This story deals with sex between to males, in graphic detail. If you're not over 18 or that’s not your cup of tea, you can leave my tea party.  This story is the property of Teiran’s player.  Do not distribute or reproduce.  Copyright 2000.

Otherwise, enjoy!      -Teiran

PS: (You'll get the best feeling from the story if your listening to some heavy techno music while you read it, and have been to one of the techno dance clubs before.)

Alpha Wolf

Darin walked with some trepidation through the huge doors. Club Wolf was a very exclusive techno club, so exclusive in fact that the only thing most people knew about it was the kind f music it played. Unless you had been there, you knew nothing about it, and no one who had been there ever talked about it. You were invited to join the select few inside it’s thick stonewalls, or you never entered. Darin, like everyone else he knew, knew nothing of what happened inside Club Wolf. Then, his good friend Thomas of all people had finally invited him. The teenage wolf, almost nineteen, had sprung the news on his friend a few days before. Darin had been floored when Thomas told him he that he went every Friday and Saturday night. By the end of the week, Thomas had convinced Darin to go with him to the club. Now, Darin was rethinking his decision.

Slowly, the outer doors began to close. Darin put his left hand to his lips, and kissed his ring for luck. "When did I start doing that he thought?" Darin watched the fading light reflect of the simple silver ring’s tiny stones, one red and one black, wrapped in a silver infinity sign. Darin closed his eyes, and held the ring tightly in his hand. "Forever you said. I wonder when it start." Darin opened his eyes. "No reason to dwell on lost loves, not now at least." he thought.

The inner doors of the club opened just after Darin opened his eyes. Blackness engulfed the handful of furs inside the entryway for a split second before the doors opened, and the music hit Darin like a brick wall. With in seconds, Darin was forced to move to the beat. The floor, the walls, everything was moving slightly with the music as it poured out from the club. With a huge grin, Thomas looked back at him and yelled, "Isn’t this GREAT!" The fox glared a bit at his friend’s back. His vision blurred as strobe lights began to flare, sending everything spinning for a few seconds before the lights returned to the regular colored lights that spun patterns on the wall. "Yeah, I guess…" Darin followed his friend, deep in thought. Life was not going good. He had graduated high school a year ago, and college was way more expensive then he thought it would be. And now, his parents were cutting him off and kick him out. Now did not seem like the time to be at a club, but Thomas had insisted.

The club throbbed with sound and lights; the heavy beat of the techno music drowning everything else out. Every voice was a whisper, and Darin had to get right next to Thomas’s ear to say, "So now what do we do?" Thomas flashed him a huge grin. "We dance silly." Thomas grabbed the fox by the hand, and pulled him through the throng of furs. Suddenly, Darin was standing in the center of the huge dance pit. Darin looked up and around, trying desperately to find his bearings. Above him, the roof twisted in a dizzying display of lights as red green, blue, gold, white, then a hundred different colors as the colored lights twirled shapes and patterns across the thrashing dancers below. The floor shook as the music pounded into everyone, and people brushed and danced against each other. The air was thick with the scent of arousal, deep and clinging to his nose, sending a rush to Darin’s head. A huge video wall flashed images of dancers from every angle, adding to the confusion.


Below the lights, barely in sight, was a railing to the second floor, where various furs stood and stared down at Darin and the other dancers, each moving slightly to the rhythm carried by music. Most were paired in couples, and Darin starred in shock as a big male lion, without a shirt on, leaned over and kissed a shorter male panther. Darin stared in shook, being buffeted by the dancers around him, but looked away as the panther began to play with the lion’s nipples. "I did not just see that…" No one heard Darin as the music picked up, spun and slide down the scale, setting Darin’s fur on end. Suddenly, people were crowding in tighter, and Darin couldn’t move through the crowd. One big wolf actually ran into Darin from behind. "Hey…" Suddenly, Darin was pushed against the back of another fur. People began to grind against Darin, pushing and pulling, the music suddenly jumping, and strobe lights began flashing wildly. The world spun, time seemed to slow. Darin’s eyes burned, his skin throbbed with the music, and he choked on the scent of male. The world tipped, tilting suddenly, and Darin hit something hard.


