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This story deals with sex between males, in graphic detail. If you're not over 18, this is illegal for you to even look at, so stop right now. If homosexual content is not your cup of tea, you can leave the tea party. The characters and story are copyright Teiran 2001, do not redistribute without permission. Otherwise, enjoy!



Fox Hunt


        The club throbbed like the beat of a drum, a pounding rhythm that made Dray smile as he sipped his drink. The huge black wolf grinned as he spun around on his bar stool, scanning the bar. On the main stage, two otters ground against each other, they're almost naked bodies rubbing against each other as the crowd cheered them on. The club was full of furs, all dancing, mingling, and drinking. The wolf grinned to himself as he watched the males move around him. Riches was the hottest place in town. It was the hottest place to be gay and the steamiest sex spot in town.

        Dray smiled as a tiger pushed a cheetah and a lion pushed up against the bar, their tongues so far down each other’s throat they didn’t even see him. The tiger was named Carlos, and he winked at Dray as he signaled to the bartender. He ordered two drinks without ever taking his lips off the cheetah. They were purring so loudly together that they almost drown out the throbbing music before they moved away to a secluded alcove nearby. Dray grinned as he watched them. The cheetah was his friend, a guy named Tommy, and Dray smiled a bit as he lay down in the alcove underneath Carlos, who was already out of his pants. Carlos had been trying to get Tommy alone for almost a month now, and it looked like the cheetah had finally given in to his advances. Dray sipped his drink and sighed a bit. Everybody gave into Carlos eventually it seemed. The wolf chuckled and smiled as he watched some of the other club goers work the crowd around him.

        Riches was a strange place he mused as he scanned the crowd. The crown jewel of the gay district, it was filled with twisting hallways, bars, and dance floors. It was all to common to pass two guys screwing as hard as they could in a one of the slightly secluded alcoves that were everywhere, some in full view of the dance floor. This was a place where sex was a game. Every fur there was looking for his next conquest or wild ride, and everyone played a role in the sexual drama. There were the big beefy furs in their tank tops and tight jeans, their muscles stretching their cloths as they flexed for their admirers. They jockeyed with each other over which was the strongest, the biggest, or the best in bed, each fighting for dominance in their own way. Each was trying to be an alpha in a place full of other, some times stronger males.

        On the other side of the hunt was the prey, the lithe and sleek bottoms that combed the crowds of dominant tops, each for just the right top to spend some ‘quality’ time with. Their groomed fur and tight clothing shined in the lights, and their gossip and dramatics controlled more of the game then most were willing to admit. A few furs walked the middle line, playing both predator and prey, but only one thing was for sure. Every male on the strip was looking for sex, and if they waited long enough, they would find it. Or it would find them

        Dray smiled slightly as he looked across the room at a group of younger furs, just old enough to be let in but much to shy to do anything. They were the hangers on, the wallflowers. The younger, shyer males who stood and watched the pros work they're beautiful seductions, wishing that they could be the ones in the center of a ring of males. The wolf scanned those furs that hung back, watching but doing nothing. The big wolf smiled and sipped his drink as he watched them. They were perhaps two or three years younger then he was, but a world apart in attitude. They were shy, repressed about they're feelings, wanting so desperately to have one of the bigger stronger males in the crowd pay them some attention, or even just get a good spot to watch the otters on stage, who by now were fucking like they were in heat. But they were to afraid to do anything but stand and watch, sometimes openly staring at one of the couples mating in the alcoves while all the pros seemed to take no notice of such things. Dray scanned the bar as he sipped his drink, his eyes searching, almost hunting, for just the right partner for the evening.

        Finally, his eyes fell on a fox standing beside one of the support pillars. His bright, fluffy tail was wrapped around his leg, and his dark leather pants hugged his legs as his tail nervously twitched back and forth. The black tipped tail moved on its own accord as the fox looked around the room nervously, one hand against the pillar and the other held close against his stomach. His bright white t-shirt glowed under the black lights, as did the soft white fur under his neck, his sleek face outlined by the flashing lights of the dance floor. The fox's eyes darted back and forth as Dray slid from his seat, his drink left behind as the wolf rubbed his paws in anticipation. He smiled to himself as he weaved through the crowd towards the fox, his chosen prey for the evening.

