Okay, now this story has a bit of an odd history. It’s inspired by a picture drawn by Ian R. Soulfox, who a wonderful artist, but wait! Ian's drawing was inspired by another image by Demetri. I've asked both artists permission to link to their images and to use the characters, so don't even start complaining. I hope you enjoy this story, I enjoyed writing it even though it took me forever.


The annoying warning message:

This story deals with sex between males, in graphic detail. If you're not over 18, this is illegal for you to even look at, so stop right now. If homosexual content is not your cup of tea, you can leave the tea party. The characters and story are copyright Teiran 2001, do not redistribute without permission. Otherwise, enjoy!



Life's Best Lessons


Albreck Firemane sighed as he peered over the rim of his glasses and brought the scroll he was holding very close to his face, trying to decipher the tiny, intricate handwriting on the scroll. The older fox sighed and set down the scroll, closing his eyes and removing the tiny spectacles he wore. He rubbed the bridge of his nose, sighing as his head throbbed. He'd been staring at the tiny hand writing all morning, and already his head was splitting. The fox stood and stretched, groaning a bit as he pushed himself off the stool, arching his back painfully. His bushy tail swished through the air as he popped his back, the feeling moving up his spine like someone playing the piano. He padded across the tiny room, his robe shifting around him loosely. It was a simple thing, just a single piece of cloth with a hole for the head that draped over him like a sheet. He was supposed to wear a belt with it to keep the sides from exposing everything, but he’d removed the belt because it was hard to work in. He poured himself a glass of water and raised the glass to his lips and savored the cool taste of it.

Albreck turned back around, surveying his tiny workroom. A table dominated the room, scrolls and pieces of parchment strewn across it chaotically. The paper looked like gold in the morning sun. Albreck chuckled as he blew out a candle on the table. The sun had yet to crest the mountains and flood through the tiny window when he'd first gotten up. A tiny table stood next to the door, holding all his inks and the pitcher of water. All the kinds of things you didn't want spilled across parchment centuries old. Bookshelf ringed the room, filled with old musty tomes, most dealing with translating and ancient history. Albreck sighed a third time for effect, trying to decide where he should start again as he sipped his water. "The problem," the fox muttered softly, "The problem with Shalms is not the language; it's his thrice damned handwriting."

"Having problems Sir? " Albreck jumped and yelped, nearly spilling his glass across the table. "Bethany!" Albreck put his glass down carefully on the tiny side table, almost gasping as he turned around. In the door way stood a slightly embarrassed female tabby cat dressed in simple peasant garb. As the fox calmed himself down, Bethany smiled a bit. "I'm sorry Sir. I just wanted to tell you I've finished cleaning for the day. Is there anything else I can do for you?" Albreck furrowed his brow and sighed. He knew that Bethany, like her two older sister's, loved to sneak up behind him, but this time it had almost cost him a fortune in texts. "Please, please Bethany, don't sneak up on me like that, at very least not here. I almost ruined a life times worth of work with a simple glass of water. That, and I'm getting to old for you to do that to me." The girl grinned slyly. "Alright Sir, you have my word, you're safe in your library. Is there anything else I can do?" Albreck smiled. "Did you make me something for breakfast?" The tabby smiled. "Yes sir, sandwiches made from the chicken from last night. There's enough for both breakfast and lunch, wrapped up in the kitchen."

Bethany giggled a bit as the old fox licked his lips and smiled. He was such a sucker for chicken. Bethany smiled, "If that’s all you need Sir, I'm going to go. I'll be back tonight to fix you some dinner." The fox smiled and waved absently, turning back to the papers on his desk. "Alright dear, have a nice day." Bethany smiled and gave a slight curtsy as she slipped out of the old fox's study. She passed through his den, amazed once again at the huge amount of books the fox owned. Bethany smiled to herself as she picked up one of the books that had fallen to the floor and placed it onto a shelf. Albreck had taught her to read with his hundreds of books. In fact, the old had taught everyone in her family, even her father how to read. He had helped her father on an hundred different occasions, and paid her far more then she was due to keep his home clean and fix him breakfast and dinner each day. The old fox was eccentric and sweet, and rather handsome in his own way. Bethany sighed and smiled to herself. She felt the flames of her old crush for the fox fan back into existence. The same crush in fact that her three older sisters had once had when cleaning his house had been their job. But Lord Albreck Firemane the Third had never once taken notice of the longing glances that she and hers sisters had cast his way, and she had no illusions about her chances with him. He was a man of his studies and nothing more.

Just before Bethany got to the front door, there was a very loud knock at the door. Bethany opened the door with a smile. On the landing was very well dressed gentleman cat, a Siamese by his fur color and a younger Siamese dressed just as nicely. "Good morning, may I help you sir?" The older cat sniffed a bit and said swished his tail, "Is this the residence of Albreck Firemane?" Bethany nodded politely, "Yes sir it is. Shall I fetch him for you?" The gentleman nodded curtly and straightened his jacket. "Yes, tell him Sir Reginald is here to see him." Bethany smiled and opened the door wider, motioning the two felines into the small foyer just inside the front door. She curtsied, "I’ll be right back sir." Bethany scurried down the hall, her skirt rustling.

