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This story was inspired by comments by Kaa-Hannan Star-hunter, and his wonderful art.  You can find him on Furnation.

War Herps.

A gentle mist rolled off the mountains, into the Growgon valley, just a night began to fall. Tiny lights in the valley began to burn as the sun set, and as the sun slipped away, a bulky figure emerged from the coming night on the main road into the village. The figure surveyed the tiny village, and then made his way to the only inn in town.



Every single saurian in the room stopped what they were doing, and stared. Every eye watched the huge Rex walk to the bar. His walk was easy, with the grace and light step of a warrior, even with his huge frame. Not that anyone needed to really ask what he was. The Rex was obviously a warrior. Wanderers were common, especially warriors trying to make names for themselves in the Kellion Mountains through the Growgon valley pass. Warriors wandered the world, each looking for something different. Each was different, both in personality and their reasons for being a warrior. Simple mercenary work or lands to rule were the most common reasonís that warriors took up their weapons. Some were religious warriors crusading for this god or that cause. Some of the greater oneís wandered the land with armies under their command. These armies did mercenary work or were simply vicious bands of raiders. Then there were a few wanders that were such spectacular warriors that they were an army unto themselves. Each warrior was different, but all of them looked for the same basic things in a town. They desire the most basic needs, good food and lodgings for their stay. Perhaps they wanted supplies or someone to repair their weapons. The few smiths and tinkers who still knew how to make the ancient technology work were highly sought after, as were anyone who might have discovered anything about the mysterious magical arts that had become more common since the fall of the ancient empires of machines. Yet there was always one universal thing about the warriors. Their sex drives. Almost ever single warriors who came through any town was always on the look out for a one night stands before they moved on. The warriors were the most active saurians around when it came to mating, and most didnít even care if it was a female's or a maleís tail that they were lifting. For all the different types of warriors that wandered the Kingdoms of Scales, an over active sex drive seemed to be the one common thing they shared. Of course, how a warrior looked told you a lot about them. Anyone with a large crest or symbol on them is probably fighting for some cause. But someone with out any symbols on him, or in the very rare case her, was probably just a wandering mercenary. Someone with a lot of armor on wasnít very good, and the less they wore the better they were. And the more likely they were to be willing lift someoneís tail. As for weapons, those who relied to heavily on the ancient technological weapons that could cut through stone with a simple stroke were looked down on in general. But at the same time those who wielded the vorpal weapons of old were still rightly feared. Generally, the more weapons and less armor a warrior wore was a good way to tell how good he was.

And this particular warrior was remarkable because of that particular reason. Two long swords swayed at his hips and two more sprouted from his back, along with a giant ax. A knife strapped to his hip was completely obscured by the huge, dragon-headed sword he carried in his right hand. The seven-foot blade swayed beside his tail, but the weapons he held only told half the story. It was his armor or lack there of, that told how good he truly was. He wore sandals that came up into flared dragon shaped grieves that stopped just below the knees. The leather straps that held his weapons on went over his shoulder didn't cross his chest, leaving his huge biceps exposed. He easily dwarfed every occupant in the taproom, with his huge muscles that gleamed in the lamplight. His arms were huge, and his legs were like small tree trunks. A low whisper began in the crowd, because in fact, very little of the huge male wasn't exposed. Only a small loincloth covered him, and didn't really cover him well. Anyone who wanted to could see just how big the Rex was, and just about everyone did. The stunned innkeeper, a portly Stego named Nadon, had the best view of the whole room. He just stared and sort of nodded as the big Rex stood a few feet away from him and ordered a meal, ale, and a room for the night. He paid with a single, elaborate gold coin that he handed slowly to Nadon as he ordered his room in a deep rich voice. Nadon held the coin nervously. Just the big maleís voice was enough to make him week at the knees, it had a deep rich, and inviting quality that few possessed. Worse yet, the coin was probably worth more then his entire inn. The Stego swallowed, and said "Umm, sir, this is far more then the price of the room, and I haven't the money to make change, andÖ." The big Rex's voice rumbled out, "Don't worry, keep it, and start a tab. You can give me the change when I leave. Don't worry, I'll be here long enough to use it." He patted the innkeeper's shoulder as he spoke, and the poor Stego nearly lost it. He could barley draw the ale, he shook so much, his tail twitching nervously. The Rex took a table, and the room soon returned to its previous roar of conversation, but with any previous topic long forgotten.



