This story deals with sex between males, in graphic detail. If you're not over 18 or that's not your cup of tea, you can leave my tea party. The characters are copyright Teiran 2001, do not redistribute without permission. Otherwise, enjoy!



Dragons of the fort

Gasping for breath, Ben ran for his life. The soldiers would catch him for sure. White scales did nothing to hide him at night, and he was sure some of the raiders had seen him run. He looked back down the valley for a moment and the light from the burning village glowed on his scales. Ben turned to run, and fell as his foot caught a tree root. He was sure he'd never make it. His feet hurt, he gasped for breath, and the trees tore at his wings painfully. The small dragon ran faster then he had ever before. With a bang, he slammed suddenly into the huge doors of the small keep that over looked the valley. The pain rocked him, his shoulder shifting in a way that hurt so bad he nearly blacked out.

"Help!" he cried, "Please, some one help me! The village is under attack! Please you've got to help us!" Slowly, the doors to the keep cracked open, and shadow peered out at him, dark red eyes flashing as the fire light made them glow. "We already know that boy. We also don't care." Ben felt his eyes water as his shoulder screamed in pain. It felt dislocated, and he gingerly cradled it. "Please! You're dragons! My parents are down there! You have to help us!" The eyes were unyielding. "That village belongs to furs, and they have never let us in their village, and we are cast out from the dragon clans. Do not come looking for aide from us." Slowly, the door began to close, and Ben lunged forward, wedging himself inside then. "Wait! AHHHH!" He screamed in pain as he felt his shoulder get crushed by the heavy door. His vision blurred, his knees buckled and he felt to the ground, half inside the fort, half outside. The eyes came down, swimming before the white dragon's eyes. Slowly, the Red eyes became a regal black muzzle as a powerfully muscled black dragon bent down. "That wasn't very smart boy." Ben looked up, tears flowing freely as he cradled his shoulder. "Please, we... we're exiles too… you've got to help them… the raiders are going to cut them up and sell them as medicine…" The huge black's eyes narrowed, and his nostrils flared a bit in anger." "All right boy, but there will be a price for our protection." Ben nodded in pain, "Anything, anything you want, just protect the village…" The black dragon raised an eyebrow. "Anything?" "Yes," Ben nodded, "Anything." Ben felt the big black pull him inside, away from the doors. Several dragons rushed past him, and he felt the ground shake a bit. The big black looked up. "Alright Tyr, were gone need everything this time." Be looked up at the biggest dragon he'd ever seen. He was huge, twice the size of the other dragons running by, probably twenty feet tall. He was blood red all over, his face regal and yet terrifying. Ben felt his knees give out a bit, and he nearly collapse from fright and pain. "All right boss, but you know how I get after I change." The black nodded. "Don't worry, well take care of it."

The big red smiled broadly at Ben. "Good." He turned and ducked outside. Once there, he stood still for a long moment, breathing very deeply. Ben looked at him confused as the other dragon warriors who had rushed out moved away from him. "What's he doing?" Ben gasped as he watched the huge red grow, his body expanding massively, his size nearly doubling, and his form shifting. Instead of the normal, arthro shape most dragons had, he took on the four-legged shape of legend, and Ben could have sworn he saw fire flicker from his mouth. His huge wings blocked everything outside form view, his lower half visible from the door. With one powerful stroke of his wings, he launched himself into the air, and Ben felt the wind hit him hard, and the world went dark as someone bumped his shoulder…



Ben felt a hand press something cold and wet against his forehead. "Owwww..." he moaned. "Don't move, your shoulder's hurt pretty bad. Or at least it was. Give the healing a bit, and you'll be fine." Ben opened his eyes and looked up at a blue dragon wiping his brow. The blue dragon smiled as he opened his eyes. "Ahhhh, your awake." "Did you save the village?" The blue dragon nodded, "We did, the raiders fled almost immediately after we arrived. They'll be back though." Ben nodded. "Thank you." The blue looked him over, and turned away. "You're fully healed now, but I wouldn't thank us yet." Ben sat up slowly. "Why not?" "Cause Blaze is going to hold you to that offer." "What offer?" That you'd do anything for us to protect the village." Ben nodded. "I will." The blue looked at him for a long moment. "I wonder about that, " he mumbled before wandering away.

