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Tyrannix's Yiff



 Tyrannix walked down a shadow filled forest, hands in the tight leather shorts he wore. He grinned as he cast a long shadow, as if a huge T-rex of old walked the land, instead of the rex-morph he was. Still, ten feet tall, and nearly five feet across at the chest is pretty good for a rex he thought. He wasn't really going anywhere, just walking on a beautiful night. He didn't have anything to do… any real place to go. It was just a beautiful night for a walk. He only barely felt the blow. The world just went suddenly very black, and he lost feeling just about everywhere, except for the dull ache in his neck. He opened his eyes, and saw a red blur come very close to his face, and he tried to open his jaws to bite whatever it was, but could barely move them. All he could do was get a good look at some deep-set, red eyes before the darkness claimed him.


When he woke up, he tried to stretch and yawn, just like he always did… A brief shot of pain from the back of his skull and the restraints put a quick end to that. With a groan, he took stock of his surroundings. A thick rubber ball gag kept his mouth open and his tongue pinned to the bottom of his mouth. Across his chest, were thick leather straps in a X shape, connected to a ring in the center of his chest. His hands were above his head, a tight metal band holding each to a padded beam, with another thick band just under his elbow, preventing him from getting any real leverage. His legs were similarly bound, his ankles and calves restrained to larger beams, which jutted up into the air and spread his legs wide. He could feel his tail being bound to a similar pole, pulled back behind him. He felt a light breeze caress his tail hole and balls, and he swallowed nervously. The room was too dark to see more then a few feet past his raised legs, and even then all he could make out was a table of some sort against a far wall. "Well, well, well," he heard a deep voice whisper into his ear, "I see my new little play thing is awake." Tyrannix craned his neck, to look into the red eyes from before he passed out.

Smiling, Tyr's captor came into full view, light shining off his scales from somewhere behind Tyr's head. He was a dragon, a huge red one, and he towered over Tyrannix. Tyr swallowed around the gag, "He must be fifteen feet tall!" He thought. And he was defiantly a He. His huge red cock jutted out from his sheath, rather out of proportion to his body. Easily four feet long, its massive length was hard as rock, and Tyr had a very good idea where he was going to put it. Tyr squirmed in his restraints, especially as the dragon grinned and rubbed his calf. "My name is Arkatoth, and I am your new master." Tyr swallowed, "Oh man, this guy is serious…" The dragon grinned as he watched Tyr stare at his cock, "So tell me little one… what do you think of it?" He moved forward, the tip of his cock pressed against Tyr's nose. Tyr tried to mouth the ball gag out of the way, but to no avail. The big dragon smiled, his red eyes seeming to glow against his dark scales as Tyr got excited, and his cock began to poke out from his sheath.

"Ahhhh… I see I made an excellent choice for my newest toy." The dragon petted a firm hand across Tyr's sheath and down across his tail hole, making the rex moan a bit around the gag. An exploring fingertip pushed against his ring, and he felt the dragon push a single claw gently inside him. "And no virgin tail either. How delightful." The dragon grinned as he kneeled a bit, and Tyr felt the metal he was strapped to groan a bit as the dragon leaned against a padded bar designed to support him right between Tyrannix's raised legs. He groaned with it as he felt the huge tip of the dragon's cock touch his tail hole. The crown of his cock was huge, bigger then Tyr's fist even. The huge dragon lean forward, grabbing hold of his arms, and pulling the ball gag away from his mouth. Tyr gasped for breath, swallowing hard as he looked into the dragon's eyes. Tyr words were muffled as the dragon locked him into a passionate kiss, his tongue diving inside his mouth and wrapping around his, dragging it his from his mouth so the dragon could suckle softly on it. The kiss lasted forever, and Tyr found the dragon's hard muscles pressing against him, his huge chest pressed hard into his own, the dragon covering every inch of his body, his wings spread above him. Finally, the kiss was broken, and Tyr gasped as the dragon whispered, "Tell me my pet, do you want my cock inside you?" Tyr nodded weakly, gasping as the crown of the dragon's cock pressed against him. "Say it." The dragon growled, his hands gripping Tyr's wrists a little painfully, "Say you want my cock inside you."

