This story is a strange one; it is half story, half dream. It came to me in a bit of a flash as I heard the new remix of the song "Hey Pretty" by Poe. So going north fast on a highway, I had to resist the urge to fully enjoy this story idea. Now I'll warn you, this story is different then most I write. It has few spoken lines, and has a dream like quality, at least to me, but I like the thing. I hope you all do too. I listened to the song "Hey Pretty, the newest version called "Drive by" while I wrote it, and you may want to listen to it while you read.

Enjoy ; )

The annoying warning message:

This story deals with sex between males, in graphic detail. If you're not over 18, this is illegal for you to even look at, so stop right now. If homosexual content is not your cup of tea, you can leave the tea party. The characters and story are copyright Teiran 2001, do not redistribute without permission. Otherwise, enjoy!



Hey Pretty


Trevor sighed as he stood on the curb, waiting for the light to change. Furs moved around him, males holding each other's hands as they wandered the gay district. The small fox watched them move around him, a strange outsider to the culture that swirled around him. He was an outsider, a hanger on to the sleek, sexy life he could only watch. He was a short trim fox no one paid much attention to. His friends all said he was cute, but he was too shy to agree with them or do anything about it. Just entering college, he was one of the few people he knew who was still a virgin, and as the fox stood on the corner of Cedar Springs and Montford, he knew he'd always be a strange and shy outsider.

"Hey Pretty, wanna take a ride with me?"

Trevor's breath caught in his throat and his chest tightened. The sleek black corvette convertible had come out of nowhere, sliding to a perfect stop in front of the small fox. The huge door swung open as a huge black wolf leaned over and opened it for him with a smile that made Trevor's knees weaken. His name was Kyrus Blackmane, and he was the biggest, most beautiful wolf the fox had ever seen. He was one of the brightest stars of the gay nightlife, an untouchable god of a wolf. A white fang gleamed as the wolf smiled wide, his leather jacket shimmering just like his black coat as he leaned back in his seat.

Trevor shaking hand settled onto the open door as his knees tried to give out. At six seven and three hundred pounds of pure muscled wolf, Kyrus Blackmane deep voice could make anyone drop to their knees and beg just to touch his body. "Come on Trevor, get in." The small fox swallowed hard, numbly setting a single paw into the leather interior of Kyrus's car, gasping for breath as the wolf's huge arm brushed past him and pulled the door closed behind him. The only Trevor could think of was, how does he knows my name?

The second dragged on forever, and Trevor could feel himself holding his breath. He squeezed the door grip with all his might, and he tried to disappear in the huge black leather bucket seat. The car of young felines, a lion, a tiger and two bobcats shouted their challenges at the wolf's sleek black car, gunning their engine as the red light set the timer for the race. Kyrus just grinned. The engine roared, and Trevor closed his eyes as he sunk into the seat, pushed down by the lightening fast acceleration. The other car was gone, the challenging furs mere dots behind then as the car, no this was a Machine, slide through a hard turn. Trevor's belt held him in place, his black paws braced against door and the tiny armrest separating him from the biggest, most beautiful wolf he had ever seen. In white cotton shorts and a plain white shirt, he was out of place I the sleek black curves of the wolf's car. Even the huge wolf seemed part of the powerful machine racing through the city streets. Buildings were only colors, and a highway loomed as Trevor whined, closing his eyes as the wind whipped around him.

The city melted away, Kyrus's words lost on Trevor as he rode in a haze of wind, the roar of the engine and the daze of just being where he was. Trevor knew he should be answering the wolf's deep voice with his own, but he couldn't bring himself to. Trevor just watched Kyrus pump the petals with his powerful legs, his muscles bulging as he shifted the powerful engine into overdrive, racing through the light traffic as the sun began to set. Trevor stared at the wolf beside him. His wild mane of hair moving in the wind, his face the regal terror of a wild wolf, all shiny black as the street lights washed him soft light. His leather jacket was open, his short chest fur shining as it outlined his huge muscles, his black leather pants only barely containing his powerful legs or the gigantic bulge of his crotch as he stepped on the gas.