She frowned once she was away from the two felines. She didn’t like the look of the older cat. He bothered her somehow. She knocked lightly on the library door and opened it. She allowed herself a moment to stare at the fox’s body. His robe was open to the sides and so covered nothing without the belt at this angle. And he had a very cute butt. Bethany coughed slightly; glad her fur covered her slight blush. "Sir, there’s a Sir Reginald to see you. Shall I get him something to drink?" The fox looked up from his scroll for only a second and sighed. "Oh, yes, something nice please. What did this Sir Reginald look like dear?" "He’s an elderly Siamese sir, and it looks like he’s brought his son with him." The fox sighed and removed his glasses and stood up straight, stretching a bit. "Well then, I suppose he’ll be wanting me to tutor the boy."

Bethany turned her head to the side a bit, "But I thought you weren’t going to teach anyone over the summer." The fox smiled just a bit. "I wasn’t, but by the way you said "Sir Reginald", I doubt very highly he’s going to take no for an answer." Bethany smiled. "I think you may be right. Shall I get the red wine you like?" The fox smiled. "Splendid idea. Where are they?" "The study Sir." Albreck slipped his spectacles into the front pocket of his robe and smiled. "Thank you my dear."


Albreck sighed as Bethany left to get the drinks. He slipped on his belt, tightening it around his waist. He hated how the belt made the robe feel against his body, but he was a scholar and a robe like this was traditional garb. He padded down the hall, pausing to sigh and brushed a paw through his head fur at a mirror. He wasn’t at his best but it would have to do. Of course, he had no desire to see this Sir Reginald anyway so he didn’t feel any particular desire to look his best for him and his son.

Albreck smiled as he walked into the study. "Good morning gentlemen, how may I help you on this fine morning?" The fox smiled as the older cat turned and shook his hand vigorously. "Good morning Mr. Firemane. I am Sir Reginald and this is my nephew, Jason." Albreck nodded to the boy, who shifted where he stood. He did not seem comfortable at all as Sir Reginald continued to talk. "I’ve come by this morning to discuss taking you on as a tutor for Jason while he is staying with me here in London." Albreck nodded and smiled a bit, motioning that they should sit down to talk. "Well sir, usually I’d be quite willing to tutor Jason for you, it is after all what I do. But I’m afraid I’m not tutoring anyone this summer." Albreck sighed inwardly as an indignant look cross Sir Reginald’s face. He wasn’t getting out of this that easily. "My dear sir," The cat said quietly, "I would think that your lack of students would make you more willing to take one on." The fox smiled a bit. "Usually, I would say you were right, I could spend more time with him and his studies would take much less time then usual, but I’m afraid that’s not the case this summer. I am working on a research project for the season, and it is occupying a great deal of my time."

Albreck looked up as Bethany brought in three glasses of wine and handed one to him. "Ah, thank you my dear." Albreck sipped the wine carefully as Sir Reginald took his and shot Bethany a mighty glare when she went to hand the third to his son. Bethany took the hint politely and left with the third glass still on the tray. Jason seemed irritated but held his tongue and face firmly in check. Only a slight twitch of his tail and whiskers betrayed his irritation. Sir Reginald rumbled after he sipped the wine and Albreck could see him almost visibly change his tactics. "This is a very fine wine sir, where did you obtain it?" Albreck smiled slightly. "It’s a gift from a friend of mine. I spent some time teaching him and his sons numbers a few years ago and his vineyards have done quite well since then." Sir Reginald nodded and took another sip. Albreck smiled to himself. "He knows exactly which vineyards I’m talking about," the fox thought. "He can probably guess the year just by the taste. He’s probably from a long line of nobility, and he’s not accustomed to someone like me telling him no." Albreck took a quick look over the older cat’s nephew, and saw that Jason was looking around the room with a rather cool expression. "And he’s no happier about being here then I am." Albreck thought.

The older cat coughed a bit and smiled. "Well Mr. Firemane, as pleasant as this visit with you has been, we really must get down to business." Albreck smiled and nodded. "Alright, perhaps your son would like to wait in the library? I have quite a collection, and I’m sure a budding scholar such as himself would jump at the chance to look through it." The older cat smiled and then shot his nephew a mean look. "Yes, I’m sure he would." Albreck gave the boy what he hoped was an apologetic look and said. "Its the third door on your left. Bethany will show you there." The boy slipped between them, and Albreck could almost feel the glare he gave his uncle as he passed. The fox sipped the last of his wine and waited for the noble’s strong-arm tactics to begin.


Albreck sighed heavily as he opened the door to his library. After that, he wanted nothing more then to sit down, read a good book, and relax. Sir Reginald had almost gotten to the point of blackmail twice before he’d given in to tutoring the boy. Albreck sighed and wondered which room he’d have to clean his books out of for the boy to stay in. With his large townhouse, he was able to have his students live with him almost year round, but he hadn’t done so in nearly two years. But the older cat had been very insistent that Jason had to come stay with him while he was studying. "Still, a thousand gold franks for teaching and housing one student for a year is a very nice price." Albreck jumped as Jason said. "Funny, I didn’t think he’d be willing to pay that much to be rid of me." Albreck put his hand over his heart and sighed, smiling softly as he stared over his glassed at the young cat. "Oh I’m sorry my boy, I’d almost forgotten you were still here. And yes, I must say your uncle seemed rather anxious to be rid of you during the day."