With a gasp, Darin clung to the firm arms that suddenly supported him. Darin’s muzzle was pushed into the crook of an arm, and a strong arm encircled his back, pulling him into the dark fur that surrounded him. Darin gasped, struggling for a moment, then relaxed. The lights and dancers were gone, replaced by dark fur. The music was muffled, but still present. The dizzying lights, the thick scent of male arousal was gone, replaced by the heavy musk of a very male wolf that seemed… familiar somehow. Darin pulled his head out from beneath the wolf’s arm, looking up at his rescuer, expecting to see Thomas staring back at him. It wasn’t. The wolf was huge, a foot taller the Darin easily. His fur was dark black, with tiny bits of white on the tips of some of his fur across his ace, defining his deep blue eyes and strong muzzle. The fur just around his nose was white, but his muzzle fur was black, leaving his face regal and strong. Darin stared into it for a few moments. The huge wolf smiled slowly, pulling Darin closer to him. His shirtless chest pressed hard against Darin’s thin shirt, and the fox shivered as his nose touched the male again, his scent over powering everything. Darin shivered in his arms as the wolf ran his hands over Darin’s back and chest. The wolf leaned close and said. "Well, well, what a beautiful little fox we have here…" The music drowned his words to a whisper, and suddenly, Darin was dancing, being moved along with the music by the huge wolf’s arms, and the press of people behind him. "What. Who are, why…?"

Darin tensed as the wolf silenced him with a kiss. Strong lips met his as a hand on the back of his neck forced him to look up again into the dancing lights. Silhouetted by the lights, the wolf passionately rubbed himself again the startled fox, driving his tongue deep into the young fox’s mouth. Darin gasped, sputtered, and relented as huge arms wrapped around him and his body betrayed him to the kiss. The wolf held him, the kiss long and powerful, grinding them together as the music pounded around them.


Darin gasped for air as the wolf broke the kiss, hiking him up onto his knee. Darin sat dazed upon the wolf’s leg, the wolf kneeing a little to hold him still in the crush of males. Darin looked desperately around, searching for even a single female. None. He was in the middle a gay bar, being felt up by the biggest, sexiest wolf he’d ever seen. Darin shuddered, bewildered as to what he should do. He tried to move off the wolf’s knee, but the huge arms held him fast. His rescuer had suddenly become his captor. The music washed over Darin, and he shook his head. "Wait, stop, who are you, why…" The wolf pulled him close, staring down into Darin eyes. Age-old fears and instincts rushed back to the fox, and he stopped talking. The wolf stared down at him, his eyes, his voice, and his very stance, screaming that he was the alpha here, and only he could speak. "Hush little one. You should know me. And as for why," Darin yipped in surprise as the wolf squeezed his crotch. Darin hadn’t even realized he was hard as a rock. "You should know that too."


"Wait, I don’t understand, why…" Darin gasped as the wolf wrapped his arms around his chest, pressing the air from him. Suddenly, Darin was moving with the music, surrounded on all sides by pressing fur. Darin realized with a growing sense of terror that the wolf wasn’t alone. Four other wolves surrounded him, pressing against him. One was entirely behind him, almost spooning with him, groping and kneading his ass, forcing him to dance with the Alpha. It was the only thing Darin could think to call him. Two were next to him, kissing each other with a passion that stunned the fox, and all the while they groped and stroked each other, pressing against Darin. They were obviously a couple, and while they held Darin in place, their hands wandered mainly over each other. The last was one his right, cuddling close to the huge alpha male, stroking and kneading his powerful muscles. He was the second largest wolf, dark gray, with a huge streak of white, lightning shaped, across his shoulder, and down slightly into his chest fur. Sometimes, his hands dipped to his alpha’s ass, brushing the alpha’s tail, which was held high, or brushing across his groin, which rubbed against Darin’s. Darin gasped as the wolf behind him pressed him close to the alpha, grinding their cocks together. They were a pack, and there was nowhere for Darin to go to escape them. "Wa… wait! No please, I’m not…" "Gay Darin? Oh, you are too. Don’t try to hide it from me. I’ve watched you for months boy, I know everything about you, my beautiful fox." Darin shivered as the huge wolf kissed him lightly, his voice deep and filling the fox’s ears dispute the pounding music. "No, please, I’m not, I can’t… I just…" "Came with me?"