Trevor tried to talk, mumbling, not even sure what he was saying as he rode next to the huge wolf. Soon the sleek curves of the Santa Monica Mountains replaced the city streets, the sleek black vehicle whipping through then so fast Trevor thought for sure he it was going to hurtle of them. The car never dropped below fifty miles an hour, and those moments where it reached that slow speed were few and far between. Trevor felt his jaw quiver as he watched the wolf's huge hand move towards him, gripping his knee with the same power it had the stick shift. Trevor sat stunned as he felt the wolf's hand rub his knee, that brilliant smile flashing at him as his hand slid away and with a sudden screech the car slide to a stop as the wolf's hand jerked the emergency break up. Trevor's body slide forward with the force of the stop. The wolf didn't even move. Trevor watched as Kyrus's fingers closed around his knee tightly. "Have fun foxy?" Trevor swallowed softly and nodded, the thick baritone voice making him freeze up as he stared into Kyrus's deep green eyes. "Then come here foxy." Trevor's heart sank as Kyrus laid his seat back, the engine still running powerfully.

Silence hung for a long moment before the wolf reach up and over, unbuckling him as he curled into a ball in the seat as his huge hand moved up his side. Grabbing hold of his shirt and pulling him close, Kyrus whispered, "Come on foxy, I didn't come all the way up here to be alone…" Trevor felt his legs move, guided by Kyrus's strong grip and his own body. Trevor felt his legs grip the wolf's hip, the smooth leather sliding under his fur as the wolf leaned up and cupped his cheek, licking slowly up his muzzle. Trevor gasped, his body ridge as the wolf's hand pulled him down, his hand sliding up his back, under his shirt, his fingers running through his fur as he pulled him against his chest. The wolf's tongue lapped at his neck as Trevor closed his eyes; moaning softly at the feeling the wolf beneath him, pure male muscle withering beneath him like an ocean black fur and leather.

"Take off your shirt Trev." The wolf's voice was low and it wasn't a real command, but Trevor obeyed that deep voice without thought, gasping as the wolf's tongue suddenly rasped over his nipple, his hands cupping his shoulder blades as Kyrus's tongue danced across his chest. The wolf pulled him down, laying him out across his body, the smaller fox nothing compared to the muscled wolf beneath him. Trevor felt the wolf's huge chest muscles beneath his pads, flexing as Kyrus's hand wandered across the fox's body, and Trevor moaned as the wolf arched his back and ground his huge package against the soft cotton of Trevor shorts. Trevor found himself kneeling in the fox's lap, his body shaking as Kyrus took his paw, his finger's threading through his own as he pulled his hand to his crotch, resting it on the leather bulge. Trevor felt the wolf's muzzle press against his cheek, and his fingers guiding Trevor's to the tab holding those black leather pants closed. His lips moving softly against his ear as he whispered. "Pinch it." Trevor felt his fingers close and the tab open, his breathing hard as he lay atop the huge wolf, his body cupped into the curves like Kyrus was into the seat. The wolf whispered, "Pull it…" Trevor fingers slow unzipped his pants, gently parting the teeth one at a time, the longest unzipping of the small fox's life.

The white of his underwear was a shocking contrast to the wolf's dark fur, and as Trevor watched in awe the wolf shifted under him, puling his huge black cock into the soft light of dusk. The wolf's cock was jet black like the leather parted around it, and the wolf shifted his pants so that his heavy balls hung out. Trevor began to gasp for breath, his paw gently taking hold of the huge black dick. The fox whimpered as he felt it throb and thicken under his touch, the wolf lips moving against his ear, a tantalizing tongue exploring the hidden places no one had ever been as Trevor felt his paw give the huge shaft of flesh a soft stroke. His hand trembled as he stroked the huge shaft, the hard flesh thickening and lengthening under his paw.

"That’s good foxy… now why don't you try that pretty mouth of yours?" Trevor felt the wolf's legs open as he leaned forward, the seat suddenly up, his hands moving behind him, the steering wheel tipping up and out of the way as Trevor felt himself sinking to his knees on the floor board, panting hard as the huge wolf's cock stood erect before his nose. He gasped, breathing in the wolf's heavy scent as he felt Kyrus's hand cup his cheek again, scratching his chin softly. Trevor gasped, waiting for the wolf's hand to force him forward, open his mouth and plunge that thick black cock into his mouth. But the wolf didn't, he just smiled and stroked the fox's cheek, waiting. Trevor panted, staring at the huge dick, watching it for along moment as it tempted him. Slowly, he leaned forward, opening his muzzle softly as he moved his hands to the huge shaft.