The boy nodded and sat down with a look of contempt on his face. "I would imagine so." Albreck removed his spectacles, rubbing the spot where they rested on the bridge of his muzzle before replacing them. "Have you any idea why, or do the two of you simply not get along?" Jason’s smile was almost a sneer, and Albreck frown at how much the boy’s handsome face was ruined by it. "He doesn’t like me at all, for the same reasons my father sent me to live with him." Albreck nodded "Ah, so it’s a family matter then. Well, in that case I don’t want to know anything about it." The fox began to straighten the papers on the table in the center of the room, and the cat looked at him with a bit of surprise. "You don’t want to know?" "Not in the least. I may be being forced into teaching you and having you stay here, but so long as you do your lessons and don’t cause me trouble, I could care less why you and your family don’t get along. Understand?" The fox leveled a rather pointed gaze at the young feline, whose mouth was slightly agape. "Y, Yes sir." Albreck smiled a bit in satisfaction.

"Good. Now then, since your Uncle was so insistent that you start today, even willing to pay me a handsome bonus to start so quickly, the first order of business it to determine what you know. Who was your last tutor?" Jason shifted a bit, his eyes on the floor, "Well, a man named Calderhal…" Albreck closed his eyes and tried to keep from groaning. "Alex Calderhal?" "Yes sir." Albreck looked up at the ceiling in despair. "Oh Lord, what have I done to deserve such punishment?" Jason’s handsome face turned sour again as Albreck rubbed the bridge of his muzzle and said, "Did you like Mr. Calderhal Jason?" "No, not exactly." The fox sighed a bit. "Well, that good at least. How far along were you in your studies?" "I can do numbers, and I’ve read quite a lot." Albreck snorted loudly. "Yes, I dare say Calderhal would have you reading quite a lot of books, most of which are utter rubbish. Have you read any Plato? Socrates?" Albreck heart sank as he watched Jason’s face become more and more puzzled, "Anything by Machiavelli, or even Devinci?" Jason grinned as the fox said the last name. "Denvinci wrote books?" Albreck nodded wearily, sitting down and pulling a large tome from a bookshelf. "Oh yes indeed. He’s one of the greatest scientists of our age my boy." The young cat was instantly at Albreck side, peering over his shoulder. "But I thought he only did paintings! I love his work…" Jason had taken the book from his hands and was poring over the pages. Albreck smiled softly. "Devinci’s paintings are nothing compared to the glory of his scientific discoveries my boy, and I hold him as one of the greatest painters of our day." Albreck smiled and began to feel much more at ease as the young cat began to oh and ah over the book, fascinated by Devinci’s detail sketches and notes. Maybe this wasn’t going to be so bad after all.


A few weeks had passed, and Albreck was hard at work on his scrolls again. Sir Reginald had been insistent that the young Siamese wasn’t to be trusted, and Albreck would have to watch him like a hawk lest he step out of line, Albreck had found Jason to be the ideal student. All Albreck had to do was set a task before him, and he’d do it. A simple assignment of reading and an essay to write and the boy was happy as can be. Books fascinated him, and he was constantly reading in the library, sometimes even missing his midday meal because he was so wrapped up in his studies.

Well, at least during the day he was. Albreck sighed a bit as he looked out the window of his study, watching the sunset over the rooftops. Outside, Jason was waiting on the wall that formed the edge of Albreck’s property, probably waiting for his friends to come by. Once night fell, the wanderlust of youth often proved too much for the young cat to bear. He’d ventured out on the town, sometimes quite late into the night. This was, Albreck noted, something his Uncle had expressly forbid him to do, but Albreck had struck a deal with the boy. So long as his lessons were done on time, he could do anything he wanted to in his spare time without fear of being reported. "I’m a teacher." Albreck had said, "not a baby sitter." Jason had been quite pleased with the arrangement, but now the older fox was having his doubts.

The boy had such a gifted mind. He’d taken to advanced mathematics like a fish to water, and he understood the intricacies of the writings of Machiavelli better then anyone Albreck had ever met, save Machiavelli himself. He could write so well the fox was considering sending several of his works off to be published. The fox sipped at the wine glass he held, watching the cat wait for his friends. But whenever the tabby stayed out late, his work was always sub par. He’d nod off reading a book or something similar. Albreck knew it was normal for a boy his age to want to be off enjoying himself; heaven knows he’d done the same. But many of his childhood friends had turned to drink to solve their problems, or gotten a girl pregnant and been forced into marriage, something that always ended badly.


Outside, Jason sat blissfully on the wall, swinging his feet a bit. He looked back at the townhouse, smiling when he caught sight of Albreck as he leaned out of the tinny window in his study. "He’s probably watching the sun set." Jason whispered. For the millionth time since coming to live with Albreck, Jason wondered how he’d gotten such a lucky break. When he’d first come to London, he had been in a state of total despair. But for once in his life, he’d found someone who understood him. He never thought he’d meet someone like Albreck, someone who actually enjoyed things like math and books more then he did. And he was kind. He still remembered what it meant to be young. He was so unlike his father and uncle. Jason’s paw tightened into a fist for a second. He hated his father so much it almost scared him sometimes. His father had wanted a strong boy, one who rode horses and won awards for sports. Not a son who wanted books and painter’s tools. But he had especially not wanted a son who fooled around with the servant boys. That had been why his father had sent him to live with his uncle in the first place. Jason still wasn’t sure what his father had been angrier about, his son being a tail raiser or that he’d raised it to a servant. Jason smiled a bit. But oh, Jason thought as his friends arrived, if only his father could see him now.

