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This story deals with sex between males, in graphic detail. If you're not over 18, this is illegal for you to even look at, so stop right now. If homosexual content is not your cup of tea, then you probably shouldn't keep reading. The characters and story are copyright Teiran 2001, do not redistribute without permission. Otherwise, enjoy!



Draco stalked hir way towards the cave mouth. Shi grinned wide, rubbing hir hands together and holding up a shining gold ring with a smirk. The hermaphrodite dragon morph chuckled. It had taken hir the better part of a week to make it. Shi crept closer to the cave, grinning all the way. Teiran wouldn't know what hit him.

The cave was dark, and silent. Draco stopped, listening closely for some sound coming from the cave, something to tell hir its owner was home. Shi almost chuckled as shi heard the rhythmic sound of the other dragon's breathing coming from inside. Slowly, Draco made hir way into the cave, creeping down the corridor that curved just enough to keep rain and wind out of the cave, coming to the entrance arch. Hir tan hide blended in well with the cavern walls. Shi smiled, standing in the door to Teiran's cave, the large red and gold dragon lying atop his bed of pillows and silken sheets. Draco smiled, beginning to creep softly across the floor…

Shi roared in pain as the lightning caught hir in the stomach, a bright flash of white that sending hir flying across the room. Shi slammed into the wall with a crack of stone, and gasped as shi was caught by something. Solid restraints had formed from the walls, catching hir arms, legs, neck and tail and holding hir off the ground. Draco panted, hanging from the wall spread eagle and gasping from the shock of being thrown across the room.

Shi watched Teiran jump up, nearly tripping as he fell into a fighting crouch, his eyes looking about for the intruder. he calmed down rather quickly when he spotted hir, standing up and walking towards hir. "Draco? What the heck are you doing here?" Draco groaned shaking hir head, "Damn Teiran… that trap packs one hell of a punch…" Teiran stood right next to Draco, feeling hir forehead, "You all right?" Draco nodded, "Yes, no thanks to you…" shi growled, struggling a bit and snapped at his hand half heartedly. "Now let me outta these things."

Teiran chuckled. "Why? You still haven't told me why you’re here." Draco glared at him, taking a minute to look him over while deciding what to say. Teiran was about Draco's height, and was probably about the same weight, because like hir, his body was all muscle. Where shi was a dark, sleek tan all over, he was a deep blood red, with a dark golden underbelly. His neck was about a foot long like hir's, with a wavy mane of hair. His was a dark brown, where hir hair was a light blond. Two red horns nestled inside his mane, and he had pointed ears, where shi had ear fins and no horns. Draco frowned and glared as Teiran moved his wings a bit. He still had his wings, where hir's had been, torn, from hir when shi was young. Teiran smiled, the dark blood red scales of his arms glistening in the soft light, but nothing like the deep gold of his chest. "So why are you here anyway Draco?"

Draco sighed, "I came by to tie you up and fuck you hard…. HEY! You put a truth spell on me! How could you!" Draco struggled, growling at the red dragon, who just chuckled. "I didn't do it! Its built into the trap, besides, how else am I gonna find out?" Teiran began to tickle Draco stomach lightly, and shi squirmed in the stone bonds. "Oh! You bastard, oh ooooooh stoooop! Hey! That’s mine!" Teiran held up the gold ring, smiling. "Wow… gold cock ring? Impressive… but don't tell me the yiffy herm dragon is looking to stay hard longer. You can already stay hard as long as you want." Teiran grinned, Draco could stay hard indefinably if someone teased hir enough, especially hir balls. You could just rub hir balls and make hir cum. Teiran sighed, shame they were almost always hidden inside hir unless you'd already gotten hir to cum. Course that could be arranged.