Darin leaned back, twisting to see the face of the wolf behind him. Thomas grinned like never before. "I found that little cache of magazines in your room Darin. No use lying about it." Darin gaped as he looked between the huge wolf pressing against him and his friend spooned behind him. The music spun, twisting, and the strobe lights flashed, and time seemed to crawl as Darin watch in horror and fascination as the huge alpha leaned over him and drove his tongue into Thomas’s mouth. Thomas whined, kissing the huge male, sucking lightly on his tongue as if it were his only pleasure in the entire world. With a wicked grin, the Alpha looked down at Darin. "When I saw you at my sub’s house, I wanted to take your beautiful ass right there. I wanted you that badly, you beautiful little fox." Darin gasped as the huge wolf ground them together, bucking his hips lightly against him in time with the music. "And when Thomas told me you were on of us, I had to have you." With a short kiss the wolf hugged Darin to his chest, "and now I do little fox." Darin’s eyes were wide, and the room spun. The scent of horny wolf was maddening, the swirling lights and pounding music beating his head until he couldn’t think. "Wait, no, please…"


Thomas snaked his tongue into his friend’s ear. "Why not Darin? He’s wonderful, and you won’t be like his other toys, you’ll be part of the pack, his mate. His beloved. It’ll be wonderful…" Darin shivered at the thought, pulling away from Thomas, right into the Alpha’s arms. "See master? I told you he’d want you." Darin tried to break free, but the wolf’s huge arms held him tight. "No, please, don’t, please!" Darin struggled, and the arms loosened around him for a moment, and Darin spun around, unbalanced by his momentary freedom. Then the arms tightened again, and Darin found his back pressed firmly against the tight muscles of the huge wolf. Darin tried to scream, to run, anything, but nothing worked. The music was to loud, its pounding beat drowning his cry out, and the wolf held him too still for anyone to think he anything of his twisting in the male’s arms. Darin stopped fighting, realizing no one was going to help him. He was about to be raped right in front a hundreds of furs. Darin looked back into the wolf’s eyes desperately. The wolf’s powerful eyes bore into him. "Please, please don’t. I’m a virgin; I don’t know you, PLEASE! Don’t rape me, please, don’t rape me…"


Darin started to cry, shaking in the wolf’s arms. The pack stepped back a little, but the alpha held Darin tightly to his chest. Delicately, the wolf leaned in and kissed the tears away from Darin’s cheeks. The music flowed around them, and the lights dimmed a bit. Darin could see nothing but the deep blue of his captor’s eyes. Darin sobbed once, and the huge male twisted him to the side, wrapping him in his huge arms, holding him tight. Darin found his muzzle cuddled beneath the wolf’s chin, and he closed his eyes to keep the dark fur out of them. Darin’s ears were pressed close to his head, and the wolf covered one with his paw, and the other he pressed into his shoulder. The huge wolf held Darin there until he stopped crying. The music of the club seemed far away, only the huge wolf’s heartbeat into his ears. With a whisper, the wolf murmured, "Darin, I’m not going to rape you. If I was, I would have weeks ago." His voice was so quite; no one else could hear him, yet deep enough to rumble through his chest into Darin’s. "I don’t want another prize like others have been. I want my mate. I know your parents just found out your gay, I know they plan to throw you out. I’m offering you a place to go." Darin shivered and whispered. "How do you know all that?" The Alpha chuckled. "I know everything about you, especially your past." The wolf got very quite suddenly, "But you obviously have forgotten me." Darin looked up at him, a look of wonder on his face. "As for your current life, Thomas told me. He’s been very good boy." Darin shook slightly, wrapping his arms around the wolf. The big wolf squeezed him. "All you have to do is say yes, but if you want, you can leave right now."

Darin stood dumbly as the wolf opened his arms, and slide back a step, on one knee before him. The pack, even Thomas stood back from him. Darin took a step back, looking at the wolf’s eyes. He could probably make it if he ran now. The alpha stared at Darin, right in to his eyes, his hands on his knees. Darin felt his heart sink as the alpha’s gaze bore into him. Even kneeling, the wolf was a powerful figure, and Darin’s body screamed that he should submit to the powerful wolf. The alpha waited for the fox to make his choice. Darin began to back away, glancing between the wolves, then he turned, ready to run.

