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Well, lets see.  When i first started this webpage, I was a starving college student living in a one dorm like apartment with a guy from Hong Kong, living on Ramen, hot chocolate and the hope of spaghetti for dinner. That was sometime back in 2001, and so many things have changed since then.

I am now out of college, and living happily on my own with my long time boyfriend Mark Fuzzwolf.  I have made tons of friends in the furry community, and gone to some very awesome conventions like Anthrocon and MFM.  Look for me there!

While I still identify heavily with dragons, I've been a wolf now in character for many years now. Course, as a wolf, my favorite fur is the fox, who i do so love to pounce. *coughs* Anyways, here are my con badges.  

Here is a picture of my character drawn by Ian R. Soulfox for his now famous flash site, the Tail Underground.  I'm really thrilled with how his site has grown into such an awesome flash site, and I can't believe I was able to give him the name for it.  Originally, the name Tail Underground comes from my story "Life's Best Lessons" (Adult link there people.), and I've been using it in other stories since that time.  Say hello to me sometime if you like, I always enjoy a good conversation and i have some interesting stories to tell.  Click the picture to go to the Tail Underground.