Hello everyone! This time, the wonderful Art of Borni inspires the story. Yeah! Happy Dorgit dances! Anyway, Butch the minotaur, and all the gang are copy write Borni and used with permission, as is Torcflaed, who is copy write himself. This story is actually inspired by a pic that Borni hasnít done quite yet, but hopefully will. But you can find great shots of both Butch (gods heís a sexy bull) and Torc in Borniís art.


The annoying warning message:

This story deals with sex between males, in graphic detail. If you're not over 18, this is illegal for you to even look at, so stop right now. If homosexual content is not your cup of tea, you can leave the tea party. The characters and story are copyright Teiran 2001, do not redistribute without permission. Otherwise, enjoy!



Torcflaedís Night Out


Torcflaed sighed a bit as he looked into the bathroom mirror. His golden scales glittered just a bit under the lights and the dragon turned this way and that, checking his appearance. The dragon sighed and rubbed the sides of his muzzle, annoyed. When one has no hair or skin, thereís very little you can do when you want to make yourself look particularly good for a special occasion.

Torcflaed looked up as the doors behind him swung open and an impressively muscular, and completely nude, minotaur came into the bathroom. "Morning dragon." Butch slapped Torcís rump with a playful grin, and the dragon jumped and smiled a bit, rubbing his rump a bit. He wished heíd already put on his pants; the minotaurís morning wood was brushing softly against his tail. "Morning Butch. Sleep well?" The minotaur grinned as he stood behind Torcflaed, raising his arms up and stretching, his wide palms pressed flat against the ceiling as his muscular body tensed all over. "Ooooh yeah, a nice workout always makes me sleep good." The minotaur winked at Torcflaed, who ducked his head a bit in a draconic blush. The bull had spent most the night humping him with the foot of beef he was now rubbing against his tail.


The dragon spread his wings a bit, comparing himself to the massive bull behind him in the mirror. Butch was almost a foot taller then he was, and he could put his chin on top of the smaller dragonís head with very little trouble. The minotaur yawned a bit, the muscles on his barrel chest rippling. Below the neck, he was hairy in a sexy way, but it wasnít really proper fur. You could see his creamy, always tanned skin and could see every muscle on his body easily. Above the neck, his head was covered in short, blond fur that he kept well trimmed. Butch let his massive hands fall on the dragonís shoulders as he finished stretching; rubbing Torcflaed shoulders a bit as he said "You ready for today buddy?" The minotaurís grin was huge as Torcflaed smiled a bit, flicking his tail back and forth. "Yeah, I guess so." The minotaur grinned and let his hands run down the dragonís sides. "Good. The guys'll love to meet yeah." Torcflaed jumped again as the bull gave his rump another playful swat before walking over to the shower.

The dragon watched the minotaur as he turned on the water, his long tail flicking back and forth a bit as he waited for the water to warm up. Torcflaed put his muzzle in his hand and sighed, a smile on his face. The minotaur was so strong and so damned sexy, even his ass was fine. When he got into his leather biker pants or just wore the leather Speedo and straps he usually didÖ Torcflaed shivered at the thought. Butch was probably the sexiest guy heíd be out with in, well years practically. And he was tall too. Torc grinned a bit and blushed again. He really went in for the tall guys. Someone he could look up at over their chest muscles. He was always right level with the bullís chest when ever they hugged. By now Butch was soaping up his chest and washing himself off from all the, exercise, theyíd done the evening before.

Torcflaed shook his head in amusement, still a little shocked that a bull like Butch had taken an interest in him. Borni had set him up on a blind date with him at his Halloween party. When a tower of muscle in nothing but a leather speedo that did nothing but outline his large cock in black leather had walked up and said hi, Torcflaed had almost fainted and dropped the drink heíd been holding. Butch had lead him around the whole night, standing close behind him, sometimes with a hand around his waist, sometimes on his rump. He had him sit in his lap for almost an hour and even danced with him. It had been five hours of being touched, fondled and looked after by the tallest, most gorgeous bull heíd ever met. Afterwards the bull had taken him back to his place on his motorcycle, insisting he hold onto his belt buckle the whole way, and then preceded to pound his tailhole all night long with his huge cock.