        The fox rubbed one black-gloved hand through his head fur, his bangs hanging over his eyes. Dray grinned as the fox spotted him, his blue eyes following the wolf as he moved towards him. Dray smiled wider, his canines flashing as he moved towards the fox, seeing him begin to breath harder, his eyes wide as his tail began to shake and twitch. Dray continued to grin as the fox turned around, dashing behind the pillar and into the crowd.

        Dray grinned as he came to stand where the fox had been moments before, breathing in deeply and catching the fox's scent. Dray grinned as the fox's scent filled his nose, a mix of lust arousal and fear so distinctively fox. He grinned, sniffing the air gently, following the fox's scent. Fox's always smelled the way they looked to him, sort of earthy, sleek and strangely submissive. Dray chuckled as he slide through the crowd following the fox's scent easily even in the tangled mix of smells and sounds, an effortless hunter.


        The fox gasped as he slipped through a side exit. The cold air washed over him, and he breathed it deeply, amazed at how clean the air smelled compared to the musk laden air inside the club. Toby staggered to a bench, smooth cushions laid over the cold stone. He looked across the small backyard, the clubs high wooden fence making sure no one could see inside. A few furs leaned against each other; beautiful male couples locking lips with each other, and in some case petting and stroking each other through their clothes. The fox closed his eyes, gasping for breath. Toby shivered as he remembered the look on that big wolf's face. He opened his eyes, rubbing his black furred hands across his light red arms. What was he even doing here? Why had he come back to this horrible bar, knowing full well what might happen? Knowing that a sleek, young gay fox like himself was an easy target for both the bashers and predators alike. He closed his eyes, steadying himself as he began to stand.

        The fox yelped as someone pulled him backwards, pulling him back onto the bench and gripping him tight. "Gotcha foxy." Dark black arms held the fox effortlessly, pinning his arms to his sides, the fox's pulled off the ground as he was pulled to the other side of the bench and pinned. "Hey! Stop! Let me… go…" the fox's last word was a squeak as Dray squeezed him tightly, his hands rubbing his chest as the wolf held him still, pressed forward against the bench. "Quiet foxy… I'm not gonna hurt you." The fox shivered and looked up. The huge wolf smiled down at him, holding him between his legs. He was huge, nearly seven feet tall, and the barely five foot five fox shivered in his grip.

        "What do you want?" Toby whispered softly. The wolf grinned, his teeth flashing. "What does any wolf want when he captures his prey? Why don't we start with a name foxy?" "To…Tobias…." The fox squirmed under the wolf's steady gaze and his iron grip. "Everybody calls me Toby." The wolf grinned, "Well Toby, I'm Dray. Now tell me, what's a young vixen like you doing out here tonight?" Toby gasped as the wolf's hand rubbed his nipple through his shirt. "No, please, let me go, I don't…" The wolf's voice was deep as he growled lustily into his ear. "Don't what? Don't want some attention?" The wolf pinched his nipple softly as his other hand slide down his side and over his crotch, rubbing him through the black leather. Dray grinned as the fox gasped and stiffened in his arms. "You shouldn't dress like this if you want to be a wall flower all your life foxy…"

        Toby shivered as the wolf's hand massaged and caressed his foxhood through the soft leather, and he moaned, "Noooo… please…" The wolf grinned at him. "Why not foxy? Part of you wants this… A rather large part I might add…" The fox whined as Dray's hands stroked his crotch, his cock indeed hard and begging for release. "Come on foxy… show me how much you want this." The wolf's paw loosened the fox's pants one button at a time. The fox's whine was low as Dray's hand slipped into his pants and gripped his sheath through his white cotton underwear. "Please noooo, don't…" Dray's smiled faded a bit, and he held the fox in place. "You really want me to stop?" The fox looked up into Dray's eyes, the wolf’s longer head fur falling over his bright blue eyes. The wolf held the fox still, bright green eyes staring into back up at him. Dray’s probing fingers were still, one hand cupping the fox's balls, another across his chest, holding him in place. The fox swallowed fearfully. "Would you stop?" The wolf closed his eyes and nodded softly. The fox's heart raced and he closed his eyes for a moment breathing hard, the wolf's thick, masculine scent filling his lungs. He opened his eyes and nodded a bit. "Then don't…"

        Dray's eyes snapped open with a grin, and he undid the tail snap at the back of the fox's pants with a practiced motion. "That’s just what I wanted to hear foxy." Toby gasped as the wolf growled softly and buried his muzzle into his neck fur as he slowly pulled down the fox's pants, letting them fall around his ankles as his paw grabbed the fox's cock through his jockstrap. "Now, now foxy, a jockstrap?" The wolf's fingers slide down Toby's bare rump, softly digging between his cheeks before slowly hooking into the band on his left cheek, giving it a quick snap like a rubber band. Dray grinned as the fox whimpered and squirmed in his grasp. "Now don't you try and tell me you didn't plan this foxy…" Toby gasped and shook his head as the wolf lifted him up, pulling him over to the other side of the bench.

