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Griffon Thief Part 3



The drop of water echoed as it hit the water, the sound bouncing off the walls forever. Kryn's eyes opened slowly, watching the ripples wash against his chest softly, unable to even feel them. He could feel the hot water surrounding his body, the even warmer stone surrounding him as he lay softly in the bath. Kryn closed his eyes, his breathing shallow, and the warm mists were somehow comforting. The marble was sculpted to hold a person just right and keep them perfectly comfortable as they soaked in the warm water. The stone was carved to hold Khan's massive frame, so finely curved was the back of the tub that Kryn could feel where his back muscles would have rested. It felt... Kryn shuddered; his wings limp with the weight of the water. It felt like the dragon was holding him. If he closed his eyes, he could even feel... Kryn shuddered, curling his arms around his chest. He tried not to cry as he thought about what had just happened.




Kryn had gagged as Khan forced his cock down his throat; the thick, still slightly soft shaft of flesh made Kryn's jaw hurt just having it inside his mouth. He moaned as the huge cock head pressed against the back of his throat. Kryn tried desperately to work his mouth on the cock inside it; his tongue trapped by the huge cock as it slowly forced the back of his throat open. Kryn's feathers scraped against the dragon's thighs, dark purple scales rubbing against his face. He could feel Kahn's hands, forcing his head forward; the thick muscles of his legs wrapped tight around his head, the huge dragon cock thrusting into his throat. It stretched his beak open wide, the thick shaft plunging deep down his throat, his arms pulled back by the cuffs as his head was pulled forward as Khan forced more of his length inside him. Kryn's eyes opened wide as he felt his air being cut off by the huge cock. When the dragon pulled back a bit, he gasped for air through his nose, his squawk muffled by the dragon's thrust. Kryn closed his eyes as Khan forced him down onto his cock, his legs gripping his chest tight, the scales rubbing and surrounding him. The griffon's head swam with the overpowering smell of the dragon, his deep male musk being rubbed into his feathers. The dragon's cock was forced deep inside him, again and again. Khan fucked his throat hard, his hands rubbing his head, caressing him as his hips pounded a foot of cock down his throat. Kryn had to gasp for breath between thrusts, his vision blurring as the dragon speed up. He closed his eyes, his throat trying to suckle the hard cock inside it. Kryn wanted to faint from lack of air, but held on, gagging and sputtering. He wanted it to end, but as he closed his eyes and pushed forward, taking the dragon's cock in his mouth, he cried, his body wanting more, even as his mind screamed for it to stop. Kryn felt his mouth move on the dragon's cock, milking it, every breath bring another wave of the dragon's overpowering scent. He shivered as Khan rubbed his head, hips thrusting, and Kryn felt his cock harden. His mind was ablaze, the pain and pleasure tearing his thoughts, the lack of air, the lack of freedom, and the lack of anything but hard cock down his throat. Everything was going wrong, and everything was right. Kryn's mouth moved on its own accord, sucking hard on the dragon's shaft, to both the delight and horror of the rest of him Khan hissed in pleasure and muttered encouragements, and Kryn felt his heart flutter, sickened by his happiness at the dragon's words.


Kryn closed his eyes, trying to shut out the image of the dragon's cock, trying to make the feelings go away. Especially the feelings of pleasure. He tried to stop himself from wanting the dragon's next thrust. He tried to cry out as he felt the dragon rub his cock; hard at the rough treatment his mouth was receiving. Kryn felt the dragon shudder, his roar of ownership muffled by the thick muscles of his legs, his cock sinking hilt deep in his throat. Kryn could feel the huge shaft throb, and he could feel the familiar fire of his seed as it poured into his stomach. Slowly, the dragon pulled out, flooding his mouth with hot, salty cum. Kryn choked, cum splattering from his beak as he tried to handle the huge volume of cum being pumped down his throat, until abruptly one of the hands on his head yanked Kryn's head back. With a grunt from Khan another thick spurt pulsed upwards along the length of his cock, but this time to explode in Kryn's beak with the force of a garden hose, overfilling it instantly with the bitter, salty seed that marked the griffon as his. Humping himself furiously into Kryn's beak, the dragon poured a substantial load of cum into Kryn's mouth, the griffon's own shaft spraying across his chest and the dragon's legs. It was all Kryn could do to keep his muzzle open and let most of the load fill his beak, the rest spilling out over his face and chest. Khan stayed curled over him and used his grip on his head to keep him in place, eyes screwed shut tight with the concentration of cumming, bellowing another roar of pure domination.


Finally, after what felt like an hour, the spurts faded to a trickle and Khan pulled his cock out of Kryn’s mouth. The lavender cock was white with cum, as was Kryn's face. Grunting, Khan leaned back with eyes closed, panting in the afterglow as Kryn shook, his whole body shaking hard. He felt ravaged, raped and taken. His cock was no longer hard, having sprayed its load of cum across his chest during the dragon's climax. He began to cry, shaking as the dragon hugged him, his cum soaked feathers sticking to the dragon's strong chest and making him white.

"I see my Slave has enjoyed this." Kryn sobbed as the dragon petted his cock softly. "Well, then I'm sure you'll love this my little slut." Kryn groaned as the dragon pushed him backwards, lifting his legs into the air. The dragon slide forward, holding his ankles like handles, his huge cocktip pressed against Kryn's ass hole, slick with cum. Slowly, Khan pushed, and Kryn cried out as the dragon began to spread him wide...


