The king of All
Come young one, take my hand

  and walk with me a while.

I'll show you all the things I've done,

  Each test and trial, each war I won.

How  I came to be a king,

   But remained a pauper all the while.

How I ruled the mortal world,

   but lost it all each night.

Every battle that I've fought and won,

   each soldier that I sent to die.

Each victory that made me rich, 

   and how my spoils won me naught.

Come young one and walk with me,

   I'll tell you all I know.

How I ruled the world by day,

   but slept alone each night.
Where you are...
I wonder where you are.

I want to hold you, to touch you

and kiss that smile I love so much.

I wish I could be there, just once.

I wonder what you like.  

Do you like dragons or fairies?

Cars of cards?  can we play games?

Or do we do other things?

I wonder if it will be right.

If you're the right one for me, 

the one who'll make me happy all my life.

Or if I cry when you are gone.

I wonder what the future holds.  

I've been alone a long time now.

My friends say I'll make someone so happy.

I cry and wonder when I will.

Why must I be alone?

Lost, forgotten, 

with out a home?
Why can't I find

 the things I seek, 

Arms which hold, 

 and a place to weep.
All I want, others have

 and I must sit and watch,

While they all laugh.
Laughing at me, 

 or with each other,

I does not matter,

 they have each other.
All I want is someone to love,

Is that so much to ask?

Just one true love?

Sometimes, as I sit and watch the sun

I'll sit and wonder what I've done.
I'm always nice, I never cheat,

but somehow I always wined up in defeat.
No one loves me, their all my friends,

and they would stay with me to the end.
But no one seeks to fill my heart,

no one cares if its torn apart.
No one seeks to heal the rends,

inside my heart, they'll be my end.
And so I sit, alone as always, 

and wonder if I'll be here always.
In a land of "Never Never,"

forced to watch the sun set forever.

Like rain
My tears will fall for4ever,

  and no one will dry my eyes.

My friend can only watch me,

  and feel sorrow as I cry.

My heart will be forever empty,

  and my tears will fall as rain.
No one will sit beside me, 

  as I plant my simple dreams.

no one will help me keep them, 

  and so all shall be in vain.

No dreams will come true for me,

  but not for lack of rain.

Poem untitled
Wrapped in his arms,

 I will weep.

And pray with all

 my soul to keep.

The one I love,

 and rest my head,

Atop his chest,

 each night in bed.

You may sigh loudly, 

 and shake your head.

But this is all I want in life,

 Even if to find it, 

I must wait until I'm dead.

I wonder
I wonder why I write this,

 as I cry upon the page

I wonder why I sit here,

 locked with in my cage.

I wonder when I cry at night,

 and search for one to make it right.

I wonder when my pain will end,

 Or if I'll take it all to the end.

I wonder if I'll ever find,

 someone to truly love,

I wonder if my sorrows, 

 are written in the stars above.

One, two, three.

An Ode to my friends, may we meet 

again one day on better terms.
Love, you see, is easy.

As easy as one, two, three.

One heart, unbroken,

Like newly fallen snow.

Two friends, forever, 

though they would never know.

Three days, unforeseen,

would soon change everything.

Four friends, one parted,

His heart now cleft in two.

Three months, spent in sorrow,

to make his heart anew.

And so you see, love is easy.

As easy as one, two, three.

In you.
In my arms I'll hold you,

 and keep all the world at bay.

In your arms I'll cry to you,

 and you'll hold until day.

In my eyes, you'll see my love,

 and I'll show you every night.

And in your eyes, I'll find the love,

 which sets the world right.
Words are nothing.

they cannot speak my feelings,

they cannot give the world to you,

or make your dreams come true.

They cannot make you see in me, 

all the love I have for you.

Words mean nothing to me.

There is only you.

Just Once
For once, just once, I wish,

That all I wished was true.

But they never are you see,

and that is how life seems to be.

Must I?
Must I cry myself

 to sleep each night?

Must my heart break

 each time I see a couple kiss?

Why does my heart ache this way?

Why do I search so hard,

 for the love I want each day?

I want to scream my pain,

in hope that someone will hear.

I want to cry myself to sleep,

 and I just woke up.

Why must I cry,

 even when my eyes are dry?