        The wolf leaned forward and pushed Toby down, forcing him to lay across the bench, his rump in the air. Toby gasped as he realized the wolf wasn't wearing his pants anymore and that his sheath was rubbing against his exposed rump, and from the feel of his hardening cock rubbing between his cheeks, the wolf was absolutely huge. The fox squirmed despite himself as Dray's paw pushed him down, bending him over the bench. Dray's hand gripped his waist and one paw stroked his cock as he pulled the fox back against his body. Toby squirmed and whimpered as he felt the wolf’s cock lengthen and press under his tail, spreading his cheeks and just barely rubbing against his tailhole.


Toby felt a shiver run up his spine as the wolf's paw slipped under his jockstrap and stroked his cock, his paw warm as it caressed his shaft. Toby could see everyone was watching them, a few of them peering over the cocks they were now nursing on at the big wolf and sleek fox who were about to give them a very good show.

        Dray smiled wide as he felt the fox shiver under him, his thick black cock pressing under his tail and between his cheeks. The fox squirmed as he felt the wolf’s thick cock head rub against his back door, pushing firmly into him. The fox squirmed and whined in pain as the wolf began to split him open, a slow agonizing pain that burned and made him want more. Dray growled softly in pleasure as the fox’s tight ring fought his entrance, gripping his cock tight as he slowly slide inside the fox. Dray was silently glad he'd lubed himself up before grabbing the fox, or he'd be really hurting him now. The fox's whimpered yelps told him he wasn't used to a cock as thick as the black member sinking into him now, but the hot tightness of his tail hole…. Dray growled in lust, his fingers twisting the fox's shirt up as he held him down, pushing his cock to the hilt into the fox’s hot, tight ass.


        Dray grinned as the fox’s body shook as he filled him. The little fox’s frame spasmed, half in pain and half in ecstasy, and he moaned softly as Dray ground his cock as far into him as he could. Then, he slowly pulled his nine inches of cock out again. The little fox’s claws dug into the bench’s cushion and his body shook, his tailhole tightening reflexively around Dray’s shaft as it slowly slide out of him as if he were fighting to keep it inside him. Dray growled as the head of his cock barely slipped out of the fox and he thrust forward hard, impaling the fox, who shook and moaned in pleasure. Dray grinned and widened his stance a bit, one paw gripping the fox’s cock and the other the base of his tail to make sure the long, fluffy foxtail stayed out of the way. Dray grinned and pulled back on his hand holds, pulling the fox’s whole body back onto his thick cock and he began to hump the fox’s tight tailhole hard, his strokes rhythmic, his hard cock pistoning in and out of the fox’s tailhole like a jackhammer.

        Toby panted as the wolf pushed inside him the first few times, murring softly as his paws wrapped around his cock and the base of his tail. The wolf’s grip on him was total, his body under the larger wolf’s control as he lay legs spread and tail raised across the bench. Toby gasped and moaned, his whole body shaking and his claws digging into the bench as the wolf began to fuck him. And it was fucking. Hard, smooth and deep, each thrust brought the wolf cock from hilt to crown and back again and forced the air in and out of Toby’s lungs. Toby felt his body twitch and spasm, shaking with each hard thrust as the wolf’s thick cock pounded through his ass. Toby could barely feel anything else, the fox’s whole world consisted of nine inches of his insides that were being humped hard by a thick, throbbing cock. He whimpered and tried to move, to push himself back against the pounding member, but he couldn’t move. The pleasure of the wolf thick cock plowing into him overloaded everything and his knees buckled, and if he hadn’t already been lying down he would have fallen. Toby’s legs twitched and spasmed in the air, and with a growl of pleasure Dray used his own strong legs to push the fox’s open wider, thrusting hard into Toby’s tailhole. A low whimpering moan of pleasure escaped the fox’s lips and he clawed futilely at the bench, trying to move at all as the wolf humped him hard, pleasure simply overloading everything.