A short time later, the huge black he'd met at the gate came in the hospital. "You feeling better?" Ben nodded slowly. The male was huge, at least 18 feet tall. His chest was huge and muscle filled, his entire body bugling from beneath his scales, stretched so taught over his muscles he looked like he could burst. He went up to the blue and said, "You get him ready?" "yes sir, he's all healed, cleaned up, and empty." "Good. What's your name?" "Benjamin, but everyone calls me Ben." The big dragon nodded, "I'm Blaze, the commander here at the fort. Not that that means much, considering we're independent of the dragon clans. How old are you?" Ben looked a bit confused. I'm in my twenty-second winter. Blaze nodded, "Good. Your parents fled to the west. We cut them free, and they ran for their lives." Ben nodded, "They probably think I'm dead." Blaze shook his head. "We told them you were fine. Now come on, everyone's waiting. Follow me Ben." Ben slide of the bed he was in, and followed the big dragon out of the hospital ward a bit confused. A few turns later, and Ben found himself inside a huge hall. Dragons of all colors ate and drank, a huge fire lighting the room. Ben stopped as he entered the room, amazed by the size of it. He felt Blaze take his hand, and lead him through the crowd, to the center of the huge room. He stopped next to a large chair, or maybe it was a couch, that curved oddly and was low to the ground. It was well padded, but didn't seem very comfortable. The back was arched so you would be laying down, but the bottom of it had some sort of weird "u" shape to it with a rise in the curve to keep you in place while sitting in it, with a sort of raised foot rest, but the foot rest was such that you spread your legs were too far apart to be comfortable. Ben looked around as the dragons turned to watch him. It looked like there were about thirty male dragons, in various armor and weapons, with the huge red behind them. They were normally sized, though larger then most, ranging from fifteen to eighteen feet tall.

"All right boy, here's the deal. You said you'd do anything if we saved the village, right?" Ben nodded slowly, "Yeah..." Blaze stood in front of him, and Ben took a small step back, bumping into the chair. The big dragon smiled, his black scales shimmering in the firelight. "Good. You'll be staying here with us then." "What do you mean?"

Ben gasped a bit in surprise as Blaze pushed him back roughly, making him fall into the strange chair. Ben slide backwards into the chair, his legs in the air, and he felt Blaze push him down, huge arms pinning him down. "Hey! What are you…?" Blaze cut him off by grabbing the back of his head and forcing his head into a kiss, the big blacks tongue slipping inside his mouth, exploring him and twining with his tongue. Ben squirmed beneath the bigger dragon to no avail as he felt a hand undo his belt and remove his loincloth. His attempts to push him off seeming feeble compared to the big black dragon's weight atop him, his arms pinned into the cupped armrests by Blaze's. When Blaze finally broke the kiss, Ben shouted, "Wait! Stop! What are you doing?" "Simple. You said you would do anything." Blaze shifted a bit, and Ben saw him toss his loincloth away, and he felt something hard press against his tail base. Suddenly, he realized why the chair was shaped the way it was. It kept his legs up and spread apart, with enough room between so another male could fit between them, while letting his tail go down and keeping his back comfortable.