He chuckled as he rubbed a hand against Draco's slits, making the trapped dragoness suck in hir breath and squirm, "Oh you are gonna pay Teiran! I'll fuck you so hard you won't be able to stand! And Damn it! The spell is even screwing up my cursing at you!" Teiran chuckled, running a hand through Draco's hair softly, smiling. "Oh, but I like those threats better." Draco growled glared into his eyes, and then laughed a bit, "I'll bet you do." Teiran grinned, pressing closed to the trapped hermaphrodite dragon. His hand gently rubbed the lips of hir two slits as the other caressed hir chin, lifting hir muzzle so he could kiss hir long and slow. Teiran put the ring against hir cheek, "So tell me, what does this thing do?" Draco moaned, hir cock peeking out of hir upper slit slowly, hir vent puffing open invitingly, "I made it so you'd know how I felt and Oooh, it makes you cock bigger and you balls toooooo, makes then Ohhhh gods, "shi murmured as Teiran's fingers ran underneath hir cock, both hands now teasing hir slits. "And makes then hypersensitive like mine so you just keep cumming and cumming…" Teiran grinned, slipping the cock ring over his hardening shaft, which was nearly twice as big around as his cock. "Well let's see how it works, shall we?" Teiran closed his eyes, moaning a bit as the ring's magic took effect, his normally impressive foot and a half of cock swelling to an impressive four foot shaft, which throbbed as it filled the ring, the tip of his cock pointing towards his chin. Teiran groaned and leaned against the wall, the ring now snug around his cock, his balls growing, swelling to the size of large melons, hanging in their scaly sack between his legs. Teiran closed his eyes, smiling. "Where did you get this?" Draco chuckled, hir blond mane waving a bit. "I made it myself." Teiran smiled, nuzzling the trapped dragoness. "Let me show you something I make then." Teiran walked slowly to a desk, trying to keep his massive cock from bobbing too much and slapping into his face. He pulled four large gold bracelets from the drawer in the desk, bringing then back and snapping then into place on Draco's upper arms thighs. "Now then, I suppose I can let you down." He muttered a word, and the rock wall released Draco's limbs. Draco reached back and swung hir fist at him.

Shi gasped as hir hand hit Teiran's cheek and just stopped. The red and gold dragon smiled, taking Draco's hand in his, pulling hir a short ways to his bed. "Nice try sexy, but with those bracelets on, you won't be able to hurt me at all." Draco chuckled, shaking hir head and running a hand across Teiran's shaft. Teiran moaned, his cock was easily twice as sensitive as before, and he could feel every crevice and gap in hir small-scaled hand. Every bump electrifying his body as shi slowly and gently stroked it, the head of his cock bobbing right in front of his own mouth. Draco smiled as Teiran shuddered, gently squeezing his inflated ball. He shivered and they drew up against him, big round balls that were like hir own, so sensitive that even the slightest touch could make the owner cum. Shi smiled and liked the pre that dripped onto hir arms, running hir tongue up across his shaft, hugging the cock to hir chest and nestling it between hir breasts. Teiran moaned loudly, shuddering as his huge cock dripped pre, slowly licking it from his huge cock head. Gripping his shaft in both hands, he stroked it, his tail twisting around Draco's leg as he grinned down at hir. "And now that you're here, and I have your new toy on, what do you plan to do with me sexy? Shall I take you with this massive cock, or will we both stroke it, while you take me like only you can?" Teiran leaned down and kissed Draco slowly, and shi smiled. "I came here to get mounted, and its what I plan on getting, and even after catching me you still fell into my claws." Teiran grinned, "Oh yeah? How so?" Draco smiled, giving his huge shaft a stroke. "Why don't you try and take this off." Hir finger rested against the cock ring, which Teiran reached down and tried to pull off.


Draco chuckled as Teiran's body was suddenly racked with intense waves of pleasure, his hands, feet and tail instantly thrashing out of control. Teiran moaned as his brain was wrapped in pleasure, a thick glob of cum gushing out of his cock and hitting him in the face, as thick and sticky as glue. His cum soon covered his entire face and neck, the cream sliding down over the entire surface of his body as he felt to his knees, his cock spraying all over him and Draco. Teiran shook, every nerve and muscle twitching with pleasure out of control. Eventually the mind-blowing pleasure stopped, and Teiran go his body back under control. Draco chuckled, putting a hand to Teiran's cum covered cheek, "Oh yes... and its permanent. You can't take it off and it'll keep your erect permanently as well." Teiran laughed oddly, shaking as if he has a shiver down spine "OH gods that felt good...." He chuckled and kissed Draco's cheek, grinning. "Permanent eh? Hmmmm...." He gripped Draco's hips, standing up slightly and pushing his cock against hir crotch and chest, Draco's back nestled in the pillows of his bed while Teiran's huge balls pressed against hir crotch, rubbing both hir silts. He whimpered in pleasure as Draco's thighs instinctively gripped them. "Can't say I care right now." Draco murred loudly and grinned, "Hmmm... good..." Shi gently tickled a spot at the base of Teiran's cock, which began to swell up a bit. "Hmmmm... Lovely cock knot you got there."