        Dray growled as he humped the fox hard, his back arching with pleasure. The little fox struggled feebly beneath him and moaned loudly, making Dray’s whole body tingle. Dray smiled and admired the withering fox he was mounting hard, bathed softly in the moonlight. His paws were blacked socked like most fox’s, but his arms and legs were slender even for a fox and his muzzle was slim as well. He back fur was a soft red, his chest a pure white that extended down to his inner thighs and back up under his tail. The soft white fur a made the sight of his thick black wolfcock pushing into Toby's ass all that more delightful. The fox’s body made for a beautiful sight as he shook and squirmed as Dray’s cock fucked his tight ass hard.

        And he was tight. Really, really tight. The fox’s tailhole felt like a warm glove wrapped around his cock. Dray growled in pleasure and leaned forward, pushing his growing knot into and then back out of the fox’s tight ass. He chuckled and grinned as the little fox’s body spasmed and he moaned in pleasure. Dray closed his eyes and arched his back, thrusting harder, his whole body tensing with the pleasure of fucking the fox. His tailhole was tight and hot and gripped his thick cock hard. The wolf’s back arched as his knot popped in and out of the fox again, and then a third time. Dray leaned forward, gripping the fox tight, his teeth gripping the back of his neck as his shaft plowed through him, his knot popping in and out of his tailhole with each thrust, the widening knot harder to pull out each time. Dray’s whole body shook as he humped the fox, who’s moans and struggles made the fucking that much better.

        Each thrust brought Dray closer and closer to climax and made Toby moan a little louder. With each thrust his knot grew a little more and popped in and out of Toby’s tight ass with more effort. Soon, he’d tie the fox and cum inside him; just a few more thrusts and his knot would lock the fox to him and make him his completely… just a few more….

        The little fox’s cock throbbed in Dray’s paw and the little fox came with a strangle "YIFF!" The fox’s tailhole tightened down on Dray’s dick so hard it felt like a vise. Dray growled and tried to force his knot into the fox. He wanted to tie him now, while he came, forcing the fox to feel how in control he was, that the wolf’s cock was in control of him. Dray growled and fucked him hard, pushing his thick cock in as hard as he could, forcing his cock all the way to his knot as the fox came. The fox was orgasming hard, yiffing loudly as his whole body spasmed. Dray gasped and closed his eyes, his cock tortured by the fox’s shuddering tailhole. One hard thrust and then another, and he howled in frustration. His knot was almost inside the spasming fox but he was so tight he couldn’t force it inside him and it was driving him crazy with. He gritted his teeth and held out against the pleasure, the burning tightness around his cock that made him want to explode right then and there except he couldn’t force his knot into the fox’s spasming tailhole no matter how hard he tried.

        With a howl of triumph, Dray slammed his cock from crown to hilt into the fox, his knot forcing its way inside the fox’s spasming tail hole and locking him deep inside. With another howl Dray exploded inside Toby’s body, flooding him with hot cum as he thrust as best he could into him savagely, his claws tearing the fox’s shirt as his teeth bite down on the back of his neck in a powerful mating bite. It lasted forever, the incredible tightness of the fox’s ass never letting up for a second as Dray pumped his seed into his fox slut, gripping him hard and thrusting desperately as he pumped his cum into the fox’s ultra-tight hole.

        Toby felt his world explode with his orgasm. The feeling of the wolf’s cock plowing through him sent him into such ecstasy that he wanted to scream but couldn’t. The wolf’s hard, desperate fucking continued for an eternity as his own cock flooded his jockstrap with cum and the wolf’s paw tightened on his cock. The wolf fucked him with a kind of desperation, howling in frustration as he tried to force his knot inside his tightened tailhole. Toby yelped, the pain and pleasure incredible as the wolf power fucked him so hard Toby thought he would break in half before his tailhole finally stretched wider then ever, wracking the fox with an incredible agony as the huge swollen knot popped inside him, swelling even more and locking them together. And then the wolf came.