"You're going to stay here with us," Blaze said evenly, "as my pet." Ben felt his heart sink, and his throat closed up and he pushed against the dragon's chest to no avail. "Y...You want me to be your slave!" Blaze furrowed his brow, "You'll have more rights then a slave would, you'd be my female... but yes, basically. You still have a choice boy, but your life would buy the lives of everyone in the village." Ben swallowed hard, shaking. "You wouldn't kill them." Blaze shook his head. "No, I wouldn't. But if you stayed here, we'd protect the village. And believe me boy; those raiders will be back." Ben shook, and he felt himself beginning to sweat. "Please, don't rape me..." Blaze smiled down at him, "I have no intention of raping you boy." He shifted slightly, his cocktip pressing against Ben's tail hole. "You're going to give me permission to shove my cock up your ass or you can go back to the village and wait for the raiders to come back and kill you." Ben looked up at him, and then around at the few dragons he could see. Blaze wasn't kidding. He wasn't going to rape him, but if Ben didn't give in, the village would be destroyed. Was his life worth that? "You promise you'll protect the village." Blaze nodded. "And, you won't, won't hurt me?" Blaze smirked a bit. "As much as that’s possible. You'll be one of us if you stay. We'll protect yeah, and feed you... You'll just be the one everybody fucks when they get horny." Ben swallowed hard. He'd always wondered about male male mating… but he'd never wanted too. "Everyone?" Blaze smiled a bit, his cock digging into the base of Ben's tail. "Well, some of us have subs, but yeah… most of us." Ben shook, his body beginning to betray him. Blaze smiled as Ben's cock began to press into him. "I see you're beginning to entertain the idea." Ben closed his eyes. "You promise me? The village will be safe, and you wont turn me into a slave?" Ben gasped as he felt Blaze's lips on his own again, the kiss soft and sweet. "Yes my boy, I do. All you have to do is say take me, and you'll be my female, and everything will be okay." Ben shook, squirming about under the big dragon. He felt his back slide into the chair just right, hi body arched so he curled around the big males chest, his legs open and wrapped around the powerful hips of the dragon whose wait pushed him into the soft padding beneath him. He felt the tip of Blaze's huge cock press into him wantonly, and he felt the big dragon shift about anxiously, wanting to take him badly, but holding himself back. "If he's holding himself back like this," Ben thought, "he must be really serious about this." Silence reigned in the hall for a moment.

Ben whispered "take me" filled the hall.

Ben tightened every muscle in his body as he felt Blaze shove against him, and he screamed in pain as he felt the huge shaft slowly spreading his ass ring, and then suddenly slammed into him, sinking almost the whole way into him. Ben cried aloud, tears streaming down his face as he felt Blaze shove the remaining few inches of his two-foot cock inside him. It was huge, bigger then Ben's fist, and it was so deep inside him every breath made him feel it inside him. Ben gasped and sobbed, and he felt Blaze caress him slowly, kissing him softly as his crotch came flush with his open legs. "Its okay, shhhhh, it'll be alright… you'll get used to it." Minutes passed, and Ben heard the dragons around him cheering and he felt them slapping Blaze on the back. "Way to Go Blaze!" They shouted, congratulating him on catching such a beautiful boy. Ben felt himself relax, his ass getting used to the huge cock inside him. Slowly, he felt Blaze pull maybe a fourth of his cock out, his hips barley leaving Ben's own. Ben groaned ass he felt the thick cock slide out and then back in him. The pain was there, but nothing like before. The pleasure had taken its place. A hot, full feeling spreading from his ass as he felt Blaze's cock begin to piston inside him, churning his guts and making him whimper in pleasure. Blaze smiled and kissed his neck, gripping slightly in his teeth. "Like this don't yeah?" Ben nodded slightly, his body twitching and squirming beneath the big black's body. "Oooh God..." he moaned, shuddering as he felt the dragon cock slide in and out of him, his body wracked with pleasure. He shook as Blaze fucked him, the metal breastplate he wore digging into his chest as Blaze gripped his shoulders tightly, and humping faster and faster, his cock sliding into him easily because of the position he was in. He couldn't brace himself at all in the thick, soft padding of the chair, and he gripped Blaze's side with his claws, trying to find some purchase to hold onto as the huge male mounted him.

Blaze shook above him, his breathing quickening as he fucked hard into Ben's ass, and Ben shivered as he felt the huge dragon's power over him. He was owned now, owned and controlled by the huge cock inside him, the cock that seemed determined to fuck him till he passed out. Ben let his head fall to the side, and he felt Blaze grip his neck tightly in his jaws, thrusting madly into his ass. The other dragons were eagerly watching Blaze fuck him, their armor and clothing gone and their cock's hard in their hands. Some were even sucking off the other dragons around them.

Ben couldn't stand it, his body shuddering in too much pleasure as he felt Blaze fuck him. He felt his cock begin to pulse, his seed spilling on Blaze's stomach and his own, the black dragon's chest pressed against his, sliding across him as he fucked hard into him, spreading his cum across his chest as Blaze fucked harder into Ben's tightening ass. Ben felt his jaws tighten on his neck, his teeth prinking his flesh slightly. The huge black roared as he thrust his full length into him for a few seconds, his cock throbbing inside Ben's upturned ass, and Ben roared as he felt Blaze flood him with his hot cum, his seed quickly filling his ass and leaking from it as he thrust in again and again as he came.