"Before you go Darin, I’d like you to tell me something." Darin stopped, held by the wolf’s voice as it shouted over the music. The lights spun and twisted as Darin turned to face the wolf again. "What?" The wolf smiled. "Why did you lie to me Darin? You lied to me little fox, and I don’t like that at all." Darin began to shake, as he watched the wolves spread around him, the Alpha staying perfectly still. "I didn’t lie to you. When did I lie to you?" The fox looked nervously between the wolves, and his eyes silently pleaded with Thomas. Thomas made no sign that he would disobey his alpha though.


White lights streaked across Darin’s vision, the music instantly ten times louder, the strobe lights fairing, blinding him. Again, it was like time stretched as the lights went off, flickering like flash bulbs everywhere around him. Darin turned to run as he watched the huge wolf explode from his crouch, hurtling towards him. As he turned, the wolf slammed into his back, the lights still flashing, and the world tilted. Darin found himself wrapped in the wolf’s arms, his arms pinned to his sides. The wolves rushed him, grabbing his legs and arms, and one of them reached between the Alpha and Darin. Darin could only fell the handcuffs encircled his wrists; the click was lost in the sea of sounds. Darin could only struggle vainly, his cries unheard, even in the huge crowd as the wolves behind him dragged him away, the world spinning crazily.


Struggling as they carried him didn’t work, but the wolves let him down sooner then Darin expected. Letting him go suddenly, the wolves dropped Darin, and he landed on his knees, staring out over the crowded dance floor. Darin was at the edge of a small platform on one side of the dance floor, thirty or forty feet from any of the exits. It might as well have been a hundred miles; the sea of dancing furs was too thick for Darin to even think of escaping. The huge wolf encircled his waist with his arms, pulling him to his feet. Darin’s knees shook, and he looked behind him. The alpha wolf smile evilly down at him, caressing his cheek. "You shouldn’t have lied to me my little fox. I almost let you go, but I can’t let you forget me again." Darin whispered, "Who are you? Why are you doing this?" Darin shuddered as the wolf’s paws undid his belt, and opened his pants, and pushed them down, exposing his ass and sheath. Suddenly, the crowd cheered, whooping and howling as the Couple, the wolves from the pack pulled Darin pants off him totally. Darin’s heart sunk, and his mouth went dry. This was why no one talked about Club Wolf. It was gay club, sex was a show, and he was center stage. Maybe the cheering crowded, moving in time with the beat, didn’t know he was being raped, but they sure as hell wanted to watch the wolf fuck him.


"You really don’t remember me." The wolf’s voice was cold, deep, and soft. "If you had, I wouldn’t be doing this now. Once, I would never have done this to you." Darin wanted to scream as the wolf unzipped his own pants, pushing them down around his knees. "But now, I haven’t got any other way to be with you." Darin gasped as someone licked across his sheath, and paws clutched at his legs. He twisted about to see behind him, barely able to see Thomas swallowing his alpha’s thick black cock. It was nearly ten inches long, and Thomas was choking on it every time he bobbed his head to please his alpha. "Please, I didn’t lie to you, please, don’t do this, not in front of everyone." Darin hissed as the wolf squeezed him so hard he felt his back pop. "Don’t say that. You lied to me, your no more a virgin then your little friend is. I know it." The wolf’s voice was filled with rage, anger, and…betrayal. Darin tensed suddenly as the Alpha grabbed his left hand a squeezed the tiny silver band on his ring finger. "Never lie about this Darin." Darin voice was hollow as he said, "How do you know about that?" The wolf’s voice was deep, as if he was hurt. With sudden movements, each in time with the beat of the pounding music, the wolf spread Darin legs slightly, using one arm to guide his cock beneath the fox’s tail, and the other across Darin’s chest, holding him in place. Darin saw Thomas put a tube back into his jack. At least the wolf had lubed his huge cock. Darin whispered one last time, as the wolf’s cock pressed against the ring of his ass "Don’t do this." The wolf smiles as pressed a hand to his muzzle, digging something small into Darin’s upper lip. "Why? Once, you almost begged me to do something like this." Darin’s eyes flashed down to the hand on his muzzle, fixating on the small ring the wolf wore, a simple silver band with tiny stones, one red and one black, wrapped in a silver infinity sign.