Mendak grinned to himself as he sipped his ale and sat down at a table. Facing the door, he propped one foot up on a chair, and set his two-handed sword on the table. Mendak chuckled as a few of the villagers gasped when he sat down, because now his loincloth was really just for show. Anyone could look at his hanging cock, and several people openly stared at it, including several of the males. Mendak smiled as he thought, ĎWell, seems like I'll be able to get anything I want here. Good, itís been a long time since I bedded a male. Now, I wonder how long it I'll take the town council wants to see me.' Nadon barely looked at him as he set a huge plate of mutton before him. Mendak chuckled at the poor Stego; his pants didn't hide his erection any better then his loincloth would have. In fact, most the males he glanced at as he ate were suffering from similar problems, and the females were all looking extremely flushed. As he ate, a couple got up and hurried out. Mendak hide his smile with a drink of his ale. A tiny town like this would have lots of travelers, but as he listened to the conversations surrounding him, no one like him had ever been by. The village elders would want to see him tonight for sure.

The inn door opened, and a raptor that had obviously been running slid to as stop. He stared right at Mendak, or more precisely, right at his crotch. He was young, maybe fifteen, twenty winters, and was far better built then most of the villagers. He wore a brown vest and brown shorts that stretched as his erection grew. He held the doorknob and breathed deeply, completely stunned. He traced Mendak with his eyes, till his dark blue eyes meet Mendak's stare. Then he jumped slightly. Mendak smiled. Now I'll bet anything this guy's here to tell me the elders would like to see me, he thought. The raptor, free from his initial shock, walked over, and said "Sir, if you'd please accompany me, the, the village elders would like to see you. If, if thatís all right sir." He kept his eyes on Mendak's, but his voice betrayed how much the massive Rex intimidated him. Mendak grabbed his sword. "Lead the way." The raptor, turned, and walked nervously out the door. Mendak followed, hoping this wouldn't take long. He didn't have much time to find someone if he didn't want to sleep alone tonight. As he left the inn, the raptor waited out side for him. Mendak smiled when he began leading him down the street, his tail swishing in the night air. Except of course, the elders had been kind enough to send someone to him.



The elders were like every other elder council in every other small country town. They were terrified Mendak was here to kill someone or steal something, and when it was apparent he wasn't, they were very happy to see him. Every town could use a warrior, even one just passing through. Assuming he stayed out of trouble. Mendak just shook his head. They had been as terrified as the last ones. A few steps away from the elder's hut stood the raptor. He watched the stars, and jumped badly as Mendak said, "Waiting for some one?" The raptor stuttered, "No, no I was just, just watching the stars." Mendak smiled, "Well, in that case, why don't you come with me, and tell me a little about this town." Mendak began to walk toward the inn, and the raptor jogged after the bigger saurian, whose long strides made him hard to keep up with. "Well, what could I tell you that the elders couldn't?" Mendak smiled. "Oh the elders painted a very nice picture of the village. Founded during King Trinock's reign. Beautiful mountains full of game for hunting surround the town, and a lovely river full of fish runs through it. It's the perfect for a village. A town with no troubles at all, and no troubles wanted. All well and good, but I've heard too many villages play that tune to believe it." The cool air gave way to the warm taproom, and Mendak sat back down at his table. "No place is as perfect and well off as the town elders say it is, so why don't you tell me about this place." The raptor looked about nervously, trying not to start at his crotch. Nadon brought them both a glass of ale. "What, what do you want to know?" Mendak grinned, "Well, most of everything, but why don't you start with your name." The raptor grinned weakly, "I'm Tyler."



Several hours later, Tyler sat across from Mendak, fidgeting nervously. Tyler swallowed the last of his third ale. The warm haze of being drunk was firmly in place. He stared at the bottom of his cup, only half listening to what Mendak said. He felt worse then he had ever felt in his entire life. Finally, all his dreams of a warrior taking an interest in him were coming true, and he was screwing them up! He fidgeted, said stupid things, barley got any of the big warriors jokes, and worst off, he stuttered! He was failing at something half the village had done at one time in their lives. The way things were going, nothing in the world would make Mendak interested enough in him to even remember Tyler, much less bed him. Tyler was so nervous he could barley think. He hadn't even been able to say anything that would get the big male interested in him all evening. The only reason Mendak was still talking to him was he had asked him to tell him of his travels.