Slowly, Blaze slowed his thrusting, burying his cock fully into Ben's shuddering ass as he released his throat, licking the tiny drops of blood away. Ben panted as he felt Blaze force his head up, and lock him into the deepest, most passionate kiss he'd ever imagined. "You're mine now boy," Blaze said, his hips thrusting his cock into him for emphasis. " You’re my bitch now. Whenever I want your mouth on my cock, you drop to your knees and take it. When I want to fuck you, I lift your tail and take it, got it?" Ben nodded numbly. He felt almost good know that. "Any one of my men can take you, anywhere. You can't refuse their cocks, understand me?" Ben nodded. "Am… can I take them?" Blaze smiled. "If they let yeah." Blaze kissed him again, his tongue exploring his mouth again for a long moment as the dragon around them cheered.

Blaze broke the kiss, standing up swiftly, his hard cock popping out of Ben's ass and bouncing slightly, dripping with cum as he stood up to his full height, slapping Ben's as with a grin. "Alright boys! The bitch is primed!" Blaze let his armor clatter to the floor, his huge body covered in sweat and dragon cum. "This tight virgin cunt is now full of cum, " Blaze patted his ass a bit more, groping him as some of his white cum leaked out of Ben's ass, "and he's already leaking! Each of you gets to ride him, and then I'm taking him again. Got it?" The crowd of dragons deafened Ben with their cheers. Ben shifted uncomfortably in the chair as a big green dragon, his cock hard as a rock, slide in front of him, kneeling on the foot of the chair, his cock pressing against Ben's now wide open tail hole. "And I better see everyone one of you fill his ass with cum tonight!" Blaze shouted, and another round of cheers covered the grunt Ben made as the big green shoved his cock inside him.

Ben began to moan as he felt the green dragon take him, thrusting hard in his excitement as several other dragons gathered around him. He looked up at the ring of faces, his body shaking as the green fucked him, his vision blurring from the pleasure of another hot cock inside him. He felt several hands stroke him, and one of the dragons said, "Oooh his so soft. I haven't felt scales this soft in forever." As the green mounted him hard, his cock not as big as Blaze's but stretching him none the less as another mumbled "Look at his scales, perfectly white… he matches the cum perfectly." The thrusting continued, the big green saying moaning, "Yeah he does, doesn't he? And he's so tight too, even after Blaze took him…" "Really?" a gold scaled dragon said, "I wonder how good his mouth is…" Ben felt a hand grip the base of one of his horns, turning his head to the side, a thick golden cock rubbing against his face, the thick scent of male dragon filling his nostrils. He moaned as the gold rubbed his cock across his face, and he felt it presses against his lips as he opened them, the thick head pushing into his mouth.

Ben moaned again as he felt the gold fill his mouth, the thick shaft tasting so strange, the thick flesh pressed against every side of his mouth. That’s it boy, take it. Now suck on it, Oooh yeah, that’s it boy… take my cock…" A blue smiled and caressed Ben's chest, his cock pressed against it. "He as good as he looks Marick?" The gold nodded, eyes closed as he held Ben's head, thrusting his cock into his warm muzzle. "He's good for a first timer, that’s for sure… Use your tongue Benny boy, oh yeah, like that…" Ben sucked hard on the cock in his mouth, his hands trying desperately to paw at the big male taking his mouth. The huge cock tasted so good… but he could barley feel it against the hard fucking the green was giving his ass, which made him shiver and shudder in delight with each thrust. Ben's hand finally caught hold of the dragon's balls, and he held them as he turned slightly in the chair, his ass shuddering as the green took him at a slightly different angle. He took the hard cock to the hilt, sucking hard so he could feel it over the pleasure of being fucked so fast, so hard, his whole body shuddered.