        His howl filled Toby’s ears and made his ears ring and his rapid, savage thrusts turned him inside out, making him grip the bench so hard his claws left long gashes in the cushions. The wolf’s hot cum poured into him like a liquid fire, more cum then Toby thought possible flooded up and forced its way inside his guts, hot inside him like molten lead and making him moan as the wolf humped him still, slowing only gradually. Toby sobbed in pleasure and pain as the wolf’s teeth gripped his neck and his claws tore across his chest, tearing the front of his shirt to ribbons as the wolf’s cock pulled at his insides, throbbing and pumping his thick hot, cum into the fox’s guts. Toby felt like he was swimming as the wolf laid down on top of him, gasping for breath with him. Toby shivered as he felt the wolf’s cum covered paw run up under his tattered shirt and across his chest, smearing his own cum across his chest fur. He shook more as he felt the wolf’s trapped cock throb, the thick pool of cum inside him moving inside him, warming his insides like there was a fire inside him. It felt so wonderful Toby could hardly breathe as the wolf wrapped his arms around him and held him, locked inside him by his huge knot. Toby shook and sobbed once, gasping for breath as the wolf shifted and bite his neck again, not breaking the skin but holding him there in a mating bite before releasing him and leaning up, supporting him with an arm on either side of the fox. Toby cried a bit, his mind reeling at the feeling of such a huge cock inside him, swollen so wide it was locked inside his body. He felt his tailhole try and return to its normal shape, tightening down on the huge wolf cock and making his whole body tingle in pleasure and pain.

        Dray’s arms trembled as he leaned over the fox, his cock still trapped inside the fox’s tight tail hole. His hips were held flush with the fox’s, but Dray lifted his chest off him, letting the little fox breath easier without his weight on his back. Dray closed his eyes and gasped for air, each breath filling his mind with the scent of the fox. He lifted his right paw to his muzzle and breathed deeply, licking the fox’s cum from his paw as his chest heaved. He’d never had a mating, especially a something that was supposed to be just a quick fuck out back, ever feel that good. It felt like he’d just had the best sex of his life for hours on end and all he’d done was mount the fox once. Dray closed his eyes and tried to breath, but all he could do was collapse back down onto the fox and hold him, slipping his arms under his now limp body and hugging him fiercely. He lay there and gasped air, unable to move but quite happy to stay right there and hold the fox full of his cum, nuzzling and gripping the fox’s neck with his teeth to dominate him just a little more.

        Eventually the fox began to squirm under him, his tail hole squeezing his cock as he tried to get him to pull out. Dray closed his eyes with a satisfied grin and let the fox struggle for a while. His knot was much to big for the fox to force him out, and Dray silently enjoyed the way the fox struggled, trapped by his body. He grinned as he controlled the little fox with just his cock, making him squirm and whimper. The fox’s struggles felt like he was milking his cock with his tailhole and it made the wolf tingle in pleasure.

        Then he looked down into the fox’s pleading eyes. The round green orbs pulled at his heart as they begged him for release, the fox’s slim muzzle quivering as he said, "Please, please you’re too big…" Dray closed his eyes and nodded, gripping the fox’s hips, whispering, "Relax, and it’ll be easier…" He calmed himself and waited till he felt the fox’s tailhole loosen a bit before pulling his knot out. Dray suppressed a whimper of pleasure as the fox’s tight ring squeezed his full knot as he pulled himself out, and he felt the fox’s body stiffen in his grasp as his huge knot slowly forced the fox’s tailhole open again and then popped out of him suddenly.

        Toby yipped in pain as the wolf’s huge knot popped out of him, and a wave of relief passed through him as the pressure inside his tail hole disappear as the wolf pulled out, leaving him feel strangely empty. With the wolf’s knot gone, he felt a rush of cum escape from his tailhole before his sphincter could tighten up again. Toby shivered as he felt a warmth spread between his cheeks as the wolf’s cum began to leak out, and he felt his face burn as he slide of the bench and quickly pulled his pants up so no one would see the trails of cum running down his legs and tail. He trembled as he kneeled beside the bench, his claw mark easy to see, along with a few drops of his own cum. He looked around the small yard at all the furs that had watch him get fucked, and tried to ignore the smirks and grins all the other males wore. He turned around to look at the wolf again.