Now, three weeks of almost constant sex and several romantic dates later, the bull wanted to introduce him to the biker gang he rode with. A biker gang of gay, horny minotaurs. Torcflaed was just a little nervous. He padded his way to his closet, wondering what the heck he was going to wear. Something leather for sure. But did he want to wear something submissive, or a little more on the dominant side? He wanted Butchís friends to like him, that was for sure, but did he want em to think he was nothing more then a fuck-buddy looking for a good time? The dragon lost himself in thought as he dug through his closet next to the shower, looking for something to wear.

Torcflaed yelped a bit when he felt the pull on his tail. Butch grinned at him from inside the shower, his big hand wrapped around the end of the dragonís tail. With a grin he said, "You look like youíre looking for gold in there." Torcflaed ducked his head and smiled, "Nah, I just canít decide what to wear." "How bout nothing?" The minotaur grinned, coiling the dragonís tail around his arm and pulling him back towards him, "The guysíd love that." Torcflaed swatted at Butchís hand, "Butch!" he laughed a bit, "Come on, help me, I want to make a good impression." The minotaur grinned, "Alright dragon, but youíre going to have to help me first." Torcflaed turned back to the closet and said, "Okay, with whAT!" The dragon yelped as Butch reach out and hooked a wet arm around his waist and lifted him into the air, pulling him into the shower with him. Warm water beat down on his face and he sputtered, gasping for breath as the minotaur set him down and shut the glass door. "Oh, the usual. Iím just looking for some gold dragon." He grinned, his huge arms on either side of Torcflaedís head as he leaned over him, rubbing his hard cock under the dragonís tail. "You think you can handle that?" Torcflaed smiled and closed his eyes as the bulls hands began to rub his shoulders, the warm water running down his back between their bodies and over his tail as the minotaurís cock slowly rubbed between his butt cheeks. He began to murr loudly as the bullís large hands began to massage their way down his sides and chest, pulling him back against the bulls strong chest.

Torcflaed opened his eyes, steam swirling around them as Butchís huge hand began to rub his balls, cupping them in his palm and squeezing then softly. Torcflaed arched his back and rumbled a bit, and the minotaur rumbled louder, grinding the head of his cock under his tail and grinning as he put his head over the dragonís shoulder, grinning as he turned the dragon head to the side with his hand and kissed him deeply. Torcflaed felt his knees start to go weak as the bull used his height against him, grinding his cock under his tail teasingly while his square muzzle opened and his tongue pushed into the dragonís muzzle. Torcflaed whimpered and melted back into the taller bull as he slowly pulled him back onto his massive cock, the thick head slowly forcing the dragonís tailhole open. Torcflaed whimpered in pain into the kiss as the bullís thick cock slowly worked its way inside him. Butch was so thick that even after being humped repeatedly by his massive cock, he was still almost too big. Torcflaed screwed his eyes shut and shivered in pain as the minotaurís thick cock spread him open, sending waves of pain and pleasure through his body. The bull just gripped his hips and pulled him backwards easily, hilting himself deep inside the dragonís body. Torcflaed shook and whimpered a bit as Butch began to pump about half his cock into him slowly. Torcflaed panted as he looked back at the minotaur. Butchís eyes were closed and his back arched back a bit he thrust his hips forward smoothly, his body seeming to relax now that his cock was inside a tight tailhole.

Torcflaed closed his eyes and whimpered again, this time in pleasure. All it took was a few thrusts of the bullís huge cock and he was done for. He had to put his arms up to keep himself from falling forward as his whole body shook with pleasure from the huge cock sliding inside him. Butch stretched him wider then he had ever been before, his huge cock pushing against all his sensitive spots at once, his thrusts slow and steady. It was a game the bull played, to see how long Torc could stand being slow fucked before he just had to have the bull ram his cock into him as fast as he could. The dragonís cock hung between his legs, hard and dripping pre as the bull thrust into him smoothly. Torcflaed bit his lips and whimpered as the bullís hand gripped his cock and started to stroke him in time with his thrusts. Torcflaed looked back at Butch, who grinned wide at him. "What, dragon had enough? You need me to fuck hard now, huh?" Butchís hand stroked up the dragonís chest and pulled him back, forcing him to stand up on the tip of his toes. "That what you want tailslut?" The shower water pounding into his chest as the bull held him in the air, and Torcflaed moaned as the bulls arms wrapped around his chest and held him up in the air so he couldnít quite put his weight on his feet. "Ooooh, god Butch just fuck me man, come on, pleaseÖ " The dragon begged over the rush of shower water, and the bull grinned at him. "Whatever you want dragonÖ" Torcflaed moaned as the bull pulled all but the crown of his cock out of him and then slammed home in one smooth thrust, pulling out fast and pounding back inside his tight tailhole. Torcís arms flailed as the bull began to really fuck him hard, ramming the whole length of his cock up inside him with each thrust. The dragonís tail slapped against the sides of the shower as the minotaur power fucked him, holding him in the air and grunting in pleasure as he pounded his huge cock deep inside him.