It was heaven holding the cock in his mouth. Watching the big male twitch and shudder as he sucked, moan as he gripped the hilt of his shaft and cupped his balls. Ben smiled as he felt the green begin to shudder inside him, his cock throbbing just like Blaze's had, and then the warm rush of dragon cum inside his guts. The green collapsed on top of him, holding him down, full and wet a lot longer then Blaze had as the gold shoved his cock into his muzzle, roaring as he came, the salty sweet taste of dragon cum filling Ben's mouth. He gagged, sputtering cum as his mouth was flooded with hot seed. The gold pressed his nose flush with his crotch, and Ben closed his eyes. The thick musk of male dragon filled him, as did the steady thrust of the next male in line, his ass shuddering as a new, thicker cock was shoved deep inside him The taste of cum made his head spin, and the sheer pleasure of the first slow thrusts as the male inside him began to fuck him. He gasped as the gold pulled his cock out, slightly soft and dripping with the cum he had just filled Ben's muzzle with. "What do you thin your doing Darken?" The big gold jumped a bit as Blaze yelled at him. The gold turned a bit to look at his commander, and Ben got a very good look at the huge black as he fucked the daylights out of a red who's ass was high in the air and his mouth locked around another males cock. "I was just breaking in his mouth…" Blaze yelled "Alright everybody hold it!" and the crowd of dragons moaned in despair as they stopped their furious mating. "All right everybody, listen up." Blaze stomped his way over to the blue dragon in the process of still humping Ben's ass. Blaze slapped the blue's ass and said, "Fill him Bryan."

The dragon nodded, shuddered in pleasure and came and Ben moaning as he felt another wave of cum filled him. The blue staggered off him, kissing him and mumbling about what a fine ass he had. "I want everyone of you who hasn't cum yet to line up and fill this cunt," he slapped Ben's ass, his hand hitting him right on the tail hole, making him shudder and leak some more cum. "I want to see him swimming in the cum that’s leaked out of him, got it?" The dragons cheered, lining up and watching as a big red mounted the leaking tail hole upturned for all to see. They ooohed and aaahed as the big red thrust hard into Ben, enjoying the way he rubbed the cum on Ben's chest into the white's scales. The red took forever, and the crowd of dragons cheered him on, roaring in delight as Ben shuddered and came when he poured another wave of cum in his ass.

Ben moaned as another cock filled him, the big red grabbing his head and took his mouth, his cock sticky with cum, his cum mixed with the cum of the other males who had fucked their seed inside him. Ben moaned as Blaze let him stroke his cock, groaning and quivering in pleasure as he was fucked from both ends. The red came again, and the bronze colored dragon flooded him with more dragon cum, Ben's ass leaking streams of the white cum down his legs and tail as another dragon shoved his cock inside him as the bronze moved up to fuck his muzzle. That’s how the pattern went. A bigger dragon would grab his legs, play with his tail hole for a bit and watch the cum leak from his hole, then shove their cock to the hilt in him. They'd fuck him hard, or slow and soft till he came, or so fast his whole body shook. However they did it, they always shoved as far inside him as they could before cumming, adding their seed to the growing pool of cum inside Ben's guts. Minutes of fucking turned into hours, as cock after cock took his ass, plowing him open and fucking him hard for at least fifteen, twenty minutes each before blasting a load of seed into his ass, which never even closed. It just gapped, and Ben begged to have it filled if the next dragon in line teased him instead of just fucking him. He begged around the thick cock in his mouth, as each male who fucked him took his mouth after they did, letting him taste the cum being fucked inside his ass. After a while, ben got the chance to suck the male in his mouth off faster then the male fucking him took to cum, and he gaspingly asked Blaze, who had stood by him, stroking and caressing him the entire time, "You cleaned my ass out didn't you?" Blaze smiled. "Course we did. Your our female, your ass is a vent for us now. You're always going to be clean inside so we can fuck you anytime we want." Blaze leaned in close as he said it, smiling and gripping Ben's chest with his hands. Ben felt his heart sink as the male inside him came, pulling out and moving to his head. He looked up at Blaze, searching for some sign he wasn't going to be just a fuck slave. Blaze nuzzled him softly, cheek rubbing him as Ben shuddered as another male filled his ass full of cock. "You're going to be my mate Ben," he whispered softly, "I'm going to share you with every male under me, but you're going to be special to me, and if you hold out through everyone's mounting, you'll get a special reward." Ben looked up at Blaze's smiling face; his dark red eyes staring softly back at him. Ben's heart glowed as he held blaze's had, the red turning his muzzle to his cock. Ben felt Blaze press his hand against his cock, and Ben smiled around the thick shaft in his mouth as he gripped his mates cock, sucking hard on the red in his mouth and tightening his grip on the cock inside his guts. He was going to enjoy this.