As soon as he’d begun exploring London’s poetry clubs and such, he’d met Toby, a wolf who’d read a stirring piece of poetry at a reading one night, and had been all to and who had actually introduced him to the Tail Underground, a savvy little bar that catered to tail raisers. Toby had also been all to willing to share his bed with him that night, and on several other since. In fact, he’d met all of his friends that were going out with him tonight at the Tail Underground. Besides Toby, there was an otter named Casey who had been all to eager to show him the virtue of swimming for ‘exercise’, Thomas the raccoon, a rogue of a fellow how was very good with his paws, and of course, there was Gavin. Jason grinned as he looked up into the tiger’s eyes. Oh yes, he thought, and then there’s Gavin. The tallest, and most muscular fur he’d ever met, the big tiger was absolutely the most drop dead gorgeous male he’d ever laid eyes on. And he even rented his own place. Jason grinned as he hugged his friends and kissed them. He simply could not believe how lucky he was.


Albreck chewed his lip a bit as Jason’s friends arrived. He could barely hear their cheerful voices as they hugged each other and sauntered up the street towards a bar somewhere. The fox knew the young cat was seeing someone. When you live with another fur for nearly two months, you come to know their personal scent quite well. And when that person comes home smelling rather distinctly of someone else, well… Albreck smiled a bit as he remembered the first time Jason had stayed out late. He’d apologized profusely all morning for sleeping late, and had worn so much cologne to block the scent it had made the fox’s eyes water. Jason had been so worried that the fox was mad at him, but Albreck had simply politely ignored it all. After a few days, Jason had calmed down and things had gone back to normal. But, Albreck thought glumly, he’d begun sleeping about quite regularly.

Once, sometimes two nights a week he’d come home smelling of lust and another fur. Most the time, the scent had a distinctive lupine scent to it, but recently… recently Jason had been with the same person again and again. Albreck smiled and shook his head, amused by the fact that the way he mentally identified the girl was by her scent. Strong, robust and earthy, but above all, defiantly feline. Jason was probably seeing a tigress, or a lioness perhaps. But whoever she was, there was a defiant possibility she could become pregnant and spell doom for Jason’s future. Albreck sighed and rubbed the bridge of him muzzle out of habit. Jason’s uncle would put him out on the street for just sowing his wild oats, much less having them bear fruit. And despite all his talents, Jason was ill equipped to be suddenly on his own.

Albreck turned as Bethany knocked lightly on the open door. "Sir, dinner is ready, but Jason has already left with his friends so they’ll be quite a bit extra." The tabby’s whiskers twitched a bit, and Albreck could see she was rather embarrassed. She didn’t like to be waste full with his food. "Well my dear, what did you make?" "A roast chicken sir." Albreck ears perked up and his eyes gleamed softly. He lifted his nose and sniffed the air softly before chuckling. He’d been so preoccupied he hadn’t even noticed the glorious smell. If there was one thing Bethany could do well, it was fix chicken. Albreck smiled a bit, his mind deciding what he was going to do about Jason while his feet moved towards the scent of the chicken. "My dear," the fox said with a smile, "I’m sure that with your help, I’ll be able to finish it all." The tabby cat smiled and nodded as the fox lead the way to the dinning room.


Jason smiled as Gavin lead him up to the room he rented. The big tiger grinned as the smaller cat followed him inside his tiny apartment. He closed the door and leaned down, cupping the smaller cat’s head in his paw and kissing him deeply. They purred together for a moment, their tongues the insides of the other’s muzzle as they pulled each other’s shirts off. Then their paws roamed across their bare chests, each rubbing and petting the other. After a while the tiger pulled back and smiled, his arms sliding around the smaller cat’s slim waist, their bare chest fur gleaming in the moonlight. "You know Jason, we’ve been doing this a lot lately." The Siamese smiled and rubbed his nose against the tiger’s strong neck, his fingers tracing the outlines of the tiger’s bulging muscles. "Yeah we have…" The cats kissed again slowly, their paws rubbing across each other’s bodies as they undid their pants. Jason grinned and pushed his larger friend back into his huge armchair once he was naked. "But, enough talk. I’ve been craving riding that cock of yours all week." The tiger laughed as Jason climbed on top of him, their lips meeting against as Jason straddled his waist, the tiger’s cock rubbing against his tailhole. Jason purred loudly as he grabbed a bottle of lube the tiger always kept handy and squeezed some onto his paw before reaching back and stroking the tiger’s cock slowly. Gavin closed his eyes as Jason position Gavin’s cock under his tailhole, purring loudly. Jason grinned and rubbed the tiger’s strong chest as he slowly pushed himself down onto his cock. They both moaned softly as the tiger’s shaft slide into Jason’s warm tailhole. Jason grinned and kissed Gavin slowly as he began to ride the tiger hard and fast. Oh yes, he was the luckiest cat in the world.


Jason silently opened the back door to Albreck’s townhouse. He peered around the dark kitchen with a sly smile. As usual, no one was awake. He twirled his house key once before slipping it into his pocket. He remembered the first night he’d come sneaking home late after spending the night at Toby’s. He’d been scared to death that Albreck would smell the wolf on his fur and then ask questions; questions that would inevitable lead to why he was in London at all. But the fox hadn’t said a word. He hadn’t even noticed when Jason had made his late nights out a regular occurrence. The fox was too wrapped up in his books.

