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Commissions and Fan art


Well these beautiful pictures are the work of people far more talented with a pencil then I am.  Some I commissioned, some have been done by good friends.  Hope you enjoy.

This lovely picture is by Gideon Artwolf and colored his wife Ember WitchCat.  They did an absolutely wonderful job drawing my character, better then I though possible. They drew it for me at MFM 2002, and even remembered me from the year before when I tried to get it done and they ran out of time.  Ain't that cool?  Ian_R_Soulfox did this wonderful picture for me.  Its a screen capture from his flash website, where I'm the storyteller.  You can see all his excellent  yiffy animations by saying hi to me there.
Another picture by Gideon Artwolf, this time of my mate Fuzzwolf and I enjoying some quality time together.  Its extremely sexy, and was also drawn at MFM 2002.  Its a shame they've dropped offline for the most part. This is the first commission my mate got from Ayame.  My mate is really into spanking.  (for those of you who haven't read his stories about it), and this wonderful picture Ayame shows me giving him what he loves most. ;)
Its me and Fuzzwolf again, in a rare moment with me on top.  I usually like being on bottom the most, but sometimes you just have to take care of your mate.  Ayame did a great  job on this one, don't you think? This is a rather old picture by Strider Orion, a great furry artist I first met at MFM 2002, where did this picture for me.  He is a great guy, and was doing pictures for people for free.  I've got to pay him back someday.
Its Kalain and Saluki, from my story Prince of Wolves.  Done by the very talented Stephanie Stone aka CyberCat.  I got this from her at Furloween 2002. *New* Its Kalain and Saluki, in all their glorious color.  Done by the very talented Stephanie Stone aka CyberCat. I colored this picture on the plane ride home from Furloween 2002.  Got some interesting looks ;)
Its Wildfire! The super sexy buff fox from Fun at the Mall.  I had the commission done at MFM 2002 by Pinkuh Borni Bronson did this lovely version of Wildfire in his uniform at AC05.  I've loved Borni's work forever, and having one of my characters done by him is just so amazing.

Complication_5 did this wonderful picture for me, way back at Furloween 2002.  Its of Kevin and Chris, showing their first kiss that takes place in CH15 of High School Days.

This is another lovely picture by Complication_5, he read my story Alpha Wolf  and drew this for me.  I really love it.
This is a commission I had done by Nudog, and incredible artist who's work deserves some kind of reward.  Its of Todd and David, two very cool characters from the story High School days, in the chapter Young Love. This is the inked version of Todd and David's picture.  Its such an amazing job don't yeah think? Its so getting framed.
Now these beautiful guys are Nick and Kyle from High school days.  They're the super big, super sexy football players who are just becoming more then teammates.  Its another incredible picture by Nudog I love the inked version even more then I do the pencil one.  I am sooo happy with this picture I could bounce for joy.  *grins* in fact I have been bouncing ever since I got it in the mail.  Thanks Nudog.
This picture is another commission from Nudog, this time of Kevin the dalmatian and Chris the leopard, the soccer boy from High School days.  Don't yeah love the look on Kevin's face? Look!  this particular picture even got colored when he finished it.  I just love this picture. Nudog does such a great job.


This is my conbadge by J3T.  Cutest damn conbadge ever.

Except possibly Noop's.

Me, and my best fox friend Noop!  He is a purple fox, as you can tell, and I love how this picture turned out.

Done by the lovely Jessk

This wonderful picture is by the Gneech, and features me, my mate Fuzzwolf and our friend Noop who joined us for AC04.

Best Con ever!

Ahem, speaking of Noop... Here is that sexy purple fox taking it in both ends from me and Fuzzwolf.
This picture is by Bushy cat, and it was a bushy cat freebie.  It love, love how it turned out, and I simply had to color it for my friend Noop, the purple fox.  Another picture by BushyCat, also a freebie sketch!  She was so cool at MFM 2004.  She not only drew two awesome scenes for my stories, she drew Kevin being very very cute as a freebie too.
This is a Egyptian hyena who I wanted to play as a character in a superhero game called Mutants and Masterminds.  Never really got off the ground but he was such a fun character.  Strider Orion doodled this lovely picture for me at the Hanna Park picnic in April 2005. 

It features a very sleek and slim Anubis getting it from my hyena character.  Love this picture. It will be a story one day, if I ever finish it.

Lunarwolf drew this imposing hyena for me at MFM 2004.  It was very cool meeting him. 

This is a older picture of me and Fuzzwolf mating.  Not really sure who drew this picture actually.  Anyone know?
Look!  Tosh drew me a picture of my friends, Izzy and Nicky.  Course, she'll draw anyone a picture in under five minutes.  IN PEN!  With no mistakes.

I am simply in awe of her artistic talent.  She literally sat down, pulled out a black pen, and just drew this picture for me at Furloween 2002.  Isn't she just cool?  I wonder if she has a webpage...

Geisha Surprise

This scene is from a story I have not yet finished writing, in which a samurai wolf gets a very big surprise from the woman he loves. 

I really love how this picture turned out, and so did the artist, the fabulous Heather Bruton.  One day, it will be a painting.  Hopefully.

Me and the mate, being cute.  I think Jacent did this one. Me and the mate, being confused.

And me, again with the not know who drew this.  I should be ashamed, but I'm not.

This is Taki Shokan, a shaman character I played in a D&D game.  He was a shape shifting wolf Henyoki, and he kicked major ass.  The handsome StickDevil did this for me.  I'd call him pretty, but his goatee prevents that.

Still handsome though.

Me, decked out in street clothes.
The lovely Jessica Willard drew this, and there is an amusing reason I'm hanging from the ceiling of the TARDIS. (Spelled in all caps love.) Really, there is. Todd and David asleep, so close and yet so separated from each other. 
Me, giving flowers to the mate. Drawn by the incomparable Bill Holbrook of Kevin and Kell Button!  A picture of my mate by Bill Holbrook of Kevin and Kell.

Tosh Bibb! CUTE!!!