving the stegosaur insane. He just didn't want to pay someone for it. Brawn could feel his whole body ache with need, and he muttered as he turned to face Trios, "I still don't see why…" Brawn trailed off, his mouth hanging open a bit as he watched the raptor slide into the room. He was a light brown raptor, dark green stripes curving across his sleek, lithe body. On his head, he wore a white silk shroud, which covered the top half of his muzzle and his face, with a curved veil like piece that hung down his neck and swayed with each step he took. The white silk exposed only his brilliantly green eyes and his slight smile. He wore a wide cloth collar around his neck, a strip of cloth attached to the front and running behind his back, his lower half covered only by a chain loincloth, which concealed nothing, his large cock and ball sack swaying slightly as he moved into the room.


Slowly, the raptor bowed low, bells on straps on his wrists and ankles jingling slightly he moved. As he stood, his eyes bright green eyes met Brawns for a moment, and the stego licked his lips, his own loincloth doing little to hide his erection. Trios nudged him, smiling as the raptor raised his hands and began to sway, his hips swaying back and forth as his stiff tail swayed back and forth, the raptor head turning to the side as he began a slow, sensual spin, his body shimmering in the light as his bare, tight rump moved back and forth in front of his audience. His bells made little noise as he moved, and his tail barely covering his rump, each swish of it giving a glimpse between his cheeks. Both males were hard as they stared at the raptor, their eyes following every swish of hips and movement of his arms, the soft chime of his bells providing the rhythm that he danced to. Brawn smiled, hooking his thumbs into his belt to keep himself from grabbing his shaft, grinning wide. The raptor was the most beautiful he had ever seen, his dark green stripes across his deep tan scales, offset by the pure white of his shroud and the straps that held his bells on. His body was hard to watch, his gentle twists and turns those of an expert dancer, the sway of his hips and the swish of his tail making Brawns heart skip a beat, and his lions burn. Brawn grinned wider as the raptor slowly moved closer, his body ever moving and swaying, his claws clicking to some unheard music as he danced for them.


Trios smiled, drinking his wine as Brawn ran a hand across his own chest. The raptor was just out of his reach, his hips swaying and his smile bright as he danced. Brawn stared right at the raptor's cock as it swayed, still soft, beneath his loincloth. The male's scales glistened as he moved. Slowly, he moved closer to Brawn, who stood perfectly still, staring at the sleek raptors muscles, his whole body trim and fit, and with a twirl, his perfectly round and tight rump made Brawn growl low in his chest. The raptor slowly reached out and touched his chest lightly as he danced, his hand tracing across the leather armor Brawn wore, up the strap to his shoulder and then across his chest and down his right arm as the raptor twirled in front of him, his tail brushing against Brawns legs and crotch, the raptor's semi stiff tail brushing across Brawn's cock. The raptor turned, rubbing against his side, holding onto his arm like he was pole, the raptor sleek body pressed against his side, his claws tracing the stego's heavily muscled chest as his own sleek form pressed against Brawn's side. Brawn growled as the raptor's fingers lingered on his chest, one clawed fingertip twirling around his hard nipple and then down his muscled chest and across his tight stomach.


Brawn stared right into the raptors eyes as his muzzle stretched up towards his own, his nose just and inch away from Brawn as his sleek chest slide up Brawn's side. Brawn opened his had, letting his hand press against the raptor's chest, his scales hard against the raptors soft, smaller scales. Brawn's nose flared as he breathed the raptor's scent deeply, his eyes closed and he leaned down, his muzzle tip brushing the raptors for the briefest of seconds.


Brawn opened his eyes and the raptor was gone, whirled away and behind him, his hands trailing across the stego's back as he deftly stepped over his lashing spiked tail. Brawn turned towards Trios, just as the raptor came face to face with the triceratops. Brawn panted heavily, unbuckling his armor as fast as he could as the raptor's claws began to wander across Trios's bare chest, tracing their way around the small piece of metal armor he wore in the center of his chest. The triceratops grinned wide, reaching up and grabbing the back of his head and forcing the smaller male into a deep, long kiss as he set down his wine. Trios's thick tongue spread the raptor's lips open and snaked its way inside his mouth as Brawn grabbed the chain loincloth and tore it away. The raptor mnphed, trying to get out of Trios's strong grip just as Brawn grabbed him from behind and pressed against his ass. The stegosaur couldn't hold himself back any longer, he had to have the male bent over in front of him, and he needed him now. Brawn hissed in pleasure as he ground his now bare crotch against the raptor's ass, his leaking cock rubbing across the scales of the raptor's tightly muscled rump.