Jason stretched and purred to himself, feeling very satisfied. He hadn’t been able to spend the night with Gavin in almost a week, and the itch only another man could scratch had almost gotten to much to bear. Jason grinned and petted his chest fur a bit. Gavin was such a beautiful male, strong and sexy, even if he was a little air headed. He was a wonderful distraction from his studies, even though Jason knew it wouldn’t last too much longer. Jason knew he’d never really be able to make a life with Gavin. The tiger didn’t challenge his mind. He challenged his body, Jason thought with a chuckle, but not his mind. Oh well, Jason mused, it wasn’t really all that important. After all, Gavin wasn’t likely to stick around too much longer. Jason chuckled as he got himself a glass of water. That tiger got around town more then anyone else he knew. While Jason would have said yes in an instant, the tiger would never want a long-term relationship. Jason sighed a bit as he pushed his way past the kitchen door and into the hall. If only Albreck was a tail raiser. Sure, he nearly twenty-five years the cats senior, but still. He was handsome, wealthy, and so smart it amazed Jason to no end. Jason sighed and smiled a bit. He had quite the crush on the older fox, but he knew it was a pipe dream. He grinned in the darkness. He could always dream though. The cat smiled as he made his way for the stairs, heading to his room on the second floor.

Jason jumped and yelped in fright when he bumped into Albreck as he came around a corner in the darkness. The fox let out a yip of fright and dropped the book he had been reading, his spectacles clattering to the floor. "Oh my goodness boy," the fox said, his paw on his chest. "Don’t do that." Jason stammered in shock. "Wh, what are you doing up?" The fox gave him a wry smile as he bent down and picked up the book, bending at the waist. As he did, the fox’s tail flicked a bit in annoyance, and his robes shifted, revealing the smooth curve of his rump to the startled cat. Jason mentally wished the fox would wear his belt around the house. As he stood back up, Albreck said, "One would expect me to be asking you that question." Jason began to stammer out an answer, his voice searching desperately for answers. "I… I was just…" Albreck waved his paw and said, "I wasn’t actually asking Jason, but since you’re up I’d like to talk to you." Jason began to tremble as the fox walked off towards his library. "Oh my god…" he thought. "I can’t talk to him now, I practically reek of tiger cum!" He looked around frantically, but he couldn’t think of anything that would cover the smell. At least his fur didn’t look matted and his clothes were all okay. But still, there was no way Albreck was going to miss the scent of the tiger this time. Jason could feel himself begin to sweat as he followed the fox down the hall.

Albreck walked into his library and sighed a bit as he set his book down. He looked around for some papers, irritated that he couldn’t quite remember where he’d put them down. Eventually, Jason came into the library, and Albreck said. "Now then Jason, I wanted to ask you something." The cat mumbled "Uhuh?" Albreck leafed through the notes on his desk as he said, "Have you given much thought about what you’ll be doing after you finish your education?" Jason shook his head a bit. "No, no n not really… I…" The fox nodded a bit. "That’s pretty much what I thought." The fox began searching through the papers on his desk again. "And so, I wrote a letter to a friend of mine. I think you’ll be quite happy to see his response, if I can find it here."

Jason’s hand trembled slightly. It was like he was back home again, and Albreck was his father. His father always called him into his study to "talk" whenever he discovered something Jason had done wrong. He’d dance around the subject, talking about his future and how much he was wasting his life. When Jason would try and defend himself, he’d shout at him, yelling how useless he was, how weak and pathetic. Then he’d lay down plan for his future, something like sports of the military. Something Jason always hated. Albreck was talking, but Jason could barely here him. He was saying something about possible jobs, and such. He knew where this was going. Jason balled his fist and set his jaw. And he wasn’t going to let it happen again.

Albreck smiled when he finally found the newspaper he’d been looking for. "Ah, here it is. Now, I think this might interest you. There are quite a few opportunities something like this could open up for you…" Jason's voice was cold as he said, "NO." Albreck blinked as he looked up at Jason. The young cat’s face was set in an angry glare Albreck hadn’t see since Jason had leveled it at his Uncle. "What ever it is, I don’t want it." Albreck blinked in confusion. "What?" "You can’t rule my life Albreck. My father couldn’t, you’re a Fool if you think I’ll let you." The fox’s eyes narrowed a bit. "Jason, I don’t know what your talking about, but…" Jason laughed and grinned. "Oh yes you do. You’re just like everybody else. I trusted you, and all you want to do is run my life. Well you can’t. You can’t stop me from doing what I want, or WHO I want for that matter." Albreck’s usually kind muzzle became set in a stern glare, though not really angry. "I haven’t said a thing about your nightly activates. Nor have I told you what I think about you seeing this tiger so often." Jason grinned wildly, "But you still think about it, that I shouldn’t be staying out late and seeing people. You still want me to stop, and now you’re trying to get me too with some cheap promise." The cat’s words were half hissed as he spat. "You’re just like my father Albreck," and turned away.

Albreck’s back stiffened and his paws gripped the newspaper he held tightly. "What did you just say?" Jason sneered at him. "You’re just like my father, and my Uncle, with your ‘letters to old friends’ and ‘wonderful opportunities.’ Well, I’ve never let any of them rule my life and neither will you." Jason smirked in triumph. He’d wanted to say those words to his father for years, and for once he was going to stand up for himself. He turned to watch Albreck's reaction.