Trevor had never tasted cock before, and he would never forget the low groaned "Yesss foxy… that’s it…" the wolf made as his lips wrapped around the huge, salty sweet shaft, the feeling a thick flesh moving into his mouth. The huge dick throbbed as he suckled softly, his movements slow and drawn out as he savored the strange, otherworldly first moments of having a cock in his mouth. The strange scent and taste, the strange softness around a hard, pulsing core moving with the pulse of the wolf's heart. The heavy balls cupped lightly in his hand, making the huge wolf squirm in the leather seat in pleasure. And Oh the pleasure of it, his own cock hard between his legs as he began to move his tongue across the wolf's flesh. Trevor felt Kyrus's hand cup his head and he began to suck, moaning around the huge shaft, his mouth opening wide as the huge tube of flesh moved into him, his body shaking as he knelt between the wolf's huge legs in the small space beneath the driver's seat. Trevor gagged softly on the huge thick cock, opening wider so he could bury his nose into the wolf's crotch fur, his head swimming as he breathed in, the nine inches of cock hanging down his throat as Kyrus's hand rubbed the back of his head and the wolf moaned in pleasure. Trevor swallowed softly, his throat moving around the huge shaft of flesh as he moved back off it a bit, sucking as hard as he could, trying desperately to get as much of the wolf's cock down his throat without choking, to taste as much of his hard pulsing flesh as he could should this torturous ecstasy suddenly end.

Trevor gasped as he felt the wolf's body shift, his thick powerful legs hugging him. Trevor watched stunned as the wolf released the steering wheel, his hands caressing the steering wheel as it dropped into place, not even close to Trevor's head as the wolf gunned the running engine and released the brake, and with a roar the car speed away. The wolf smoothly worked the pedals. Kyrus didn't even have to use all of his legs to hold the fox in place as he slide the car through the windy mountains, his hand smoothing shifting while scritching Trevor's head as he slowly continued nursing his huge cock.

Trevor couldn't move; the wolf's huge legs were wrapped tightly around him, holding him nose deep in his crotch. His body was held tightly in place, his legs folded beneath him but not cramped as he kneeled in the huge car, his muzzle servicing the huge wolf above him as his paws cupped and rolled his heavy black balls, his mouth suckling the huge black dick like it was his mother. The wolf moaned softly, sumptuous words Trevor almost couldn’t hear, urging him on as he gagged and sucked on Kyrus's cock, bobbing his head and breathing the wolf's scent deeply as the car whipped through hard turns, the fox's body held still by Kyrus's powerful legs. The taste was beyond words, the soft words from the huge wolf were deep and rich as he moaned his soft approval to the fox between his legs, his deep voice praising his warm mouth, inexperience made up for in sheer desire to please. Trevor felt his mouth begin to ache as he serviced the huge cock, now sopping wet with his saliva as he sucked wetly on the huge shaft, hot precum and gentle caresses his only reward.

Trevor gasped for breath as he felt the huge car slide to a slow stop, the wolf's hand on his neck as he pushed him up off his cock, the wet pop of his huge dick leaving his mouth echoing in Trevor's ears as he gasped for breath, the heavy taste of wolf and precum in his mouth as Kyrus lifted the steering wheel and reached down, pulling him up roughly, making him half stand half crouch over him. Trevor felt Kyrus's hand at the back of his shorts, flawlessly undoing the fox's tail button for both his shorts and underwear in a single motion, puling them down around his knees as he laid the seat back. Kyrus pulled his cloths down farther, and Trevor lifted his feet one at a time, his cloths gone as he half crouched above the huge wolf. Trevor's fur was as bright red as the dying sun as he sank into the night black of the wolf below him.