The raptor's protests were muffled by the tricera's kiss as Brawn lifted his tail, pushing it out of the way of his thick cock as he pressed it between the raptor cheeks, moaning in pleasure as his shaft felt the warmth of the raptor's scales as they rubbed across him. Brawn positioned his cock head against the raptor's tail hole, panting in anticipation as he felt the already lubed opening. Brawn chuckled he pulled the raptor's hips backwards, pushing his cock deep into the raptor, who hiss and clenched his whole body in pain as the huge stego pushed into him. Brawn moaned, his cock much bigger then the raptor's passage, his hard cock slowly spreading the raptor's tightly clenched ring open, finally opening as Brawn's shaft slide inside him. Brawn moaned loudly, shaking as he pressed himself flush with the raptor's ass, his eyes closed tight at the feeling of the raptor's hot ass clenched tightly around his cock.


Trios smiled wide holding the raptor in place as his commander began to mount him hard. Trios could see the younger males face twitch and his body shudder as he fucked the raptor hard. Brawn moaned loudly, making the raptor shake with the force of his thrusts, his huge cock sliding smoothly in and out of the raptor tight ass. No male had EVER felt this good, no tail hole ever this tight or hot. Brawn arched his back, pounding his cock into the raptor hard, who hissed and shook in pain at the mounting, the bells jiggling softly as Brawn fucked him. He looked down at the raptor, grunting in pleasure as he thrust into him. The raptor's lithe body shook and squirmed with each thrust of Brawn's cock, and he whined and sobbed as the thick shaft sank deep into his upturned rump, spreading his cheeks wide and plowing through his anal muscles like they were butter. The stego moaned as he mounted the smaller male, watching him, his back rippling and his whole body so beautiful, especially the sight of his cock sinking into his ass. The raptor held his arms against his chest, his eyes closed tight as Trios ran his hands over him, guiding the raptor's muzzle to his crotch. The raptor opened his eyes, licking his lips nervously as he shook with the force of Brawn's thrusts. Slowly, he opened his muzzle and licks the triceratops's hard cock, letting his tongue run down his thick shaft. Trios growled a bit, rubbing the raptor's head softly as he began to slowly lick and stroke the cock in front of him.


Brawn rubbed his hands across the raptor's muscular back as he whimpered, slowly taking Trios cock into his mouth, his sobs and cries muffled by the triceras's thick cock. Brawn couldn't believe how good the raptor's ass felt, tight and cloying, clenching around his shaft whenever he would pull out and staying tight as he pushed back in, making Brawn shiver in pure pleasure. He could tell that despite his cries and sobs, the raptor was consciously tightening his tail hole to increase his pleasure, and Brawn growled deeply. No male had ever been like this, this beautiful or tight or hot. Brawn moaned, his hand rubbing across the raptor's chest, one sliding beneath him and gripping the raptor's semi hard cock, stroking it gently, holding it so that each of his thrusts made the raptor's cock slide through his stroking fingers. Brawn growled as he felt the raptor stiffen and moan around Trios's cock, his head bobbing up and down Trios's shaft as he noisily sucked the cock. Brawn smiled as he dominated the raptor beneath him, his cock making him shiver and moan, each thrust making his whole body shake. Brawn felt his legs shiver, and he felt the familiar fire in his loins begin to build as his scales scraped against the smaller raptor's. Brawn closed his eyes, arching his back and thrusting harder, holding the raptor's waist tight as he mounted him, roaring in ecstasy as he took him fully, pouring his hot cum deep inside the raptor's ass.


The raptor gasped as Brawn's cock bottomed out inside him, squirming in Trios tight grip, gasping around the triceratops's cock as the stego came inside him, flooding his tightly clenched ass with his hot cum, his hands stroking his own hard cock fast, making his close his eyes and shiver, unable to stop himself from joining the stego in orgasm. Brawn roared as the raptor's ass tightened down on his cock, and he thrust hard once, twice, three times as he continued to fill him with cum, the stego's knee's buckling as he finished his climax, landing heavily on his knees. Brawn dragged the raptor down to the ground with him, his cock pressed deep inside the raptor as their sweet covered bodies sliding across each other. The raptor was barely able to keep Trios's cock in his mouth, but he kept sucking hard on the triceras's cock.


Brawn panted, holding the raptor against him, his seed slowly leaking out of the raptor's ass, down over his balls and onto the ground as Trios's slowly thrust his cock into the raptor's muzzle, grunting and moaning in pleasure as he rubbed the raptor's head softly. Brawn held the raptor in place with one arm, his cock still hard inside the smaller male. Slowly, he unbuckled his armor and gauntlets, tossing his cloths aside as he held the raptor close. Brawn looked up and smiled as he heard the familiar hiss of pleasure of a male cumming, watching Trios's pump his substantial load into the raptor's mouth, some of the cum leaking from his mouth before he could choke it down. Trios's finally let the raptor's head go, and the raptor pulled away from his lap panting, right into Brawn's waiting arms.