The older fox was standing quite still, the paw holding some papers shaking slightly. He started to speak softly, eyes still tightly closed. "For nearly fifteen years I have taught youth the things I thought were important. Math, literature, the importance of free thought and relying on one’s self. In all those years, I have never met someone like you, someone with so much talent and intellect." Jason’s smirk collapsed as the fox’s eyes opened and the most hurt, betrayed look he’d ever seen bore into him. "You are gifted with a mind so great you could rival the greatest thinkers, and you can certainly surpass me with ease. But to compare me to your FATHER?" The fox’s tail lashed back and forth in anger as his voice rose. "That stuffy, ignorant bastard of a duke how doesn’t have enough brains in his whole family tree to find his way out of a paper bag?! I’ve taught you, given you a home and free reign of your life, not even questioned your decision to bed some tigress you couldn’t have know for more then a month! And you compare me to him!?"

Albreck could feel his fur standing on end. He had never been so angry in all his life, even when he was young and hot blooded like Jason was. "I have worked my whole life to build myself a life that wasn’t dependant upon my bloodline but upon my own worth. I have never taken advantage of the station I was born into, and I have never been so insulted in all my life. Especially after what I’ve done for you!"

Jason felt his stomach beginning to turn into knots as the fox stalked towards him, the roll of papers held out like a sword. He had never see anyone this angry before. Albreck thrust the papers, which he could see now was one of the political journals the fox received. "I stick my neck out of you, get one of your papers PUBLISHED under your own name even, and this is the thanks I get?" Jason stared in shock at the newspaper, a copy of the London Times that prominently displayed his essay on the need for a better road system between London and outlying counties on the front page. The young cat stammered in shock and stared up at his teachers eyes, which were filled with so much hurt he swore the fox was about to cry. "If this is how you feel about me Jason, then I have gravely misjudged you." The fox’s voice was even and stern, the tone he reserved for foolish nobles who always seemed to come calling on him. "Your studies will continue as planned, but I would prefer if you found some place else to live during them." Jason felt his chest tighten and his paws began to tremble as Albreck took a step back from him. "Goodnight Jason." The fox said before walking quickly out of the library, his tail lashing back and forth.

Jason looked down at the newspaper, his mind reeling. What had he just done? Albreck had been trying to help him, actually help him. Not control his life for his own ends. If the fox had wanted to, he could have published the article under his own name. It was almost accepted that a teacher would do so. But instead, the fox had gone out on a limb for him and Jason had exploded at him before even finding out what he’d done. Jason trembled in shock and fright. And now he was on his own. His Uncle had made it very clear that he wouldn’t be welcome in his house, and he couldn’t go back to his father. Without work, he’d never be able to secure a place to live. But what was more important was what Albreck thought about him.

Jason’s eyes opened wide and he whispered, "I called him my father…He’ll… He hates me…" The cat’s heart twisted inside out. He couldn’t live with the thought of Albreck hating him. He was the only person in his whole life that had understood and trusted him, and now he’d betrayed that trust. How could he be so stupid? Jason crumpled the paper in his paws and raced out of the library and up the stairs. He had to go talk to the fox, make him understand. He couldn’t live with out Albreck.

Jason fought with the handle to the fox’s door, but it was securely locked. "Albreck?" He called out desperately. "Albreck please open the door…" The fox’s muffled voice answered him, "No Jason, go away. Go to sleep." Jason clawed at the doorframe in despair. "Albreck please! You have to listen to me!" Silence hung for a long moment before the fox answered. "No Jason, I think you’ve said quite enough for one night." Jason gasped for air, his chest so tight it hurt. What had he done? He’d destroyed everything. The fox’s voice told him how deeply he’d wounded him, and that no amount of coaxing or convincing was going to get him to open the door and listen. Jason’s brow furrowed and he clenched his paws into fists. "I’m not going to loss him… Not like this…" Jason dashed to his room to get the tools he’d need.


Albreck sat at the little desk he kept in his room, trying to read. He couldn’t believe Jason’s arrogance. He knew the cat hated his father and his controlling ways, but this was just too much. The fox rubbed his eyes, telling himself the tears were from the lamplight hurting his eyes. But to compare him to his father? Albreck had fought his whole life to keep from becoming that kind of self-indulging, ignorant noble. His wealth was his own, his position in scholarly circles earn by hard work not by connections. He prided himself on having worked for what he had in life. But to have the greatest student he ever taught belittle everything he’d worked for like that…

Albreck sniffed and sat up in his chair, pushing thoughts of the young cat from his mind and concentrating on reading the latest play by Shakespeare. But somehow, he just couldn’t focus on it. He sighed. He suspected "Much Ado About Nothing" would be much better if he saw it preformed. Albreck here the click and tumble as the lock on his door opened. He turned in his chair as the door slowly creaked open a few inches. Outside, Jason was on his knees, and set of lock picks on the ground in front of him. The cat peered inside sheepishly as Albreck stared at him. Silence hung between them for a long moment. "Umm…" the cat whispered softly, "Can I come in?" Albreck sighed and tried not to smile as he stared down at the floor. "I’ve never stopped you from doing anything Jason." Jason swallowed hard and removed the piece of twisted wire from the lock and slipped it back into his kit as he slowly stood up and slinked into the room.

