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Teiran's Corner of the Tail Underground
 A New Year means a New Chapter of High School Days.

So far, the High School Days series has 30 characters including the parents, is 434 pages long in Word, and contains some 235,057 plus words.  Not bad, considering I started writing the series in January 2004.  I'm 25 chapters in, and there is a lot more to go.  Donít worry when it takes me a long time to update.  However late I may be in posting a new chapter, the High School Days series will not end until it's finished.  That chapter will be clearly marked as "The End", and that is a long, long way off right now.  I hope you've enjoyed the ride so far.

I want to thank NightCat once again for his Green Mount Chronicles, where ever he may be, for inspiring me to such heights.  If anybody still keeps in contact with him, I would love to know because he has vanished as far as I can tell.  I want to thank him for his own wonderful stories and the heights to which they have inspired me.

 I hope you all have a great new year.  -Teiran

I want to thank the fine folks at Bad Dog Books, who are publishing my first book for me.  I especially want to thank Osfer for all the help he has given me.  Without him, this book simply would not have been possible. You should go check out his latest work, Heathen City:


Click Here to order your copy today!

What book you say?  Why, my only book, The Hero!  It debut at Anthrocon 2007 at the FurNation table, and has been nominated for a Ursa Major award in the Anthropomorphic Novel category.

That is a huge honor for me.  Being on their recommended reading list was a complete shock to me, and puts me in the same category as some of my favorite furry authors.  specifically, last year's winner was Kyell Gold, with Pendant of Fortune, who simply amazes me. 

This is not something I expected, and I really want to thank the folks over at Ursa Major for it.

By the way, I know a couple people have been tracking me down at cons to get the book signed, and I am happy to sign a copy of the book any way you like.  Just drop me an email at Teiran@prodigy.net any time and I will try and meet you at a con to get your copy signed.


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