Tyr swallowed, "I want your cock in me…" The dragon grinned, sliding himself over Tyr's body and positioning his cock at Tyr's rump. "And to think I was afraid this would take forever. You're actually willing. Not pain, no punishment… just a totally acceptance of me as your master… So wonderfully refreshing." Tyr gasped as he felt the dragon press his cock into him, the huge crown forced against his tail hole. Guided by a strong hand and determined hips, the huge cock slowly, agonizingly spreading him open. Tyrannix moaned and shook as he felt the huge crown pop inside him, the thick shaft behind it slowly sinking inside him. The dragon pushed hard, burying his cock deep inside him. Tyr screamed in pain as the third foot of dragon cock began to inch its way inside him, and by the time the dragon's crotch pressed flush with his upturned rump, he was nearly in tears.

The dragon grinned down at him, thrusting hard once, before starting a slow, steady rhythm. Each thrust was slow and powerful, and Tyr moaned in pain as the huge dragon took him. "Like that slave? Good, because Your gonna live for it now…" the dragon rested his knees on the bars holding up Tyrannix's legs, and his hands on the ones holding his arms, so the dragon's huge, well muscled chest pressed right into Tyr's nose, his cock leaking pre and thrusting hard into Tyr's now slightly lubed ass. Tyr moaned, as his ass was stretched and his cock, now quite hard, was pressed into the dragon's belly. Tyr's whole body shook as two feet of cock was fucked into him, the dragon's speed slowly quickening. Soon, he was humping so fast Tyrannix could hear the metal frame he was strapped to shake as the dragon thrust, his huge cock plowing deep inside Tyr's ass. Tyr's vision swam and he gasped for breath. He'd had other males inside him, but not some one four feet long, and not someone this big. Each thrust pushed his insides into uncomfortable positions and the air was crushed from his lungs by the dragon's bulk. Tyr shuddered as the dragon groaned, his wings shivering above him, "Oh yes my little slut, that’s it, tighten around my shaft, just like that… yeeeeesss… you're a good bitch, Oooh, you should've been hatched a female…."

Tyr blushed and moaned beneath the dragon that was shuddering in pleasure above him. His ass was on fire, he was stretched wider then he'd ever been before. The powerful cock inside him shoving hard into him, the dragon pressed down on his bound body, the huge crown of the dragon's cock reaming his depths powerfully, it was all almost to much for him to stand. The dragon took his time fucking him, hard, long thrusts turning his ass to a burning pleasure hole as he mounted him. Tyr moaned as he felt a large amount of pre was into him, and he licked across the dragon nipple. The dragon shuddered, "Yes little one, lick me, that’s it, show me how much you love being my slut…" Tyr frowned a bit, and licked some more, tightening his ass as he did, the dragon quickening his pace. Tyr smiled to himself as he felt the dragon's chest tighten, and his arms flexed, digging his claws into the metal around Tyr's wrists. The dragon was close, and Tyr gripped his cock with his ass, milking it like a female would as he felt the dragon begin to throb inside him, the huge shaft pulsing powerfully as a huge wave of hot dragon cum flooded his ass. Tyr shuddered as the dragon roared, his bellow making his ears ring and he closed his eyes, drinking in ever moment of the dragon's orgasm, as the thick cock inside him thrust hard into his depths as a hot wave of sticky cum was blasted deep inside him, the slow withdraw as the dragon readied for another thrust, the wet sound as the dragons crown broke out of his ass, and then forced its way back into his depths, cum leaking from his ass. The dragon fucked him once, twice, ten times before roaring again and pressing his crotch flush with his ass, the crown of his cock swelling wide, so wide it hurt, the thick cock throbbing powerfully as he pumped Tyr's guts full of dragon seed…

Tyr gasped as the dragon settled atop him, panting himself. Arkatoth gasped for breath as he sagged against Tyr's body, the supports creaking as he did. His cock still pumped hot cum deep into Tyr depths, and Tyr moaned as he felt it fill him, suddenly realizing that his stomach, and the dragon's chest, was covered in his own cum. Tyr smiled. Arkatoth sure knew how to fuck.