Teiran blushed, "I don't usually get that unless extra horny." He took a few steps back, his cock bouncing and leaking trails of white pre down Draco's chest as he positioned his cock, the thick head sliding past hir male slit to press against hir fem sex. Draco groaned as the thick head spread hir vent's lips wide as six inches pushed in hir. Shi moaned and shook with pleasure, and Teiran wasn't even past the crown of his cock. Slowly, he pushed in almost two feet, the huge cock spreading Draco wide open, forcing hir to spread hir legs wide. Draco shivered as two feet of his six-inch thick cock spread hir open, his lips finding hirs as he began mounting hir hard.

Draco began to moan and gasp loudly as hir tight fem-sex gripped the invading cock. Hir lips and tongue mingling with the male above hir as shi feels his cock slowly slide into hir tight sex. Hir inner muscles the huge cock in wave like motions, milking it and exciting Teiran even more. Teiran moaned into the kiss, shoving his cock deep inside Draco, thrusting his entire four feet of thick cock into hir. Teiran grinned as the head of his cock, wider then his shaft, began to slam into a nipple like bump inside Draco's vent, watching hir shudder each time he hit it. "Like that huh Draco? Big, fat cock stretching you wide and hitting that sweet spot just RiiiightT…" Draco grinned, hir tail wrapped around his balls. "You like that? My tail molesting your balls, just like you always do to mine?"

Teiran gripped Draco's legs, lifting them and pressing hir against the wall of cushions behind hir, holding hir in the air as he began to piston his huge cock inside hir tight vent. Teiran's cock stretched and filled every inch of hir passage as he fucked nearly two feet of his hard cock in and out of hir.



Draco began to moan loudly, gasping and twitching in pleasure as hir fem sex began to orgasm again and again over the thick shaft inside it. Hir vent was cavernous, extending way up into hir chest, letting hir take every inch of the huge cock sliding and stretching hir open. Shi wrapped hir legs around Teiran's waist, nuzzling him softly and spreading hir legs wide, making it easier for him to fuck hir vent. Teiran roared in ecstasy, hot jets of pre flooding Draco's sex and leaking out of hir as hir tail molested his swollen balls as he rub against hir body, his cock thrusting hard. Draco moaned, clutching at Teiran's back. It feel like a huge pole was thrusting deep into hir, spreading hir legs and forcing the air from hir lungs each time Teiran pressed his chest flush with hir own. Just the head of his massive cock stayed inside Draco's vent, the super thick head keeping the excessive amounts of his precum inside hir till he began to over flow hir vent with it, the slick pre running out with hir fem juices. Draco smiled as his hand pawed at hir male sex, teasing the cock till shi was hard, Teiran's hand stroking hir as he fucked hard. Draco let hir head go back as each thrust shook hir entire body, chuckling at the fact that the male dragon never missed a chance to fondle hir cock.


Draco moaned suddenly as Teiran's lips kissed hir cock, both his hands stroking hir shaft as his own fucked hir hard. Shi gasped in pleasure as hir own cock spurted pre all over the red dragon's golden belly and chest. Shi reached down and grabbed Teiran's balls with both hands and squeezed hard just as he thrust deep into hir.

Teiran's gave a startled gasp, his length pulled out except for the tip. He roared loudly and wrapped his arms around hir, lifting hir off the ground and pressing hir against a wall and shoved HARD, cramming his entire length and knot deep into Draco's vent. His knot instantly began to swell, swelling larger than Draco's vent itself, thus tying itself within hir... His balls clenched tight as he roared, his tip spraying thick, creamy seed deep into Draco, both dragons roaring in ecstasy as they came. Teiran grunted, thrusting hard into Draco with the short length his knot allowed, stretched over hir and forcing his cum deep into hir, his huge cock exploding inside Draco's vent, wave after wave of cum blasting into hir vent, only a small bit allowed to leak past his knot. Teiran shuddered, trying to pull out to fuck hir again, but he gasped as the lips of hir vent gripped the ring around his cock tightly, pulling on it.