        Dray was grinning wide as he picked up his discarded pants, his cock standing hard and proud as he gripped it in one paw, the thick black dick still covered in white cum. His tail was held high and his fur gleamed as he pulled his black jeans on, leaving the crotch open. His cock was huge, easily nine inches long and completely black. His heavy balls hung out of his jeans, and the wolf grinned down at him as if he suddenly had a very evil idea. "Thanks fox, you’re the tightest vixen I’ve had in months." Toby blushed as the several furs around then snickered under their breath and the wolf took a step closer. "Why don’t you clean me up a bit foxy, since you couldn’t stand to let me stay in you longer." Toby stared at the wolf’s cock, which hung right in front of his muzzle. The thick black cock was covered in white cum, and Toby trembled as he leaned forward and began to clean the wolf’s cock.

        Toby felt his whole body blush, his red fur barely hiding his embarrassment as he kneeled in front of the wolf and licked his cock clean. He bobbed his muzzle up and down the huge cock a few times, making it gleam with his spit instead of cum before the wolf rubbed the back of his head and said. "That’s a good fox." Toby shivered and didn’t meet the wolf’s eyes as he stuffed his huge cock back into his jeans and zipped himself up, his hard cock straining the fabric of his pants as he patted the fox’s head and said. "I’ll see yeah round Toby. Here’s my number." Toby took the business card in both paws as Dray handed it too. "Give me a call the next time you’re feeling lonely."

        Toby felt his heart break as the wolf began to turn away. He’d come to the club to night to find someone, some who would make the lonely ness he’d felt for so long go away. Now, for the third time, a bigger stronger male was walking away from him after having mated with him, using him as just another tight hole to spill their seed in. He felt his eyes begin to fill with tears, one slowly running down his cheek. He could feel the collective eyes of those around him and the warm wetness of his own cum in his crotch, his cock hard again at the feeling of being taken, used and dumped just as quickly. Toby felt the shame of it all well up inside him and burst as the seat of his pants filled with the wolf’s cum as it leaked from his battered tailhole.

        Dray had to fight to breath evenly as he looked down at the fox as he squeezed his business card in his paws, crumpling it up and shoving it into his pocket as he panted for breath. He had never had such a good fuck in his entire life, and he would have loved to stay and fuck the fox a second time, or take him home and mount him all night long, but that wasn’t the way things were done. You couldn’t spend the whole night screwing someone, kissing and making out afterwards, no one would let you do it. It wasn’t how the game was played on the strip. You had a few drinks together, a quick fuck and then you walked away. If you wanted more, you called the guy up the next day, set up a date away from the clubs. If you wanted something more then a quick fuck you had to go somewhere private, away for the pounding beat of the dance floor. There were rooms upstairs in some clubs, sure, but you didn’t go there unless you wanted everyone to know who you were doing and how hard. Dray sighed inwardly as he began to take the first step away from the fox. He wanted to stay, but all he could do was leave and hope the fox called him soon. Dray froze when the fox’s small paws grabbed his pants and he sobbed, "Please, please don’t go…"

        Dray stopped instantly and looked down at the little fox. He was still on his knees, his muzzle pressed against Dray’s leg as he cried, trying to stop himself but failing miserably. Dray stood and watched him for a long moment, looking him over. The fox’s chest heaved and shook as he cried, a rather noticeable wet spot forming in the seat of his pants as the wolf’s cum filled them. The little fox hadn’t even buttoned up his pants and his half hard cock was still poking out of them. Dray leaned down and ran his paw through the fox’s head fur, forcing him to look up at him. "Hey," he whispered softly. "You okay?" It was stupid, he knew, but he couldn’t think of anything else to say when the fox’s big green eyes looked up at him. The fox shook his head as tears ran down his muzzle. Dray bit his lip, a sinking feeling in his stomach as something occurred to him. "This was your first time, wasn’t it?" Dray almost let out a sigh of relief when the fox shook his head again. Nobody should lose their virginity over a bench behind a club filled with sex crazy furs, no matter how good the sex was. It just wasn’t right. But then, he thought, there were a lot of things about the way sex and mating were treated at Riches and the other clubs that bother him. Dray kneeled down again and cupped the fox’s cheek in his paw "Then what’s wrong?" The wolf whispered.