Arkatoth smiled evilly down at him as he slowly pulled his still swollen cock head out of Tyr ass, Tyr's ring fighting the huge crown, trying to keep it inside until it popped! Out, as wave of cum following it. "Well well my slut, I see you enjoyed yourself. But I never told you that you could cum, did I?" Tyr swallowed, and realized that this could get very bad, very quickly…

The dragon leaned back over his captive, his dripping cock pressing back against his tail hole. "I'm just going to have to punish you I suppose…" Tyr moaned as the dragon thrust his cock entirely into his cum slicked ass, humping hard into him. "If he's anything like other dragons I know," Tyr thought, "Its gonna take hours for him to just get tired of fucking me…." Tyr groaned in ecstasy as the huge dragon's cock reamed him again as he thought, "Probably more since he seems so horny…" Tyr smiled up at Arkatoth, who grinned evilly back, "Yes slave, I'm gonna have to fuck you all night for that… Make you a good cock slut… Yesssssss…" Tyr just smiled and tightened his ass.



-Part two "The tables turn"



With a groan, Tyrannix stretched as he woke up, the restrains a little more familiar now that he'd spent an entire night in them. Tyrannix yawned big, his jaws opened wide as he stretched in the padded iron frame. The frame groaned as he did, and he smiled a bit, swishing his tail as he remembered how long the dragon had mounted him. Craning his neck back, he got a good look at wall behind him. Bare stonewalls with just one door. "Awwww… too bad, no dwagon to greet me. Oh well." Tyrannix looked about a bit. His lower half was covered in dried dragon cum, his legs still spread wide by the thick iron bars. Tyrannix grinned, his body still tingling from the dragon's fucking. That or his legs were asleep. Tyrannix relaxed, and thought about Arkatoth. He was one sexy dragon, but Tyr had the sinking suspicion he was serious about the slave thing, and not just role-playing it. Tyrannix looked about, "Hmmmm… something tells me I'm gonna have to find a way outta here…" he mumbled, idly teasing his bonds. His legs restraints held tight, as did the cross shaped straps holding his chest down. His right hand however, was loose. With a grin, he flexed his arm and snapped it out of the restraint easily. Looking at the broken band, he smiled. The dragon's claws had punched holes in it while he was mounting him. Tyrannix grinned and broke his other restraints easily now that he could reach them.

As he stood, he stretched to his full height, cracking his knuckles above his head. "Well now, lets see… " Tyrannix scratched his chin, and snapped the door knob of the door, breaking the lock. "Which way is out…" He began to wander down a dark hall, passing several rooms. Two corridors and a staircase later, he passed a lab filled with bubbling beakers and the slight glow of magic. A short time later, Tyr passed a lavish archway. Glancing inside, he found a room covered in beautiful silk, lanterns spreading a soft glow of over a huge bed, and the quietly sleeping form of Arkatoth. The dragon's deep red scales glowed against the brilliant white of his silk sheets. Tyrannix grinned. Stalking his way back to the laboratory, his mind turned. He wasn't too fond of being kidnapped, though he couldn't complain about his treatment since then. But he couldn't just leave with out thanking his host, now could he?


Arkatoth stirred in his sleep, stretching luxuriously on his silk bed. With a rumble, he smiled and raised himself to his knees, stroking his hard his cock a bit. "Nice to know I still have myself a good slave cunt to take care of this." He chuckled. With a gasp, he felt strong arms grip his chest. "Oh really now?" The voice of his slave whispered in his ear. Arkatoth roared in anger, lashing out at the Rex behind him. Tyr backed off, the big dragon's swipe missing him. "Now now," Tyr muttered, "no way to treat a guest…" The rex smiled, and Arkatoth lunged at him, intending to pin him with his superior weight and size. He wasn't about to loss his newfound fuck slave.