The stego smiled, his muzzle nuzzling against the raptor's cheek as he held him from behind. The raptor's eyes darted from Brawn's to the triceratops in front of him nervously, and he shivered as Brawn caressed his chest softly with one scaled hand. Trios smiled. "You wouldn't mind if I took a turn in him, would you commander?" Brawn chuckled, smiling. As he slowly let the raptor go, pulling out of him slowly, more white cum leaking from him and coating the stego's softening cock. The raptor slowly moved towards Trios, who pulled him forward and kissed his cum covered muzzle. Trios patted his lap, and the raptor slowly climbed into it as the triceratops guided him so that his thick cock pressed under the raptor's thick tail and into his ass. Trios moaned in pleasure and the raptor whimpered as the triceratops began to thrust up into him, making the raptor ride his cock. Brawn smiled, standing up and caressing the raptor from behind, licking his muzzle clean and kissing him as Trios's fucked him. This was going to be the best night of his life.




The sun began to glint through the heavy drapes of the rooms' windows. The raptor, Darin, sobbed; shaking and crying quietly as the huge stego continued to mounted him. The triceratops was asleep a few feet away, covered only in a big smile and cum. He had been asleep for hours now, waking every once in a while to join his stegosaur friend in fucking the raptor. But that was earlier in the night, and he woke rarely now, and once the stego had no longer had to take turns with the triceratops, he hadn't stopped mounting Darin since. He had torn every shred of clothing, even the bells, from Darin's body, taking him naked and usually wet with cum. He had taken him in every position, his cock constantly hard and constantly deep in Darin's muzzle or ass. He just kept up a steady rhythm of thrusts for hours; orgasm just a few minutes of faster and harder thrusts followed by a few minutes of gentle cuddling and licking, followed by a long time of steady fucking.

Darin stank of cum, his whole body covered in dry or drying seed, and he could feel a large pool of it in both his stomach and deep inside his ass. The stego's steady, unending thrusts determined when he took each breath that filled his nose with the thick scent of male sex. The huge male taking him from behind was in complete control of his body, taking him and making him do what ever his lusts desired.


Brawn was the huge stego's name, and right now he had the raptor on stomach, his legs spread wide by the stego's powerful thighs as his cock thrust into the raptor's upturned rump with the steady power he had maintained for nearly six hours now. The stego grunted and moaned as he thrust, his arms wrapped around the raptor's upper body, holding him tightly as he mounted his now loose, well-used tail hole. Darin whimpered as the male began taking him a bit faster, his hands caressing and teasing the raptor's nipples, holding his chest tight and pressing the raptor's lithe back against his huge chest, and Darin closed his eyes at the feeling of being held and filled by the large male atop him, just like he had been for the entire night. Brawn just stared down at him, his blue eyes always locked with his own. Every so often, he would murmur how much he loved this, or how beautiful Darin was. Brawn's hands traced every muscle in his body, and he had even asked what his name was. "Darin…" he had whispered as the larger male leaned down and kissed his neck. Brawn had smiled and whispered, "Beautiful, it fits you perfectly…" Darin closed his eyes, shaking as Brawn fucked him harder, thrusting again and again.

Darin laid his head down and closed his eyes again, just trying to ride out the storm. The stegosaur had been fucking him forever, kissing and licking his muzzle, caressing him like a lover would his mate. Darin had begged and pleaded with Brawn to stop, but the stego had just kept taking him, holding him down and making him a slave to his huge cock. Even now, Darin couldn't stop the sensations of the Stego's cock churning inside him to stop. He could only lie back and whimper under the controlling thrusts of the Stego. His own cock was still hard, even though the stego had stroked him to orgasm more times then he wanted to think about, each shuddering, body wracking orgasm the raptor felt accompanied by the feeling of the Stego's huge cock deep in his ass, holding him open and pouring his seed inside him.


Darin opened his eyes weakly, staring up into the stego's blue eyes. Darin's heart ached to be released from the males grip and never-ending mounting, but he could tell Brawn wasn't going to. He had a deep, steady look in his eyes that Darin had never seen on a males face as they took him, a mix of lust, possession and… perhaps love. Darin shook those thoughts from his head as the stego began to thrust harder again, approaching another of his countless orgasms. Darin groaned as he felt the stego tighten his grip on him for the hundredth time, holding him tight, his chest pressed hard against his back, the stego's scales sliding across his own as his cock thrust wetly into his aching ass, the stego's muzzle rubbing against his cheek as his crotch pressed flush with Darin's ass. Darin could feel the fresh wave of warm cum mingle with the huge pool in his ass and the stego collapsed atop him again, licking and gently kissing his neck and chest. Darin felt the stego move a little, and Darin watched Brawn wearily turn his head to stare up at the chuckling Trios who had nudged him.