Not that his tales were boring. Oh on, Tyler had always wanted to hear a warrior's tales, to listen to the kind of things that Mendak was talking about, but Tyler had wanted to talk back. He wanted to get the warrior to like him, to take him away from this tiny village were no one wanted him. Tyler wanted someone to teach him to fight, to travel with, and to fall in love with. But Tyler had never even thought about someone like Mendak! Mendak was probably the greatest warrior to ever set foot in Growgon, and all of the thought Tyler had put into his dreams went right out the window when he looked at him. He couldn't help it; everything about Mendak aroused him. His huge, well muscled chest, his bulging arms, his huge legs, and his powerful tail. They were the only things Tyler could look at so he could avoid looking at Mendak's crotch. The male was huge, and just the thought of him hard made Tyler dizzy. Half the time he had been sitting here, he was dreaming about Mendak screwing him, his huge shaft spreading his cheeks. Tyler had been hard since he had first seen the big male, and Mendak hadn't even shown the slightest bit of interest in him.

The inn door opened and closed, leaving Nadon the only other person in the taproom. Tyler closed his eyes, shutting out the big warrior's image. There was no way that Mendak was going to want to bed him, and no chance Tyler's dreams would come true. All Tyler wanted now was for the nightmare to end.

"Hey." Tyler jumped as Mendak laid a hand on his. "You still awake?" Tyler blinked, nodding. "Why don't we get you to a bed, hmmm? You've had enough ale for one night." Tyler nodded, and slowly stood up. Mendak helped him stand up straight. Tyler closed his eyes again; too ashamed at being drunk to stand the sight of the Rexís face. "Why don't you follow me, okay?" Mendak lead Tyler up the stairs, and into a room, and closed the door. Tyler stood for a moment in the room, sobered up real quick as he realized where he was.

"Wait, why, what I am doing here..." Mendak put his arms around Tyler's hips, slowly untying the string on his vest from behind. "Oh come on, you know why you're here. You know what I want." As Mendak slipped his weapons off as Tyler stuttered, "But, I, I was awful, there's no way you could be interested in me." Mendak chuckled as he undid the string in Tyler's shorts. "You don't really think it matters? I'd never sleep with anyone if I waited for someone who wasn't nervous when they talked to me, and anyway, you werenít that bad." "ButÖ" Tyler gasped as Mendak pulled him into his arms as Mendak pulled his vest away, leaving him half naked in the arms of the most beautiful male he had ever seen. Their lips locked into the first kiss Tyler had ever known. Tyler groaned as Mendak's tongue pushed open his mouth. The bigger male's tongue twined with his, and a huge hand held him beneath his tail. That hand lifted him slightly and the one around his back pushed Tyler's entire body flush with Mendak, and Tyler tensed as he Mendak's huge cock pressing to his midsection. Tyler broke the kiss to look down at it. Slowly, Tyler reached out and cupped the huge ball sack, which filled his hand. The shaft of the cock was just longer then his forearm, with a huge head. Tyler put his hand around it, and found he could barley touch his fingertips. He swallowed nervously.

"Don't worry little one, thatís not what I'm interested in right now." With a sight grunt, Mendak lifted Tyler into the air, depositing him on the edge of the bed. Tyler's found Mendakís arms around him, his cock level with the now kneeling Rexís muzzle. Tyler reflexively grabbed the bed, twisting the sheets. Mendak chuckled as his huge chest spread Tyler's legs as he leaned in to breathe in the scent of Tyler's crotch. With sensual slowness, Mendak slowly dragged a claw across Tyler's underwear, splitting them open, and then slowly dragging them away. Tyler shock in fear, as the big male smiled, Tyler's now exposed cock resting against his lips. Slowly, Mendak licked across the head of Tyler's cock. Tyler groaned as Mendak tortured his cock with his tongue, his hot breath washing over Tyler. Tyler hissed as Mendak plunged his cock into the wet heat of his mouth, sucking his cock hungrily. Mendak began using his tongue again as Tyler shuddered, hilt deep in his jaws. Tyler could barley move his hips, but not enough to bring himself to completion. Mendak took his time, stopping whenever Tyler almost peaked, slowly milking the raptor of his seed. Tyler withered in Mendak's powerful grasp, unable to do anything but gasp and hiss.