Teiran eyes widened and his body shook, his cock jack hammering hard into Draco as the ring set every nerve in him on fire. Teiran's cock exploded so hard with cum Draco could feel hir vent stretch, barely able to contain it until it pushed deep inside hir, filling hir most secret depths with his seed. Draco moaned louder then ever before, his cock thrusting so fast into hir it felt like someone's shoved a huge, flesh vibrator into hir vent and set it to earthquake.


Shi came instantly, hir vent exploding with pleasure like never before, hir roar deafening. Teiran moaned and thrust hard, his knot locked tightly inside Draco. He slammed the short length below his knot into hir, hir body sliding up the wall, claws digging furrows in the stone as his cock filled hir vent, his cum spraying deep inside hir as shi continued to molest his balls, hir own orgasm carrying his cum deep inside hir. Teiran roared as hir shuddering vent gripped the ring. His eyes closed and his head was thrown back as his whole body shook, the cum too much for Draco's sex to contain this time, a thick pool forming beneath them despite his thick knot.


Draco thrashed about in pleasure as Teiran power fucked hir vent, the head of his cock buried deep inside of hir chest as his knot visibly moved inside of hir, having stretched the lips of hir vent wide. Shi clawed the wall desperately while he fucked hir upwards off of hir clawed, flexing feet. He was out of control, humping and cumming so hard Draco felt like shi was going to pass out from pleasure, especially when he grabbed hir cock like it was an anchor and held on for dear life as his hips thrust out of control into hir vent, which gripped the gold cock ring tight.


Draco moaned loudly as hir cock came and spurt hir thick cum across Teiran's scaly face and muzzle, his knot hard and stuck inside of hir and swollen to its max. Teiran groaned, slumping against hir chest, his cock throbbing inside of hir as he pushed all the way inside, holding hir full and wet. Draco shivered and just thrashed in pleasure as the underside of his cock pressed hard against the nipple inside hir vent, throbbing as wave after wave of cum poured through his swollen cock and flooded hir vent's depths, the seed leaking steadily out and down his legs to pool on the floor.


After nearly an hour of solid fucking and orgasm, Teiran's knees buckled, and the swollen knot of his cock pulled Draco down atop him, cuddling hir to his body. Draco moaned as Teiran gripped hir back, but not from the pain of hir scars. Teiran was always careful to avoid putting pressure on the painfully deep scars from where hir wings had been torn off. Shi shook, holding the male tight to hir chest moaning as hir own balls rubbed against his swollen shaft as he fucked hir slowly. Draco closed hir eyes as hir legs wrapped around Teiran's balls, constant rubbing against them with hir cum slicked scales, refuse to let him stop mounting hir softly. His cum filled hir vent totally as he kissed hir and hugged hir body to his chest, curling his wings around hir and holding hir close. Draco closed hir eyes and leaned back, drinking in the sensations deeply.


Draco opened hir eyes softly, finding shi was staring at hirself and Teiran in a mirror. Teiiran was curled around hir lower half, slowly mounting hir and rubbing his cheek against hir cock, licking the white cum from hir shaft as it leaked slowly out of hir. Draco smiled, because it looked like a picture of lovers framed in the moment after mating.

The red and gold male dragon cradled his mate close, his cock buried deep inside hir vent. The tan dragon on to with a mane of long white hair leaned down to kiss hir mate, hir own cock was almost invisible between their bodies. The red was smiling, almost glowing he seemed so happy, his beautiful brown mane hanging down behind him as he caressed his mate. The dragons in the mirror were pressed flush with each as the one below leaned forward and nuzzled his lover, covered in cum but with the biggest smile on his face. Draco felt a tear threaten to from in hir eye. They looked so happy, so perfect, something shi would never have. Draco caught hir breath as Teiran dragged hir gaze back to him so he could kiss hir deeply, his seed still filing hir depths and getting hotter as he softly thrusts into hir vent, unable to stop.

Draco closed hir eyes and pushed Teiran backwards, riding the male inside hir hard long into the night.