Kyrus grinned, his silver earring glittering like his white teeth as he leaned up and licked across Trevor's cheek. "Like how it tasted pretty foxy?" Trevor nodded as he felt the huge black arms wrap around him, pulling him to the powerful black chest, pulling him down towards the huge wet cock that he could almost sense beneath his exposed rump. Trevor's tail swished as he gasped for breath nervously, his tail lifted as the wolf pulled him down. He whimpered as he felt the huge wet head of the wolf's cock push between his cheeks, the wolf's controlling motions slowly stopping, the thick head of his cock pressed against the resistance of Trevor's tail hole. The fox trembled in the powerful grip, his body slowly explored and licked, the wolf's tongue licking every inch of his head fur, never meeting his own exploring tongue in its wanderings. Trevor closed his eyes, his chest heaving once. This was it. If he watched this god in the flesh, this powerful male he had dreamed of, he had to be the one to move himself down onto his thick cock. He had to take the huge black dick of his own choice.

Trevor closed his eyes tight and pushed himself down, trying to relax his tight virgin ass muscles as best he could. He whined in pain and a strange pleasure, his ass resisting the huge fat head of the wolfs cock for what seemed like an eternity of pain and ecstasy until the wolf's powerful arms pulled him down. Trevor's moan was loud the hot shaft pushed up into him, pushing through his clenched muscles like a battering ram as the strong wolf pulled him down, the thrust of his cock unstoppable now. Trevor felt his body go limp as he felt the huge dick push deep into him, forcing him open and pressing hard against his prostate, a thing he had only heard of until now. The fox shook in pain, the huge shaft making Trevor feel like he was being split in half. The slow outstroke started and Trevor moaned in pleasure, his body shaking as the huge hot pole of flesh moved back into him again.

The car turned off, the constant rumble replaced by Kyrus's powerful growl as he began to thrust up into Trevor's tight hole, holding him tightly in his lap as he began to fuck him. Trevor gasped and his fingers twisted through the wolf's chest fur as the huge cock began to plow through him, making him feel like he was being turned inside out. It pushed deep into his body, so deep it made Trevor want to faint from pain and pleasure, his body going limp in the wolf's powerful grip. Trevor had dreamed of this day, but never once thought would really be Kyrus who took away his virginity.

The rolling thrusts and growls made Trevor tremble, his body moving up and down the hard shaft as his hips crashed against the wolf's large one's, his huge cock stretching him beyond anything he had ever felt. The fox felt like he was in heaven as the wolf lifted him up with a grin, his arms holding the fox aloft, impaled on only the head of his shaft. Trevor whimper as he hung there for a second, and he wasn't sure if it was from his fear of what the wolf was planning or his driving need to feel him fucking his body.

The next thrust was a combination of Trevor's weight, a hard downward pull of Kyrus's arms and an insane, pleasure driven thrust of his hips up into the fox's body. Trevor's moan seemed to echo as he felt the hard cock drive up into his muscles with a violent intensity, his body shaking as the wolf below him growled loudly before repeating this slow, drawn out and violent fucking.

Trevor felt his face twist in a mask of pleasure as he howled in pleasure, his whole body tightening as the wolf fucked him so hard and so fast, and yet seemingly slow and sensual all at once. The wolf voice was slow and controlled as he fucked the fox, each word punctuated by a hard thrust and a deep growl, "You… Like this… kind … of ride… Trevor?" The fox felt his voice tremble as his body shook. "YEESSssss…. Yesss, yessss, oh GOD!"

Trevor felt his body clench tightly as he felt the huge wolf's growing knot pop into him and then out again. As the huge dick pushed into him again he felt the growing knob of flesh push past his clenching barrier and into him, the hug cock head plumbing his depths for a moment before he felt the uncontrollable pain and pleasure of the wolf's growing knot pop out of him again, growing wider with each pump of the wolf's heart. Once more, twice, a horrifying wonderful third time, so thick now it almost tied them…

And then nothing. Only the smooth, thick shaft of his cock pushed into his tail hole. The thick shaft throbbed and made Trevor's head swim as it fucked him, but it didn't hold a candle to how it had felt to have that huge knot push through his body. Trevor panted and moaned in frustration as the wolf smiled wide and growled in pleasure, completely in control of the fox above him. Trevor looked down, panting hard, his breaths in time with the outstroke of the huge cock inside him; his whines loud as he tried to push himself back down onto that huge knot of flesh just below him. Trevor whined in despair as the wolf's powerful grip kept him from it, one hand gently grabbing hold of the fox's almost forgotten cock, making him gasp and moan aloud with a new kind of pleasure.