Darin froze, tying to say something, just as the huge wolf gripped his hips and pushed. Fire ran through Darin, pain lancing to his brain as the thick intruder pushed into him. Darin gasped in pain as the huge wolf cock began to force its way into his, the slick lube barely helping. The Alpha wolf growled in pleasure as he sunk inch after inch into the fox; who moaned in pain as the wolf split him open. The crowd cheered and the lights flashed, sending the world into black and white as the wolf finished pushing his cock in to the hilt. Darin was forced to lean over, trying desperately to lessen the pain as the wolf forced his tail hole open with his thick cock. Then, with a howl as his crotch came flush with the fox’s ass, the wolf fucked Darin; once, twice, three times, hard and fast. Each time, the wolf’s hilt slammed against Darin’s ring, and his thick cock head almost popped out of the fox’s tight ass.

The music became rhythmic, pulsing, pounding; the lights low with a spotlight centered on the platform. Darin fought for breath as the wolf began to fuck him hard to the beat of the pounding music, his whole world shaking with the beat of a drum and the thrust of a cock. It went on forever, the thick cock felt like a bat being shoved up his ass, each thrust slamming it into his prostate, the wolf’s balls slapping against his own. His world was the wolf cock fucking him, reaming his depths with one savage stroke after the next. Slowly, the music slowed a little, pounding a little less, more smooth and sensual. As it did, one of the wolf’s paws left Darin’s hips and slowly traced its way across his chest, forcing Darin to straighten up in the wolf’s embrace. The wolf grunted and thrust harder, bending his knees and lifting Darin onto the balls of his feet with each powerful thrust. The strong arm snaked under the fox’s chin, pinning his back to the powerful muscles of the wolf’s chest. Darin was on his tiptoes, the cock inside him forcing him up as he was forced to lean into the wolf behind him to keep from falling.

Like the rhythm of the song, the wolf ground against Darin, his cock thrusting harder and softer, faster and slower with the beat. Darin began to pant, his cock hard as a rock. His body was on fire, the wolf’s fucking was bringing back old and painful, but wonderful memories. With a jump Darin felt teeth playfully bite at the tip of his cock. Looking down, Darin found Thomas was nursing lovingly at his cock, sucking his entire length at once as the wolf with the lightning mark in his fur hammered his upturned ass with wild abandon. The Couple wolves were nearby, one pressed against the stage, his legs resting on his mates shoulders as the slightly lighter shaded wolf buggered his lover in time with the music. With slow, soft words, the Alpha whispered, "I told you it would be better then next time around."

Darin barely heard the words. He was nearing the point of climax, and he was trying as hard as he could to ride it. The feeling of being fucked, especially after so long a time, was almost too much for him to stand, but Thomas’s mouth was a torturous pleasure Darin couldn’t handle. Darin panted, leaning back into the wolf’s arms, actually thrusting his ass back against the hammering blows of the wolf’s cock. "Why? Why Simon? Why this? Why not just…" "Hush my little fox… I have my reasons, but right now," Darin shuddered as the wolf fucked him a few times, growling words of lust and control into his ears. Darin moved his hand up to the wolf’s cheek, caressing it; the handcuffs were gone, when Darin couldn’t say. They had been undone sometime during the long fucking. Darin began supporting himself by clinging to the wolf’s neck, as he looked across the sea of fur and movement, riding the hard length pounding into him.