"My, my, you have enjoyed yourself tonight Commander. Come on, its almost dawn, we have to go." Brawn stared into Darin eyes, sadness creeping into his gaze as he slowly stood up, his scales wetly separating from the raptor's. Darin lay on the floor panting, one hand pulled up under his chin as he laid his head against the cool floor, slowly closing his legs for the first time since he entered the room. Darin could feel his tears cutting their way through cum layered across his muzzle, but he knew neither of the warriors could see him crying, and even if they did, they wouldn't care. Darin whimpered as his tail covered his battered ass, his tail hole throbbing in pain and a strange feeling of emptiness.


Brawn rubbed his cheek, staring down at the raptor he had just finished fucking for, how long had it been? He looked at the light glistening through the window's drapes. Had it really been all night long? The very sight of the raptor's body kept his cock hard, and he wanted to take him again, right now before he had to go. Brawn smiled down at him, rubbing his hands across his own chest and stomach. Darin was his name, a beautiful name for such a sleek and shapely raptor as he was, his brown and green striped body covered in sticky white cum. Brawn chuckled as he looked down at his own cum covered scales his cock still hard. Both of them were covered in his cum. Brawn didn’t even know how many times he had cum inside the raptor. He just knew that he had never felt this good, with anyone, and that even now, lying in a puddle of cum and crying, Darin was still more beautiful then any male he had ever seen. Brawn numbly moved to get dressed, telling Trios to go and get some more money from his room. When Trios brought it back, Brawn told him to go get the troops ready, and have them all organized and ready by evening, when they would march out under cover of darkness. Brawn sat in the only chair in the room, wiping himself down with a towel. He gathered up his armor and put his loincloth around his waist, needing a bath before he was going to be able to get back into his armor. He just stared at Darin as the raptor cried silently for a long time, wanting to comfort the raptor, but not sure how. Slowly, the stegosaur crouched down next to him, leaning over him and drawing Darin up into his arm and kissing him deeply and slowly, making the kiss last.


Darin opened his eyes as the stego broke the kiss, shivering in dread at the thought of yet another mating. The male lying atop him simply nuzzled his neck, taking a deep breath and drinking in his scent, like he was trying to remember it. Brawn took a handkerchief and rubbed it across his face and muzzle, and then over his crotch, caressing his limp cock and drained balls softly before setting a huge bag beside Darin's head. "You have been the very best I have ever had Darin, and I will be back again, I promise you that." Darin shivered as the stego stood, walking towards the door, his whole huge, muscular body looking relaxed and at peace. Brawn gave him one last long look before closing the door and leaving the brothel.


Darin slowly pushed himself up, careful not to actually sit on his battered ass, crouching on his knees as he picked up the sack and crawled on hands and knees to the small baths reserved for the whores and others who worked at the Jasmine Tails Inn, one of the largest brothels on the out skirts of the imperial capital, and one of the few that catered to "tale raisers." As Darin sank into the warm water of his bath, he moaned and sobbed in pain as the dried seed stuck to his scales became wet again and filed the room with the scent of the two warriors. Darin felt more tears begin to flow as the scents reminded him how many times the warriors had used his body. Though he realized, it was mainly the stego's scent. Darin shivered and hugged his chest, reaching for the scrap of cloth that had once been around his neck. Sewed on the inside, in feeble, simple stitching, was the name Ryoshi. Darin closed his eyes and held it tight, praying his little brother never found out how he supported them both. The younger raptor had lost his sight at a very young age, and now was only in his twelfth winter.


Darin shook as he felt his tears run down his face. No male had ever done the kinds of things that the stego, Brawn had done to him, and certainly none had ever had his stamina. The stego had even been worse then the time he had taken a whole pack of raptors in one night. Darin's eyes fell on the fat purse the male had left, and he slowly opened in. Darin stared wide-eyed at the coins, purest gold coin Drakkens numbering at least a hundred easily. It was more money they he would need to feed himself and his brother for a month and would go a long way to by the little hole in the wall they called a home, even after he visited a healer to ease the pains of his battered body. Darin closed his eyes and remembered the way Brawn had looked at him, the way he had stared deep into his eyes the entire night. Darin sighed and slowly began to clean the seed from his scales. Perhaps, after he had visited a healer and the pain was gone, he could forget those eyes, and what they might have meant.