Arkatoth growled, and yelped as Tyr's huge form slammed him back onto the bed. The Rex was huge! His chest crushed him against the bed, and Arkatoth gasped "What! How, how did you…" Tyrannix grinned, pressing the dragon against the bed, his body literally expanding to cover the dragon's own. "Grow? Why, I'm no amateur at potions, and you lab was well stocked." Arkatoth growled, struggling against the growing strength forcing him down, "No… This can't be happening…" Tyrannix grinned, pressing Arkatoth down beneath him. "A simple growth potion, and now, " Arkatoth gasped as the now huge tyrannosaurus forced him to turn over, the huge Rex holding him down as his stomach pressed against the soft silk of his own bed, where he had taken hundreds of males. "Wait! No!" Arkatoth roared, struggling futilely as Tyr pulled the dragons tail to the side. Tyrannix grinned wide, pressing his cock against the dragon's now upturned rump. "Why not? It didn't seem to stop you… you're just lucky I like big dragon's like you." Tyrannix growled lustfully, pressing his cock hard against Arkatoth tail hole. The dragon roared in pain, twisting under him, trapped totally as his cock began to force its way inside the struggling dragon. "NO! You can't! NO!" "Ooooohhh…" Tyrannix rumbled as his cock slowly spread open the dragon's ass, "you're a virgin tail aren’t you… wonderful…" Arkatoth sobbed and gasping as his ass was forced open. "NO! You're my slave! No!" Tyr growled, shoving the dragon back down and thrusting his cock deep inside the dragon's upturned rump. "Well, then you had better get used to it Arkatoth, because I'm gonna fuck you as hard as you did me. Only fair." Tyr moaned as his cock took the dragon to the hilt. "Yeeeesssss…. Wonderful ass Arkatoth, wonderful…" Arkatoth didn't answer, tears streaming down his face. Arkatoth had forced dozens of males down into the soft silk sheets of his bed just like this. He'd mounted a hundred others in this bed, and now a rex was fucking his tail just like he was a female. Arkatoth shuddered in pain and pleasure as Tyr smiled, nuzzling him slightly. Arkatoth shivered and groaned, "Noooo… oh gods… I'm a male… powerful… you can’t do this…" Arkatoth shuddered and moaned as Tyr's cock took him, his once powerful muscles nothing compared to Tyrannix's might. The big red's claws dug into the soft silk, his wings shuddering as Tyr's huge cock fucked him. The rex towered over him, easily twenty feet tall, and his massive cock, nine feet of solid, hot flesh pounded into his ass. "Yeesssss…" Tyr hissed, "you fucked me... now I'm gonna screw you…" Arkatoth's eyes widened as he felt the rex's weight increasing, his cock stretching him even wider as the rex began to grow again, his cock still inside him.

Arkatoth moaned, "Noooo…" his back arching as he felt his body betraying him. Tyr moaned, reaching under the dragon and gripping his hard, throbbing cock. "Why fight it Arkatoth? It feels good to you; your own cock proves it… and if you play along like a nice little cock slut… Ohhhh yeah… I'll stick around a few days… and we'll keep this up…" Arkatoth moaned and thrashed about, his body spasming as Tyr's cock kept taking him harder and harder. Tyr grinned, humping the dragon's shuddering ass harder and harder as he felt the dragon begin to cum beneath him, his cock thrusting hard into his shuddering ass. "YEEEESSS" Tyr roared, his cock spewing his seed deep inside the red's spasming ass, the dragon roaring in pain and pleasure, collapsing beneath Tyr's still fucking body, his cock spraying his seed onto the silk beneath him.

Slowly, the dragon felt the cock inside him grow even bigger, Tyr's body expanding again. "I'm glad to see you liked that… I hope you like the rest of the night." Arkatoth looked back up at the huge rex and whispered, "As long as you don't make me a slave…." Tyr chuckled. "I have no need for slaves… I have a sexy dragon who'll do everything anyway." Tyr grinned, and Arkatoth moaned as he started humping him again.


The end, hoped you enjoyed it.