Suddenly, Tyler felt a gentle pressure on his tail-hole. Tyler gasped as a single claw poked its way past his ring. A tiny bit of pain accompanied the intruder, but as the claw pulled in and out slowly, Tyler began to enjoy it. Soon, a second finger joined it, and Mendak began pushing them in as far as he could. Tyler loved it. Nothing had ever felt like this. A powerful warrior was holding him down while sucking on his cock as he slowly fingered his ass. Nothing would ever beat this. Finally, after an eternity of being tortured by Mendak's jaws, Tyler couldn't stand it. He began to gasp louder, and his whole body shock in Mendak's grasp, convulsing. He cried out, his cock throbbing as Tyler poured his seed into the Rexís mouth. The big Rex swallowed every last bit, sucking hard to get every drop. Tyler went limp as he poured the last of his seed down Mendak's throat. Mendak pulled him up into an embrace, french kissing the raptor again.

Mendak chuckled as he held the raptor. He hadn't even put up a fight. Mendak basked in the feeling of holding a completely helpless male to his chest. This was what he really loved, the feeling of owning another male completely. Especially one who had never been taken before. Mendak roamed his claws over the raptor, who groaned slightly as Mendak explored his body. Mendak slowly turned the young raptor around, who was to dazed to put up much of a struggle. Mendak's tail snaked up Tyler's leg, and Tyler tensed, arching in his grasp when his hands cupped his chest and the tip of his tail cupped his sack. Tyler's tail wrapped itself reflexively around Mendak's thick waist and Mendak chuckled as the young raptor tensed as the broad head of Mendak's cock pressed against his hole. The raptor glanced back nervously, and he trembled in Mendak's arms. Mendak smiled. He hadn't found a virgin tailhole in a long time. He slowly kissed Tylerís neck, caressing his chest. Tyler relaxed, focusing on the playful tongue on the back of his neck.

Mendak pushed his hips against the raptor, and the head of his cock pressed against the raptor's virgin hole. Tyler gasped, his whole body gone suddenly ridged. "Oh gods," was all he could whisper at Mendak pushed against his tailhole. Slowly, with steady but forceful hands, Mendak pushed Tyler down on his shaft, swiveling his hips a little so his cock would work it's way past the tightly clenched muscles of Tylerís ass. Suddenly, Mendak's fat cockhead pushed past the tight sphincter of the young raptor, and Mendak's shaft slide a full inch into Tyler. Tyler gave a sharp, gasp-like cry. Mendak gripped Tyler neck with his huge jaws as he buried his foot long cock hilt deep into Tylerís virgin ass.

Tyler gasped again as his tailhole came flush with the huge muscles of

Mendak's legs. Nothing had ever hurt like this. He felt as if the Rex's huge member were splitting him in half. Mendak's jaws held him, controlling him in their powerful grip as he bent the raptor over the bed. Mendak gripped his chest with one massive hand; his other wrapped tight around him waist. Tyler shock in Mendak's arms, his arms on the bed, tears streaming down his muzzle. Tyler began to cry softly. Mendak nuzzled him, "Shhh, hush. It'll get better, I promise." Tyler's closed his eyes, his face streaked with tears, as his body quivered in pain as he lost his virginity.

Slowly, Tyler calmed down, and Mendak felt his anal muscles relax their death grip on his cock. He was obviously still in pain, but it was better then before. Slowly, Mendak pulled a few inches out of the raptor who shook in his tight embrace. As Mendak pushed back in however, Tyler began to groan as the huge shaft of Mendak's cock began to steadily pound his ass muscles over and over again. Mendak hissed low in pleasure, as his entire shaft was gripped so completely by the youth beneath him. His claws gripped and caressed every muscle in the boyís body as he controlled the raptor with his head and elbows. From his neck to his thighs, Mendak's claws roamed, exploring the virgin territory of Tyler's small but hard body. Muscle after scaly muscle was squeezed, rubbed, and explored as Mendakís cock pounded the raptorís tight ass. Mendakís hands roamed possessively across the young raptor. His cock controlled the young raptor, and Mendak took Tylerís body as his own. He was its lord, its master, and Mendak owned him in every way. It was heaven, the tight ass, his slow rhythm, and the gasps of pain mixed with hisses of pleasure coming from his virgin lover. It was sheer ecstasy, and it drove him to higher heights then he had been to in the longest of times.

Mendak began to slow fuck the raptor, each stroke bringing the crown of his cockhead almost out of Tyler's tailhole, to the very depths of his guts. With each thrust, Tyler shuddered, groaning in the fiery pleasure of being anally screwed. Each powerful thrust was a little faster then the last, and soon, Tyler couldn't resist the grunting behemoth above him at all. With each stroke, Tyler came closer to the brink of orgasm, but the fucking itself stayed just slow enough, just controlled enough, to keep him on the brink of ecstasy forever. It was a horrible ecstasy that he would forever remember. Then, one of Mendak's wandering hands came to his crotch, and after cupping his sack, firmly gripped his shaft, pumping it in time with Mendak's thrusts.