The room shuddered in ecstasy. Colors and sounds blending, males of all kinds fucking, sucking and mounting each other. Some were just pairs, most were groups of three four, or even more, all thrusting, sliding, sweating, each trying desperately to make the thick cock inside them stay a moment longer, or to fuck the hot, tight hole beneath them a little harder. To his right, the huge video wall was cover in images of cocks, fucking ass or being sucked wantonly, all surrounding the huge image of Darin being fucked hard and long by the huge, beautiful wolf behind him. Darin watched in wonder as the camera zoomed in on his ass, the wolf’s huge cock sliding effortlessly into his tight hole, his own cock wrapped in the mouth of another wolf, the fox’s hand caressing the Thomas’s muzzle as he sucked. Darin looked at the huge knot the alpha wolf had, and he felt how it press almost wantonly against his ass with each thrust. Snaking his hand away from Thomas’s cheek, he gripped it tight as the huge wolf fucked him. "Tie me. Please, before I lose…" Darin cried in pain as the huge wolf thrust hard against him, both the Alpha hands on his hips, relentlessly grinding the huge knot of his cock into Darin. Darin gasped as it tried to push past the ring of his ass, the Alpha wolf whining, pushing hard, trying to tie them, when his knot suddenly POP in the fox’s ass. Darin’s head swam for the millionth time, his body tingling as the Alpha nuzzled him, whining in pleasure. Darin felt like his ass had been ripped open for the huge knot of flesh to grind its way into him. The Alpha, his Alpha wolf, wrapped strong arms around him, swaying with the music. His knot moved with each twist of his hips, each time they moved, Darin felt the thick length dig around inside him desperately trying to fuck him, even with out any room to move. Darin shuddered, light headed and dizzy from the pleasure of the wolf’s cock churning inside him. With a few short jerks of his paw, the wolf pushed Darin howling over the edge in to ecstasy, the fox cumming across the four wolves below him, showering them, and a few other dancers, in his cum. As he came, the wolf growled, hunched down, and thrust his hips suddenly, rapidly. Darin hips bucked; locked with the wolf’s own by his huge knot as he fucked him, and Darin felt the wolf’s cock spasm inside him, filling his ass with thick, warm cum. Darin gasped, yiffing as the wolf humped him for a while, and then slowly stopped, his knot still firmly in place.

Darin’s vision swam, watching the huge video wall as the wolf kissed his cheek lovingly, caressing him. Darin smiled happily at his wolf. Then, the huge wolf reached down and lifted Darin, holding him by the thighs; his ass still pressed flush against the wolf’s crotch, his knot tying them tightly. Darin groaned, basking in the warmth and fullness as the wolf lifted him, and stepped down into the midst of his pack. Darin barely felt the other wolves kiss and caress him, licking his cum off him and them selves, or lovingly licking his cock and holding it gently in their mouths. Each one took his cock into his mouth and rolled it around in turn, the alpha still deep with in his guts. "Is everyone satisfied with my mate?" The alpha looked around the tight circle of his pack. The Couple murred their approval, and kissed Darin on the cheeks, Thomas laid his head on his lap and licked across his balls, and the one with the lightning smiled. "You know I’d rather be you choose me over some fox," the wolf ran a paw across Darin’s face and said, "But damn do you know how to pick em. This is the second young beauty this month. And with Thomas here," the wolf, obviously the beta of the pack, snaked an arm around Thomas’s waist. "I think I’ll be fine." The Alpha smiled "Good. Now, I’ll be upstairs, making this mating even more official, so watch the club for me Blaze." Blaze, the one with the lightning nodded, and Darin rested his head against the Alpha’s chest.

Darin closed his eyes, nuzzling his face under the Alpha’s arm as his alpha moved him through the crowd, his cock still deep within him. Various males hollered lewd things and encouragements to the wolf as he passed, but eventually the music died down slowly, and the shouting and talking stopped. Then, Darin felt himself being tipped forward, and he came to rest on soft, silk sheets. With a wet Pop, the wolf pulled himself out of Darin’s ass, and Darin groaned as he felt the wolf’s hot cum leak from his ass. Darin groaned lightly as the wolf turned him over, lying gently atop him. Darin blinked slowly, and raised his paws to his lover muzzle, covering up the distinctive white fur on the tip of his muzzle. With a smile, Darin stared into the face of his childhood friend, and lover, now all grown up and changed. Simon smiled. "Happy?" he murmured behind Darin’s paws. Darin leaned up and kissed him long and slow as Simon lowered himself onto his lover, resting his hips in the puddle of cum forming between Darin’s legs. "Yes Simon, I guess so. But this isn’t what I thought would happen when you said you would find me some how, and you’d make me your mate." The big wolf smiled. "Sorry Darin, I didn’t really want it to be this way, but you didn’t remember me. I guess I sort of got a little caught up in it all." Darin hugged him lightly. "Its okay, we’re together now, nothing bad can happen." Simon rubbed his hips against Darin, spreading his legs slightly, his hard cock pressing against Darin’s tail hole. "Darin gasped a little, "Again? I don’t know if I can take that again, not so soon." Simon smiled. "Don’t worry Darin. Before, that was fucking. Pure, hard, wanton sex," Simon massaged Darin’s chest a little as he spoke, "This, this will be making love. Slow, sensual, and loving." Darin smiled, and kissed his Alpha.