Slowly, the line of anxious, horny dragons waiting for a chance to fuck Ben and spill their seed in his new vent dwindled, the dragons breaking off into small groups. Some wrestled for dominance, the loser getting his ass turned up to the sky and fucked wildly. Some of the dragons just got to their knees and started sucking cock, lifting their tail and taking another, becoming the center of mini orgies. The males sucked and fucked, fought and mounted each other, all after pounding their cocks into Ben's ass and spilling their seed.

Ben moaned in pleasure as his body shuddered, his cock shaking but long since spent of cum as a particularly big blue started to fuck him. The blue nuzzled him, taking him slowly and powerfully. "How's he feel love?" Another big blue came up beside him, rubbing his hands across the blue inside Ben. "Oooh god… Wonderful… You know I haven't fucked anybody in almost a year…" The bigger blue chuckled, wrapping his arms around the smaller one's chest, positioning his cum covered cock under his tail. "I know… and you know I've wanted you get some ass lately Dean." The smaller blue moaned as he fucked Ben, "This isn't ass Draken! This is vent! This damn boy's so loose I can thrust my whole cock inside him! And yet he's tight too! Gods is he tight..." Draken chuckled, and Dean grunted in pleasure, his eyes rolling back in his head as the bigger blue shoved his cock right up his ass. "Like yours?" "Yeeeeeeesssssss... Oh gods this is wonderful..." Draken smiled. "Good my love, now lay on him and enjoy..."

Ben watched as the blue above him went limp, his cock thrusting into him only because the big blue behind him was pounding his ass so hard he shook. The blue inside Ben shivered, thrusting forward and back as he got fucked, his mouth wandering to the cock Ben was taking, and Blaze guided his muzzle to his own black shaft. "There's a prick for yeah to nurse Dean… that’s right… just enjoy it…" Dean moaned loudly, thrusting and sucking hard, and Ben watched him and smiled, kissing his cheek and caress his body. Dean came rather violently soon after, but Draken kept him inside Ben, and Blaze kept his mouth locked around his cock. Slowly, Ben felt Dean begin to get hard inside him again, and he felt the blue begin to peak again. Dean began to moan continuously, and Ben recognized the sounds he'd been making for hours now. Suddenly, Draken roared and fucked him hard, pumping his cum inside his mate, and Blaze Groaned and flooded him muzzle at the same time. Ben grinned, tightening his ass around Dean cock, and Dean exploded inside him, moaning and shaking for a long time before collapsing a top him.

Ben moaned as Draken pulled his lover out of him, and Blaze kissed Ben gently, grabbing his ass, rubbing the cum which covered every inch of his lower half across his chest. Ben moaned, and realized no more males wee lined up to fuck him. "oh god, I took all of them." Ben's head swam, and he shifted his hip, closing his legs gently. He felt the huge amount of cum inside him shift slightly, backing up his guts a little. Ben moaned as he realized his stomach was slightly bloated by the sheer amount of cum inside him, fucked there from both ends. "Is... Is that everyone Blaze?" He blinked numbly, wearily holding the big blacks shoulders. Blaze smiled, and positioned himself between Ben's legs, sliding his hard cock deep inside him. "Not quite. You've got one left." "But… but I already took you…" Not me, "blaze smiled, and moved off Ben, his cock making a small wave of thick cu leak out of Ben's ass before he could get it clenched again.

Ben stared up at the huge form of Tyr, his red scales glistening with sweat. His cock bobbed before him, eight feet of powerful dragon meat that was nearly a foot across, covered in cum and dripping as its huge length moved towards him. Ben panicked, pushing himself back into the chair, slipping in the nearly inch deep puddle of cum in the chair. "I can't take that! It almost bigger then I am!" Tyr smiled, kneeling down before the chair. "I know that little one. I'll make myself fit though…" Ben scrambled in fright before Blaze caught him, holding him down. He held Ben's head, whispering "Don’t worry love, you'll be fine…" Ben looked up, and watched in wonder as Tyr's massive prick began to shrink, stopping at about four feet long and three inches wide. The rest of Tyr's body didn't change, just his massive cock. "You should be able to take me now little one."

Ben shook as Tyr's cock came closer, pressing its tip against his hole as Blaze kissed him long and slow. Ben roared into the kiss as Tyr's cock head pressed into him, pushing hard against the already stretched ring of his ass, suddenly popping inside him.