Suddenly, everything Tyler felt was ten times as pleasurable. Before, only his tailhole had gotten any attention, while his hard cock hung in the cool air. Now, as Mendakís hand gripped him, his body began to clench up, as wave after wave of pleasure exploding from his battered ass and cock. Every muscle in his body tensed his arms failing him; Mendakís weight driving him into the mattress as an earth shattering orgasm gripped him.

Finally, with his hand gripping the raptorís cock, Mendakís thrusting brought the young raptor to the mattress as his anal muscle wall came down on his malehood like a vice. Mendak fucked in and out again and again, pushing himself over the edge. As the raptor collapsed beneath him, Mendak made his final thrusts, each launching a wave of his seed deep into the raptor's guts. Mendak roared in ecstasy, as his huge cock plowed into the tightened ass of his quaking, orgasming male over and over again. Mendakís seed shot deep into the spasming ass beneath him, and Mendakís roar of dominance barley echoed the feeling of total ownership he felt over the raptor.

Slowly, Mendak buried his cock all the way in Tyler one last time as the raptor gasped for air beneath him. Mendak nuzzled him, wrapping Tyler in his body, still spread eagle beneath him. Tyler breathed heavily for a few minutes, as Mendak's cock barley began to soften inside of him. His exhausted body couldn't take any more, and Tyler drifted into unconsciousness in the sweet afterglow of his first mating.



Tyler slowly arched his back as the warm rays of the sun woke him. As he did, he hissed as his rear end reminded him just what happened before he had lost himself in blissful slumber. As he slowly sat up, Nadon opened the door and came in with a plate and a steaming mug. "Good morning, lover boy. So, how was your first time?" Tyler groaned, "Oh gods, please Nadon, not today, Please donít tease me today." Nadon set the plate down and chuckled. "Iím not teasing you boy, though if anyone can, your adopted father should be able to. It is after all the first time my little boyís been out with someone." Nadon chuckled slightly as Tyler rolled his eyes. "Thanks for your kindness." Tyler slowly drank for the warm cider Nadon handed him. When he finished, Nadon crossed his arms and said, "So, how was it? Was he as good as he looked?" Nadon watched Tyler carefully as he smiled and whispered, "He was wonderful. It was better then I ever dreamed it could have been." Nadon watched the young raptor's eyes mist over, and he knew that look. The boy was in love. He probably wouldnít admit it, but he was. "So did he take you gently?" Tyler winced as he stood up, his ass aching terribly. He felt vaguely empty inside, like something was missing for his life. "Iíll take that as a no." Nadon pulled a tube from his pocket, and tossed it to Tyler. "That should help, now get dressed lover boy, thereís work to do." Tyler caught the tub and held it as Nadon walked to the door. Tyler looked at the sun out his window, which was well into the sky. Nadon had let him sleep very late. "Nadon?" The big Stego turned with a grunt. "Thank you. For everything." Nadon smiled. "Donít worry about it. Though you had better share." Tyler chuckled as Nadon shut the door.


By afternoon, the inn was full. Two males sat silently at their own table, staring into space. A female pterodactyl gossiped at one of the center tables, ringed by other females. Nadon watched all three carefully. Mendak, it seemed, had been busy. Leon, a middle aged ankolasaur was his first spin of the morning. Leon was the town blacksmith, and had happily agreed to sharpen some of the big maleís weapons for a discount after being bent over his anvil for about half an hour. Thompson, the small duck bill next to Leon had meet Mendak when he came to his leather shop, and had settled with the Rex just like Leon had. The female terraidactle, Shesha, had made him quite the deal on the rations he wanted. As the townís largest supplier of foodstuffs, she had been able to work out quite a deal with Mendak. She was currently into her third telling of Mendakís visit to her bed.

The conversations died as the door opened. Mendakís frame filled the doorway, and he slowly made his way to his table. It was of course now his table. No one dared sit at the table he had occupied the previous night. Nadon walked to the big male, and took his order. The rest of his staff had refused to serve him. The two boys were just two scared of him. They were too young to realize what could come from being nice to the big male. Nadon watched him sit there, scanning the taproom. Nadon wondered just who would be his next conquest in the village. An idle hope that Nadon would be able to get himself between the thick legs of the male flickered across Nadonís mind. With a grimace, Nadon ajusted his erection and took Mendak his food.