"Master?" Kahn roared in frustration, turning to glare at a servant who had just entered. The servant shifted about nervously, staring at his master, who held the griffon's legs above his head, cock ready to plunge inside him. "WHAT!" The wolf looked away, "Um, master, the sultans advisor, general Karin would like to meet with you, he is waiting in the green room on the ground floor..." Khan growled in anger. Looking down at Kryn, who stared up at him in a mixture of awe, fear, and lust, the dragon grinned. "Well have to finish this later then."




Kryn felt tears stream down his face as he opened his eyes, the memory of the dragon's promise to fuck him good tonight still lingering in his mind. He stared in a haze out of the tub the servant had put him after Kahn ordered him to clean up his new slave for tonight. A field of red danced above him near the edge of the tub. Kryn blinked, barely able to see through the steam and his tears. Thomas's voice was soft, barely a whisper. "Kryn?" The griffon blinked his eyes, his vision clearing a bit. "Thomas? Are, are you…" Kryn reached out, cupping the fox's face in his hand, the fox's paws holding his hand tight. "I'm alright Kryn, but, but how could you? How could you do it?" Kryn closed his eyes. "I couldn't let you die…. Even… even if I lost my freedom."


Thomas was silent for a long time. "Khan said he was going to train me, make me his apprentice... because you had given yourself willingly..." Kryn nodded softly. "Why Kryn? Why! I'm not worth it, I'm, I'm not worth anything…." Kryn cupped the fox's head in his hand, pulling him close and kissing him long and slow. "Because I love you Thomas. I only just realized it, and I wasn't going to let you die because of me."


Thomas hung his head, nuzzling the griffon's hand. Silence hung for a long moment, and Kryn leaned up and hugged the fox, kissing him long and slow. Thomas closed his eyes, murring. Kryn grinned, leaned up and pulled the fox into the warm water, chuckling as the fox sputtered and splashed. Thomas fur drooped around his small frame, only his head fur remaining dry, and his clothes clinging to him wetly. Thomas smiled and pushed his friend playfully.


Kryn gasped, clutching his chest and coughing. Thomas stared at him in shock, wide eyed. "Kryn?" Thomas whispered, frightened. Kryn coughed for a bit. "Sorry, its just..." Kryn closed his eyes, laying back in the water, "Khan did a real number on me." Thomas frowned, grabbing a sponge from the side of the tub and wetting it, rubbing is softly across Kryn's head feathers. They sat silently as the fox washed cum from the griffon's feathers, applying some soap to him as well. Kryn sighed, leaning forward and dunking his soapy chest in the water. Thomas watched the griffon move, twitching ever once in a while in pain. He rubbed the claw marks on his sides, and rubbed his throat softly.


"So what are we going to do?" the fox whispered. Kryn sighed, "I don't know if there's anything we can do." Thomas swallowed. "Do you think you can fly out of here?" Kryn shook his head, pulling his legs up to his chest, his chin resting on his knees. "There's no way I could, I barely made it out this morning... and now my wings are wet. It'll be hours before they dry enough for me to fly, and then I don't think I could carry you." Thomas put his hand in Kryn's knee. "Then go with out me." Kryn shook his head. "I can't, I can't leave you here..." he closed his eyes and buried his head in his knees, "I don't even think I can leave." Thomas's heart froze as he heard Kryn sob once, his wings wrapping around him, dripping. He could almost hear the griffon snap. Thomas stared at his friend, frozen in the warm water as the griffon, who he had never seen shed a single tear, began to cry. "Kryn? What's wrong? What happened! What's going on!" Thomas shook him, wide eyed and shouting, the huge griffon just shook in the water, sobbing.


Thomas looked around in terror, standing slightly and shaking Kryn. "Kryn! Kryn! Speak to me!" Thomas gasped as the griffon opened his arms, and dragged him against his chest. Kryn's head buried in Thomas's chest, the griffon's whole body shaking as he cried. Thomas began to panic, shaking in fear until Kryn whispered in his ear, "I’m sorry Thomas, I'm sorry... but, but I can't, I can't do it… I, I… don't want to leave…" Thomas froze, the griffon's weight dragging him into the water, which lapped against his chin. His voice was hollow as he gasped, "What?" Kryn's eyes screwed shut, and he sobbed, "I don't want to leave... Khan... he… whenever he takes me I... it feels so good... better then anything ever has, better even then flying... I, I don't think I can just leave..." Thomas closed his eyes and gripped his friend tight.


"How wonderful… and here I thought I would have to break him." Thomas wanted to gasp as Kryn's gripped tightened. Khan stood beside the tub, staring down at the fox that who gaped up at him. Thomas could feel Kryn tremble against him as the dragon reached out and touched the back of his head, "Now why don't you get out of the bath love, I'm eager to feel you against me." Kryn didn't move, he just gasped for breath, his eyes closed. "Now, now, slut, its not a good idea to keep your master waiting." Thomas glared up at Kahn trying to hold Kryn to his chest, but the griffon slowly stood, leaving the fox in the warm water. Kryn stood, water dripping from his wings as he spread then and turned, the dragon helping him from the tub and pulling him close.

Kryn shivered as his cheek touched the dragon's chest, but not from the cold. Kryn slowly wrapped his arms around the dragon waist, almost crying.  He couldn't believe he was happy like this, but he was. Khan smiled triumphantly down at Thomas as he held Kryn to him with one hand, the griffon's arms around his waist. Kryn shook, falling to his knees, still clinging to the dragon's hips. Khan reached a hand out to Thomas, who cowered in the water, shaking. "Now let me help you out of there foxy. Your name is Thomas isn't it?" Thomas nodded in shock, staring at the huge hand before his face. Dark purple, it glittered in the steam mists, powerful claws glittering in the light, but hand seemed almost gentle. It was simply extended, as if to help a friend up from a fall. Thomas lifted a black-socked paw, and took Khan's hand.

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