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Fun at The Mall

This story is a little different then most. This is chapter one of many. But, Iím only going to write this first chapter, and the last chapter, and Iíd like to challenge all you other writers out there to write the chapters in between. Iíve written a few guidelines so that the chapters will flow together fairly well, but anyone is welcome to write a chapter for the story and send it to me. Iíll try and write the final chapter soon, and of course the more people who write chapters the more likely I am to finish it. 

Please do contribute to the story, even if you've never written before.  You might be surprised how fun it can be. 

WARNING:  This series is Non Consensual, basically in its entirely.  Read at your own risk.

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A new Picture by Borni!

WildFire by Borni

And a still sexy picture by Wookiee!

Check out this awesome picture Wookiee has drawn for the story!  He liked the series so much that he drew Kevin, just waiting for the next person to pass by. 

I love it, don't you?  Yah, I love it.

Fun at the Mall Chapter 1 by Teiran

(M/M, N/C) Well, this story is a little different then most, because this is only the first chapter of many. (Yeah yeah, how many times do I say that?) But, Iím only going to write this first and last chapter of the story, and I'm challenging you all to write the sections in between. 

Click to find out more information on contributing to this series.

WildFire by Pinkuh

Fun at the Mall Chapter 2 by Lars Hellberg

(M/M N/C) By Lars Hellberg  That's right, some one actually took me up on my challenge.  Do read his work, its very good.

Fun at the Mall, Chapter 3 by Fuzzwolf (M/M/M N/C) By Mark Fuzzwolf  Well my wonderful mate Fuzzwolf has written a chapter for my series. 

It involves two of his more popular charters, Trevor, a young sexy fox and Sinclair, a hot buff wolf.  You can read more about them on his webpage.

Trevor and Sinclair By Terry "Mouse" Sender
Fun at the Mall, Chapter 4 by SwampRat (M/M) By Swamp Rat   This very cool chapter gives our poor wolf a little break, but Swamp Rat makes this none the less sexy.  Uros, a horse with amazing assets, joins his shipmate Kellin for a little shopping.  

Fun at the Mall, Chapter 5 by SwampRat

(M/M) By Swamp Rat this is the second part to Swamp Rat's contribution. I have got to write something for him, he's done a great job with these chapters.  Kellin finds poor Kevin, and the deer spend a little quality time with the wolf.


Fun at the Mall, Chapter 6 by CyberOpticDragon

(M/M, N/C) By CyberOpticDragon This chapter is by a fairly new author, but heís rather good so I hope everyone has fun reading it.  I know I did.  CyberOpticDragon did a really good job.  A pair of mates find the wolf, and decide what to do with him.


Fun at the Mall, Chapter 7 By WolfeByte

(M/M/M/M, N/C) By WolfeByte  WolfeByte's chapter is easily the best so far. I mean, he did an amazing job with this one.  It has some really cool characters, who I might just mention in the finale. A pair of cops find a line of guys waiting to use the wolf.  

Fun at the Mall, Chapter 8 by NickyLion

(M/M/M, N/C) by NickyLion.  Nicky is a really great friend of mine, and he did an amazing job with his chapter.  You can see some cameo's from earlier chapters, and the pair of kitties who find our 'hero' wolf come up with a really evil plan for him.  
Fun at the Mall, Chapter 9 by SwampRat M/? - Anal/Oral/Caressing, Bondage/NC - Wolf/Plant

Well I feel rather bad about this one.  SwampRat sent this to me forever ago, and I was too wrapped up in my school life to post it online. So, very very late in the game, is Chapter 9 of fun at the Mall.  I think I rather owe SwampRat something for being so late on this one.

Fun at the Mall Ch10 Ė Real Emotion by Daniel Field

(M/M) Now, its probably been over a year now since Daniel sent this story to me. (checks his email).  Oh dear god... Right.  so he sent me this back in January of 2003.  It is now August 2005.  I am so late in posting this its not even funny. 

Anyways, I think this is one of the better chapters I have received for the series.  It is pretty well written and makes a nice counter point to the other chapters.  Its actually nice to know not all guys are shameless perverts like I am at times. 

*grins* So here's to Drake and Flare, may their love endure.

Fun at the Mall Chapter 11 by Dan Bordeianu

(M/M) This neat story is by a good friend of mine who decided to lone me his two main characters.  Its quite fun, I think. :)

Deal and Sebastian owned by Dan Bordeianu and Lisa Allen.

Fun at the Mall Chapter 12 - Cleaning in progress by Wolphin (M/M) Wolphin, a fun fur from Australia wrote this inventive chapter for the series. 

I really enjoyed this one, as he has a really great idea for how to keep the wolf going.  He also nicely dovetails several of the previous chapters into the descriptions here, and I really appreciate that.  I hope he writes a second part for this story, cause it would be great. 

Fun at the Mall Chapter 13 - Snake Charmer by Josh (M/M) This is a bit of an interesting chapter... it is extremely kinky, playing to the domination and hypnotism crowd.  And by kinky, I mean really really intensely fetish style kinky. But yes, it is more then a little arousing.