Torcflaed groaned and shook, the bulls strong arms wrapped tightly around his chest, holding him in the air as his huge cock slammed into his ass like a battering ram. The dragonís struggles slowed and he tried to force himself back onto the huge cock inside him, his own cock throbbing as the warm shower water pounded into his chest like the bullís cock did in his ass, the water running down his chest and over his hard cock. He tried to reach it to stroke his aching cock, but he couldnít reach it. The bulls grip kept his hands in the air and away from his cock. Torcflaed whimpered and moaned as Butch hefted him up and down in the air, his arm muscleís flexing as he pistoned the dragon up and down his long cock, the bullís girth making the dragon cry and whimper in pleasure with each thrust. Torcflaed felt the minotaurís chest rumble and his thrust quicken slowly as he began to climb closer and closer to climax. Torcflaed closed his eyes and moaned as loud as he could, riding the edge of orgasm as the bull fucked him hard. It would only take a few strokes of his cock and the dragon would be over the edge, but he couldnít do it. He whimpered and moaned in ecstasy, trying to find some way to hump back against the huge cock slamming its way inside him or rub his cock against something.

He looked back at Butch pleadingly, and the minotaur grinned and fucked him harder, his eyes closed tight as he pushed the dragon up against the wall. Torcflaed gasped as the bulls grip shifted, holding him up against the wall. Suddenly the bullís thrusts doubled in speed and power. Torcflaed moaned at the top of his lungs, the bullís new grip letting him thrust his whole cock in as fast as he could with the power of his strong legs behind each thrust. The dragonís whole body shook as the bull fucked him for what seemed like forever, water pouring over them both as the dragonís cock throbbed hard, a blast of white cum smearing across the shower wall as he roared at the top of his lungs.

Butchís voice rose too, his thrusts slowing just a bit as the dragonís tailhole tightened around his cock like a vise, but he fucked him even harder, making Torcflaed knees buckle as Butch pressed him against the wall, cock pounding inside him as the bull bellowed loudly. Torcflaed could feel the bullís huge cock throb inside him powerfully, cum blasting deep inside him as the bull fucked him hard and fast, cum pouring into his tailhole as his own shot out of his cock against the wall and across his chest.

It lasted forever. The minotaur didnít slow his thrusts at all; he just kept plowing his cock into the dragon as they both came hard together. Torcflaed went limp as his climax died, and Butch pressed him up against the shower wall, water running down their bodies as he fucked the last few shots of his seed into his ass before letting him sink to the floor.

Torcflaed gasped hard for air as he found himself on his knees, Butchís cum covered cock still hard as it rubbed against his face. The bull said, "Have fun dragon?" panting just a little bit as he rubbed his big hands across his chest. Torcflaed closed his eyes and pushed his muzzle against the bull's huge cock, rubbing the cum across his face as he pushed his face into his crotch, gasping for air, his nose filled with the scent of the bullís sweat even as the shower water washed over his face and the bullís crotch. Torcflaed shakily got to his feet, moaning "Ooooh god ButchÖ" It was all he could manage before he collapsed into the taller bullís arms. The minotaur grinned wide, kissing him deeply. They showered together, washing the cum from their bodies, Butch making sure none of it stuck to his fur. As they stepped out of the shower, Butch grinned at the dripping wet and shaken dragon. "There dragon, now you know what to wear." Torcflaed turned his head to the side in confusion. "What?" Butch grinned and reach out and wiped a bit of cum of the dragonís face, laughing heartily as the dragon blushed deeply before licking the cum off the bullís finger.

End of part One

Next time, our dragon hero will meet a whole gang of Horny bulls.