Draco woke to find hirself lying in a pile of Teiran's silk sheets. Shi lay there for a long while, feeling straggly content to do so. Slowly shi stood, gently stretching hir self out before heading for the cave entrance, down the short hall, intent on some good food and a nice long shower. Shi almost yelped as shi hit an invisible wall at the cave entrance, the soft light of morning glowing through the arch of Teiran's cave mouth. Shi glared at Teiran as he walked towards his cave, carrying two dead stags over his shoulder. "What going on?" "Oh yes," Teiran smiled, "Didn't I tell you? With those bracelets on, you can't leave my cave. Or use your magic. Like some deer love?" Draco pounced Teiran, sending him to the ground, hir claws around his neck, but not yet squeezing "If you think you're going to take me as a slave, you're sadly mistaken." Teiran smiled as Draco tried to tighten hir hold, unable to. "I told you love, you're not able to hurt me." Teiran grunted, lifting Draco easily into the air. "Now, I don't think you really have to worry anyway… I would have wanted you to come stay with me anyway." Draco half grinned half glared, hir hand on hir hips. "Don't tell me you want to spend every night fucking like that." Teiran grinned even wider back at hir. "Only till the third trimester." Draco let go, pulling back. Shi closed hir eyes, mentally feeling hir womb. Sure enough, shi could feel a clutch eggs beginning to weigh hir down. Shi growled and stamped hir foot. "Damn it Teiran! You know I hate having the damn things fertilized! It bad enough that I lay a clutch once a week! How could you!" Teiran just smiled and shrugged, "Sorry love, nothing I can do now. But it was your cock ring," he pointed at his rather huge erection, "that made me more potent." Draco growled at him as he carried the deer inside and made them dinner.





Draco panted, breathing heavily and feeling like shi was being split open. Shi could see the heat rising off hir swollen belly, Teiran kneeling between hir open legs with a worried look on his muzzle. Shi panted, gripping his hand tight enough to crack stone, his hand gently holding hirs, his grip steady. Three months had passed since shi had first snuck into his cave, and shi had not left it since. At first, they had mated every night, sometimes long into the next day. Then, after about a month, shi had begun showing, and Teiran had convinced hir to take of the cock ring so he wouldn't hurt the eggs.

Draco panted like shi always did whenever shi laid eggs, but the pain was far worse this time. The eggs were huge compared to anything shi'd had before, so large shi'd been lying down surrounded by pillows for almost a month. Teiran had kept hir feed and cool. Draco panted, sweating heavily. Hir temperature had skyrocketed near the end of the pregnancy. As had hir male half's libido.

All shi could do was lay there, unable to even paw at hirself during the last few weeks, but Teiran had always been there, his mouth relieving hir cock's need anytime shi wanted him too. Draco laid hir head back onto the pillows Teiran had placed behind hir, screaming in pain. Hir vent was swollen wide, puffy and red, and had been for the better part of a week. Hir breasts were larger to, and painful to the touch. Teiran stared up at hir, worried sick. Shi smiled at him, gripping his hand hard and pushing.

Shi screamed, pushing hard. "I can see one." Teiran whispered, and Draco just growled, pushing. Slowly, the egg spread the lips of hir swollen vent, stretching hir wider then usual before almost popping out of hir into Teiran's waiting grasp. Draco gasped, panting in the brief space of time before the next egg decided it want to leave. Draco screamed with each egg, hir body shaking as shi laid each one, Teiran's hand always holding hirs. Draco closed hir eyes, panting in pain. It felt like hir first clutch again, back when another true dragon had taken hir. Just before hir people took hir wings. Shi had laid them by hirself, alone and afraid in a cave, unable to move because of the size of the eggs and the pain in hir back, wanting nothing more then to have someone beside hir holding hir hand. Like Teiran was now.

Draco clung to Teiran's hand as shi pushed another egg out, gasping in relief as shi opened hir eyes, realizing it was hir last one. Shi looked down at hir now sleek stomach, which had only an hour ago been swollen so badly shi couldn't move. Shi tried to lean up, but Teiran held hir softly down. He smiled, "No love," he kisses hir gently, "You just laid a beautiful clutch of six eggs, there's no reason to get up now." Draco leaned back down, pulling Teiran atop hir. "Hold me" was all shi whispered. Teiran smiled and said nothing, just wrapping hir in his arms softly, holding hir to his chest as shi fell to sleep, drenched in sweat. He watched the eggs, six large red eggs, rest in the hot sand where he had placed them, and just smiled, brushing hir hair softly.