Jason moved next to Albreck’s chair and bent down on one knee so he could look up into the fox’s eyes, on paw on the fox’s knee. "Albreck, please just listen to me. I… I’m so sorry… I don’t know what came over me… you were acting like my father always did when he was angry and I know your not like him at all and I should never have said your were, you were just trying to help, but I got scared and freaked out, and I’m so sorry, I don’t know why…" Jason stopped babbling when Albreck chuckled softly, his blue eyes opened slowly. He smiled gently as he whispered, "Do you have any idea how pathetic that’s sounds?" Jason nodded a bit as a tear ran down the fox’s cheek. "Yeah… its just… I’m so sorry Albreck, you were only trying to help me and I…" The fox closed his eyes again as Jason trailed off. Albreck whispered softly, "Yes, well, I was worried about you." Jason swallowed a bit, knowing where this was going to go. "But why?" The fox smiled a bit. "Because I was once a young man, and I saw other young men doing what you are, sowing their seeds at random as it were. And sometimes those seed bore fruit, and my friends were forced into marriage long before they were ready." Jason shifted his eyes away from the fox’s. "I meant what I said back in the library. You’re the brightest student I’ve ever had. I just didn’t want to see your future ruined by lust." Jason swallowed softly and whispered, "Well, you don’t have to worry about that because it won’t happen…" Albreck chuckled and smiled. "Jason, I can smell the tiger on you even now. Don’t fool yourself, you’re smarter then that. A girl can still get pregnant, not matter how careful you are when you bed her." Jason closed his eyes and wrung his paws together. He had to tell Albreck, and he had to tell him now or the fox would never trust him again. But how?

Jason slowly leaned up and cupped Albreck’s head in his paws and kissed the fox full on the lips. The fox opened his mouth in surprise, and Jason slipped his tongue inside the fox’s slim muzzle, lapping at his tongue as he kissed him slowly. Jason pulled back from the startled fox and looked into his wide eyes as he whispered, "But I’m sleeping with boys…" Albreck opened his mouth to say something, closing and opening it several times as he stared at the cat in surprise. "You’re what?" He whispered finally. Jason looked down as he sat down on the floor in front of Albreck’s chair. "I’ve never been with a woman before, only with other men. Its…" Jason swallowed and nervously rubbed his legs, "its why my father sent me to London in the first place…" Albreck blinked at him in surprise. "But, why didn’t you tell me Jason?" The cat looked up and gave a tired smile. "After how my Father and Uncle reacted? I didn’t tell anybody." Albreck smiled a bit. "Except the boys you’ve been sleeping with." Jason blushed and ducked his head, "Umm, well yeah…"

Albreck sighed heavily, his eyes closed and he put his head in his paw. "I wish you’d have just told me." Jason rubbed his paws together and licked his lips. The fox had taken the news that he was a tail raiser well; maybe he wouldn’t be offended by the cat’s feelings for him? "Yeah… well... I couldn’t really do that…" Albreck looked at him, a very tired look in his eyes, and said. "Why not?" Jason looked up at the fox and smile weakly, "because I’m in love with you…" Albreck blinked in surprise and took his head off his paw. "You’re…" Jason nodded with a blush. "I, I was certain you throw me out if you knew, and I can’t go home…" Albreck blinked several times, a puzzled expression on his face. "But, why?" Jason smiled a bit, resting on his knees. "Why wouldn’t I be? I mean, you’re smart, you have a beautiful home filled with books, you’re kinder then anyone I’ve ever know. You’re the only person who’s ever understood me, and well…" Jason blushed just a little. "You’re handsome too."

Albreck’s cheeks turned a little red. "Well, I don’t know what to say. I’ve never really thought about myself like that…" Silence hung in the room for a long moment. Jason stared at Albreck’s knee, and rubbed it softly with his paw. "Well, I have…" The Siamese looked up at Albreck with a sly smile. "And in a lot of other ways too." The fox blushed a little as Jason leaned up and kissed him again. This time, Albreck kissed back.

When their lips parted, the fox looked away and blushed. "Jason, I don’t think we should be…" Jason put a finger to the fox’s lips. "Hey, I’m the one who knows about this stuff. Just, let me make things up to you." Albreck started to object, but the cat’s kiss stopped him. Jason kissed the fox long and hard, his paws running lightly across Albreck’s chest. The fox arched his back a bit and pressed into Jason’s paws. Jason grinned and broke the kiss, nuzzling the white fur on Albreck’s neck. The fox began to stutter as Jason’s paws undid the belt of his robe, "J… Jason are you sure you… you want…" The cat grinned as he pulled the fox’s robe aside, revealing the fox’s sheath and balls. Albreck’s white chin fur traveled down his chest and his crotch fur was pure white. The fox blushed deeply. "Jason… I…" Jason kissed the fox hard, cupping his head in his paws. "You what Albreck?" The fox jumped and gasped as the cat’s paw cupped his balls. "I can tell you’re enjoying this. And believe me, I want to do this." The cat grined and nuzzled the fox’s chest fur. "I’ve wanted to do this for months."