Ben moaned into Blaze as the back held him still as the huge red entered him, his cock slowly driving into him, spreading him wider then any other had, making him lift his leg and spread them wide just to fit his huge girth inside his ass. Ben panted and groaned as the four feet of cock slowly buried into him, and Tyr groaned in triumph as his crotch came flush with his ass. The cheer form the gathered dragons was deafening. Ben panted and looked around, the other dragons cheering and smiling at him, some of them still hilt deep in their lovers. Ben moaned so loud he shook as Tyr slide his cock out of him, and them back inside his ass. Ben moaned in pain and pleasure as he felt the huge cock plow through him, taking him over and over again. Blaze moved away as Tyr straddled Ben, humping into the small dragon, his huge muscles totally covering the white dragon beneath him. Ben gasped as he felt the tip of it begin to swell, and then the whole shaft of Tyr cock began to grow. Ben looked up at Tyr, who smiled down at him. "Don't worry little one, I'll be careful." He rumbled as his cock fucked into him over and over, and Ben felt his body just give out. He slumped into the chair, held in position by its soft and now cum slicked curves as the huge dragon fucked him hard with a cock bigger then anything Ben had ever imagined. Ben marveled as Tyr began to shudder, moaning and shaking in pleasure like all the other males had. Ben reached up, and gripped his huge chest, realizing he was the reason the huge male wass shuddering, thrusting madly and moaning and roaring. He was the reason. Ben smiled and came, his body tightening around the huge cock inside him.

Tyr roared loudly, throwing his head back, his body spasming in sheer excsatcy, his cock erupting inside Ben's ass, the huge waves off cum filling him instantly. Ben roared, cumming against as he felt his ass fill totally, the huge cock head keeping every drop of cum inside him, forcing it to fill his guts up with first the cooled pool of cum already inside him, and then the hot, fiery cum the huge dragon above him was filling him with. Wave after wave hit him, and Ben Roared again, drowned out totally by Tyr's louder one as he felt the cum filling him spew into his stomach, the thick cream shifting through his entire body. The world was gone, there was nothing but the huge cock inside him, filling him, and fucking him, then suddenly stopping, Tyr's crotch flush with his ass.

Tyr panted as he lay atop the small white dragon. Ben moaned. "oh god Tyr, please, your too big, please, your wonderful, I don’t want this to ever end, but shrink your cock please, you're gonna split me open." Tyr smiled, pulling himself slowly out. As his huge crown popped out of Ben's ass, Ben moaned as he felt a wave of hot cum was over his as and tail, pooling all over the floor, in the chair. Ben's legs felt, dangling over the chair's edge, his entire lower half covered in steaming cum. Tyr moved up a bit, growing in size as he did, his cock pressing against Ben's mouth, his cock tip bigger then his entire head. "open wide..." Tyr rumbled, and Ben tried to protest, opening his mouth, which he realized to late was pressed against the huge piss slit of Tyr's cock, which suddenly shot of huge wave of cum down his throat, making him gag and sputter, his body tingling as the huge wave of cum stuck to every inch of him, his wings coated in thick white cream, the huge red cock above him pressing into his stomach next as another wave washed over him. Ben groaned and lay back as Tyr turned his massive cock away, offering it to other males who wanted to be drenched in cum.

Ben moaned as blaze hugged him, the big black's cock sinking into his loose ass. "Oh good Blaze, no… please no more." The black dragon smiled. Lifting Ben easily into his arms, the small white dragon cradled in his arms, his cock hilt deep in him as he carried him away from the hall. "Don't worry my love," Blaze muttered as he carried him through the fort. He carried him through a huge oak door, laying him, dripping in cum, onto a fine white bed. "I'm gonna wait till morning to take you again, but…" blaze smiled, grabbing a small rubber black thing from the dresser. "I am gonna make sure you stay full of all our cum tonight. " Blaze shuoved the butt plug into Ben's ass, who shuddered and moaned, collapsing as he felt it force the cum to stop leaking from his ass. Blaze wrapped him tight in his wings, and cradled him to sleep. Ben fell asleep smiling, his entire body covered and filled with cum, the smile on his face there because ehe knew damn well it was gonna happen again and again.