        The fox began to cry again and he collapsed forward into Dray’s arms. "Please don’t leave me…" he sobbed, his head buried in the wolf’s his chest fur, "please, don’t leave me alone, not again, not like all the others… please… don’t just leave me here…" Dray closed his eyes and hugged the fox, his heart wrenched by the fox’s sobs. How many times had he wanted to say those words after being on the bottom of a particularly good mating? How many nights did he go home alone, even though he’d mated three or four times in the secluded alcoves of the clubs in the gay district, wanting nothing more then to have someone to wake up to when no one would come back to his place with him? Dray let the fox cry as he buttoned up the fox’s pants and wiped the cum off his shirt, gathering him up into his arms. He held the fox tightly as he stood up and made his way across the yard towards the back gate. He could already hear the other furs talking, and he knew what they’d be saying and that he’d pay for this act of kindness later, but he didn’t fucking well care. If he could make the sobbing fox in his arms feel better, to hell with what everyone else thought. Dray picked the fox up, cradling him as he pushed open the back gate and slipped into the alley behind Riches.

        He looked around the alley. It was the alley between the two streets that made up the gay district and was well lit down the middle. It had tons of dark, secluded corners where two males could spend some ‘quality’ time together and was always lined with guys making out or talking. In any other alley, Dray would have been concerned about his surroundings but in this alley, everybody looked out for each other to make sure nobody got hurt. Well, at least not physically hurt. He weaved his way through the small crowd of furs and made his way to a quieter side alley that lead to the parking lots. Toby had stopped crying so hard now and was just shaking slightly in his arms, his face buried in his chest fur and hidden in the fold of his coat. The wolf furrowed his brow in concern. Something was really wrong with the little fox, and he had a bad feeling it was mostly his fault.

        Dray set the fox down gingerly, leaning him against the brick wall and stood in front of him, a hand on either side of the fox’s waist so he couldn’t run off suddenly. Dray looked into his eyes, which snapped shut as soon as the fox’s gaze met his and Toby started to cry again. "Hey, hey, take it easy, its okay. I’m not going anywhere." The little fox opened his bright green eyes a bit and sniffed, tears running down his cheeks. "Yes you are. You don’t care about me at all. Why would you stay?" Dray chuckled as smiled, leaning in close and licked the tears off the fox’s cheek. "Why? Why do you think I picked you tonight kid? Look at you, you’re gorgeous!" The fox tried to look away from his eyes. "No I’m not. I’m pathetic. My cloths are torn to pieces, my fur is matted with cum and it’s dripping out of my tailhole like I wet my pants. I don’t even know what I’m doing here!" The fox’s voice rose with each word and he burst into tears. Dray tried to calm him down, but the fox kept cry until in desperation silenced Dray him with a deep kiss.

        Toby stared into his eyes with shock. "Wh, why did you…" "Kiss you? Might I remind you Toby that I picked you out of a whole club of guys, just had the best sex of my life with you and that is my cum dripping out of your pants?" The fox blinked slowly, and Dray felt them pull at his heart as the fox whispered. "Really? That, that was the best time you’ve ever…" Toby’s voice was ragged as Dray nodded. "Yeah, yeah it was. Look." Dray sighed and crouched in front of the little fox so they were eye to eye. "I meant it when I said I wanted you to call me. I didn’t want tonight to be the last time we ever saw each other." The fox sniffed and wiped the tears from his eyes. "But, why were you going to leave?" Dray sighed and looked down, shifting uncomfortably. "Because that’s the way things are done here on the strip kid." "But that’s…" "I know." Dray interrupted the fox, "I know. It’s a rotten way to do things, especially when you meet someone you really like." Toby blinked in surprise as Dray leaned in and kissed him softly. "Do, do you really like me?" the fox whispered, crossing his arms across his chest and backing up against the wall. "Yes, I do. Look, I don’t usually feel this strongly about somebody I just met, but why don’t we go get you cleaned up a bit and get you something to eat? Hmmm? How does that sound?" Toby closed his eyes and wiped the last tear out of his eye. "No, no I should just go home." The fox buried his chin into his chest, "I, I’m not going to be able to deal with it when you finally decide to leave and … and spending more time with you will only make it worse…" Dray slide a paw under the fox’s chin and made him look up at him. "Who says I’m going to leave?" Dray looked into Toby’s eyes and kissed the fox softly, pulling him away from the wall and into his arms. Toby nodded numbly and said, "Okay, okay Dray I’ll come with you." The wolf smiled and stood up, scritching the fox’s head fur. "Come on, my car’s this way."