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High School Days


These are stories of growing up gay. 


Its about discovering who you really are and how much your family and your school mates can affect you, for good or for bad.  And of course, there will be lots of good old gay sex.

Clever people will notice that the series is patterned after The GreenMount Chronicles By NightCat. That's rather intentional. NightCat's work inspired me to write such an ambitious series about a world of people and how they interact with each other.  I'm sure you'll have fun drawing parallels between some of the characters, but don't assume every character will follow the same pattern.  You will also see some radical differences between the two series too. 

The beginning of the story features two young lovers by the name of Todd and David.  Their story starts in Young Love and Young Love 2, and then expands to include a cast of nearly 18 characters who live in the world around them.  Everyone has a story in this, a tail to tell as it were, and that means this is a big story.  Its going to take me a long time to finish it.  I've already written 20 chapters, and planned at least that many more.  The cast of characters is huge, with 18 different characters you would consider 'main' and a host of supporting cast.  You can find out a little more about them in the Character Bios page.  Everyone has a story to be told, and like real life, not everyone will end up happy in the end.

Just so you know, the chapters without a link in their title are just there to tease you.  They're not done yet, but they're getting there. 


Character Comparison page

High School Days Series

Here's all the pictures that go with the stories.  Enjoy!



I've finally, almost finished my collection of these dashing boys.  I only have one cast photo left to commission, Tony and Nathan, and then they're all done!



These top three were all done by Nudog, and I colored the first two. 

He did a much better job coloring the final one then I did on the others though



While all of these are all by Kaput Otter

Also, a friend of mine named ZiaBandito drew version of the cast for me. I love it!

1: Young Love, Part 1 Innocence...

(m/m) This is a story about growing up.  Its a story about family and the way being gay is treated in the home.

Todd and David by Wookiee

2 Young Love, Part 2
Broken Hearts

(m/m) This is the second  of a story about growing up gay and how your family can help, or hinder you.

Todd and David By Nudog

Colored version by Teiran.

3:  A New Home 

This chapters chronicles what happens to Todd and David next, and introduces a whole lot of people who will play important roles in their lives in the days to come.

4: Finding Yourself

(M/M)  Wracked with feelings for Todd, Keith finds some things out about himself with a little help from Kevin.



Kevin and Keith by BushyCat

 5: Locker Room Politics

Right, here we go.  A ton of main characters are introduced here. In fact, the rest of them all get introduced all at once in one big locker room scene. 


And boy are you yiff hounds going to hate me for how misleading that sounds… 

Various guys by Louie Furrywolf

6: Morning Routine

(M/solo)  Sometimes, you get into a routine. You get up in the morning and you get used to your friends being there for you  or rules being enforced on you. 

Then, things change. 

Sometimes the strangest things happen on the way to school. 


7: Soccer Practice

(M/M Oral) Kevin gets a rude awakening, as someone from his past winds up on the soccer team. 


We also get a look at just what life was like for David at Roosevelt Academy. 

Its Brian and Kevin by Jacent.

8: Study Sessions

(M/M, Oral) Nick, football player and high school super star, needs help with his homework, and Kevin, bookworm that he is, finds out just how difficult it can be to teach a jock.










Kevin By Nudog

9: Wrestlers 

(M/M, Oral) Tony, a really buff Jack Russell Terrier, finds that not everyone is ashamed of the secret he keeps.

Tony and Brian
By Nudog Colored by Teiran

Okay, the next several chapters all go together. Read them in order.

Game Night

Chapters 11 through 21 all deal with events on the same night and the following weekend, just with different characters in different places.

10: The Pre Game Show

Chapter Ten is intended to set things up so that the rest of this section makes some sense if read in order, even though I'm not done with all these chapters.








Nathan By Nudog Colored by Teiran

11 Coffee Shop Blues

(M/M) Chris, Alan, Kevin and David go out on the town for a cup of coffee, good music and a night of reminiscing.  Along the way, there are new friendships made and old acquaintances renewed. 






 JD meets Alan, by Aura Moser


12 The 'Big' Game

(M/M) Jeff and James are cute, and they know it.  And when they go for to football a game, they're not there for the game, they're there for the hotdogs. 

Nathan, by a fan named AJ Rosen

13: Like Lovers Do

(M/M) Keith has the night of his life and gets to share it with Todd, confessing everything and finding more the he could have imagined.  Special thanks go out to Wookiee, who helped me edit this chapter. 

14 Three to Tango

(M/M/M) Brian has spilled the beans, and two of Tony's best friends want to find out why he's just so shy.


Tony By Nudog

15: A Party to Remember

(M/M) Leon Davis always throws a huge party after a football game because his family is rich and he can invite everyone, and this game night is no exception.  But for many of his guests, it will be a night that changes their lives.


 Kevin and Chris share their first kiss, by Complication_5



And then a whole lot more. Chris and Kevin by Jacent

16: Jock Talk

(M/M) Kyle and Nick get back to Nick's place after the party, and Kyle learns just what Kevin has been teaching his best friend.

17: Lost Without You

(M/M) David calls Shane, and they discuss the time they spent at the Academy together and what that time meant to each of them.  Meanwhile, Todd has to deal with his belief that he has betrayed the one he loves most.

David and Shane by Pinkuh

18: The Morning After

(M/M) Kyle and Nick deal with the ramifications of their roll in the hay.


With... another roll in the hay.

by BushyCat

19: Father Knows Best (M/M) Tony wakes up from his night with Jeff and James, to find more then a few surprises await the poor dog as the twins' father comes home to find him asleep on his couch.  
20: A Little Fun at the Mall (M/M, multiple.)

Alan finds himself dragged to the Hadenview Mall by Shane and JD.  Nick and Kyle give David a ride to the mall so the kangaroo can go shopping for clothes. Blake goes to get his camera fixed, and maybe get some tail. 

Why?  Cause gay people like to shop. 


21: The Consequences of Love Todd and David are finally reunited.... 

in a way they never thought possible. 

22: Coming Home Todd and David come home...  
23: A Night on the Town   Everyone at the school knows about Todd, but Chris has to come to terms with his own troubles...  
24: Test of Manhood Rob can't stop thinking about guys after the party, especially when Brian challenges the horse's manhood...  
25: Quality Time *NEW* Things in Kyle's life have changed a lot in the past few weeks, and those changes continue...