Trevor felt the shorter thrusts of the huge wolf's cock move through his body and the strong hand jerking him in time with the loud growls and soft groans of pleasure in his ear. Trevor felt the wolf nuzzle against him, never kissing him as he licked and caressed his body; and all the while Trevor couldn't bring himself to meet those powerful black lips, so their tongues just trespassed in the hidden labyrinths of their ears, filling them with the private music of wicked and whispered words, the wolf's in many words in deep and beautiful languages, the fox's in his only haltering and gasping tongue.

Trevor felt the thrusting and fucking start to peak, the wolf's knot pushing hard against his body, making him moan in pain and that strange but familiar pleasure he had when the thick head of Kyrus's cock had first broken his tight ring. The wolf's growl rose in both power and need, and Trevor could feel him wrap his arms tightly around his body, fucking him harder and faster, the huge dick moving into him over and over as he began to pant so hard he felt his chest would burst. Then, with a powerful and long thrust from crown to hilt Kyrus slammed his knot deep into Trevor's body and the fox's howl of pain joined the wolf's howl of orgasm as he thrust the short length hilt of his cock into him, hot cum throbbing up his thick shaft and flooding Trevor's tightly clenched ass as the fox's own cock sprayed his cum almost forgotten again as the wolf's huge black cock poured his seed into Trevor's tail hole. The fox felt every throb, ever spasm of the wolf's body beneath him as he came, his ass tightening like a vice on the huge cock inside him, making every thrust harder and more pleasurable as his cock throbbed and sprayed white cum across the wolf's strong black chest even as he poured his thick cum deep into Trevor's body.

The twin howls were music to the fox's ears as he collapsed on to the huge wolf, his body sapped of any will at all by the huge dick inside him, the thick length still throbbing and thrusting into him as the wolf slide his arms up around him, hugging him to his chest even as the fox shot the last of his load onto Kyrus's stomach. Slowly, the wolf's huge cock stopped its desperate fucking, and Trevor felt his body settle onto the wolf's, his legs open wide and his ass held open by the huge cock locked into him. The wolf panted, eyes closed for a long time. Trevor stared at his face, level with his own, the wolf's huge height allowing him engulf the fox in his black fur, eye level with the fox whose body was wrapped around his cock.

Slowly, the large green orbs opened, and the muzzle split in a wide smile. "Very good foxy… very good…" he panted softly as he hugged the fox to him. Trevor trembled. The wolf's voice, so deep and powerful no matter what, had been soft and shaky as he whispered into his ear. The wolf hugged him tightly and Trevor felt himself melt into that embrace, his cum smeared into their fur. As the hug slowly ended, Trevor spotted a long streak of his cum on the wolf's jacket and he tried not to tremble in fear. Kyrus was deadly serious about his car and his clothing, if he saw it…

Trevor shook as the irrational fear took hold of him as he felt the wolf push him back softly, his gaze following the fox's. The fox wanted to die, but the wolf smiled at him, his tongue darting out and gathering the white cum up in one smooth lick. Trevor sighed in relief as the wolf gathered his legs up, the fox's back pressed against the steering wheel for a moment as the wolf smoothly spun him like a corkscrew on his huge cock, his knot holding his hot cum firmly inside the fox's body as he slide him into a spoon position.

"Come on pretty, lets finish this ride." The wolf's voice was the same as it always was, powerful and confident as he flipped a switch, letting the steering wheel falling into place. The seat was set so far back that as Kyrus pulled the seat belt closed around their bodies, the fox found himself nestled in the wolf's lap, his ass spread around the wolf's huge cock, tied there, together.

Trevor smiled as lay back against the huge, powerful chest behind him, spreading his legs around the wolf's long ones, some of the thick white cream inside him leaking out and soaking the wolf's crotch as Kyrus pushed in the clutch and gunned the engine to life. Trevor gave the cock inside him a playful squeeze, his hands resting softly on the muscle thighs of the wolf holding him as he felt Kyrus's hand gripped his cock like it did the stick shift, firm and strong. Trevor gasped and murred in pleasure as the wolf nuzzled him from behind. The fox looked up and watched the wolf smiled wide as he let the car roll onto the mountain road again, the dark night enveloping them and the jet-black corvette.