The fox blushed more as the cat got back on his knees and grinned. The tip of the fox’s cock was just peeking out of his sheath as Jason’s paw rubbed his balls softly. The cat licked his lips and rubbed his muzzle softly against it, eliciting a soft moan from Albreck. "Oh Jason I… OH lord…" The fox’s protest died as Jason wrapped his lips around the head of his cock. Albreck closed his eyes and fought against the feelings the cats muzzle was sending through him. He hadn’t been with another person like this in years, and even when he had no girl had ever done this. Albreck squirmed in his chair and whimpered as Jason’s tongue rasped across his cock, the cat’s rough tongue feeling absolutely wonderful as it moved across his shaft. Jason grinned to himself and he began to really suck on the fox’s hardening shaft, bobbing his muzzle up and down the fox’s shaft. Albreck’s paws began to rub his head and neck softly, and he gasped when Jason’s paw gripped the base of his cock and pulled gently. "Oh heavens…" the fox whispered as Jason began to stroke his cock with his hand, his tongue moving to lap at his balls, the cat’s tongue running across the white furred orbs making the fox’s legs quiver.

Jason grinned and leaned back, one paw softly stroking the fox’s cock to admire his handy work. The fox’s red cock was set right in the middle of his pure white fur, and his slim build and black paws looked incredibly sexy. "You like that?" Jason said with a grin. Albreck opened his eyes and nodded a bit, licking his lips nervously. "Did you?" He asked. Jason’s grin only widened. "I live for this. Now hold this." Jason guided the fox paw to his shaft. "I’ll be right back and we’ll do something even better…" Jason got up and scampered to his room to fetch something. While he was gone, Albreck ran a paw through his head fur, and chuckled nervously. The fox couldn’t believe he was letting the cat do this. Or that he was excited by the fact that there was more to come.

Jason came back in the room with a huge grin on his face. He was carrying a small jar, and when he opened it, Albreck saw there was something clear cream inside. "All right, sit on the floor for me." Albreck numbly slipped out of the chair and sat on the floor, his robe discarded completely now. Jason scooped a small portion of the cream out with his paw, and Albreck realized it was the new lotion that ladies used on their paws. As the young cat rubbed it slowly across the fox’s hard shaft, Albreck whimpered softly and realized why the boy had it, and he shivered as the cat’s dexterous fingers ran across his shaft. Then Jason stood up and pulled off his shorts, standing over him with a grin. "Ooooh I’ve wanted to do this for a long time…" he whispered as he straddled the fox’s lap. "Jason, what are you doing… ooh lord…" The fox trailed off as Jason’s paw gripped his cock again and guided it to his tailhole. Albreck’s eyes widened as he realized what the cat was doing, but Jason was already pressing down on his cock, his eager tailhole spreading around the fox’s slick cock head with ease. They moaned together as Jason sat down on the fox’s cock completely. Albreck moaned and his paws gripped Jason’s sides as he shivered in pleasure. The cat’s tailhole was like a warm, wet glove wrapped around his cock, and he could feel the cat’s ring tighten as he moved himself back up his cock and then down again. Albreck gasped in pleasure as Jason began to ride his cock, his ass muscle milking his shaft as he moved up and down him. The fox’s hips thrust up to meet the cat’s rump, and Jason purred loudly as he rode Albreck’s cock.

It lasted forever. The cat bounced up and down on the fox’s shaft, his own paw stroking his cock as the fox humped up into him as best he could. Albreck moaned and panted hard. He’d never felt anything like this before. Nothing could compare to the feeling of his cock plunging up into the young cat’s tight ass. Jason’s tongue lapped at his neck and chest, teasing his nipples at times and making his back arch in pleasure.

Jason was grinning like a damn fool, his eyes closed and his chest rumbled as he purred loudly, the sound seeming to rise and fall with the thrust of the fox’s cock into him. Jason moaned each time the fox’s cock would hit a sweet spot, his body twisting in pleasure as he rode the fox. Jason could feel he was getting close and so he slowed down, riding the fox’s shaft slowly to make it last longer. "Ooooh Jason..." Albreck panted, "This is…" "Wonderrrrrrrfulll… oh gods… yourrr even thicker then Gavin is, and he’s huge…." Albreck blinked in confusion as Jason pushed himself all the way down and lay on top of him. "Gavin?" The Siamese blushed and grinned. "The tiger." The fox nodded weakly. "Oh…" Jason grinned and kissed the fox deeply. "Don’t worry. He’s got nothing on you." The cat purred loudly and rubbed his nose against Albreck’s throat. "I love you. He’s just hot." Albreck chuckled weakly, a smile on his muzzle as he hugged the cat to his chest. "I love you as well." Jason grinned wide. "Wonderrrful." Jason stood up and slipped out of the fox’s arms a bit, his hard cock bouncing in front of him as he turned around and sat back down in the fox’s lap. "Then push that thick cock of yours back in me an tie me like a good fox." Albreck moaned softly as his shaft sunk back into the cat’s ass.

This time, Jason just crouched over him and let him thrust up into his tailhole. Albreck closed his eyes tightly, one arm wrapped around the cats leg and the other holding onto his desk for support as he humped up into the cat. Jason purred so loud Albreck could hear nothing else as he thrust into his tight ass. The fox closed his eyes and whimpered as his balls throbbed with need as his hips bucked hard, driving his shaft as deep as he could into the younger cat. He watched Jason stroke his cock in time with his thrusts and arch his back and moan each time the fox’s growing knot moved and out of him, his tailhole tightening down on his cock like never before as the cat arched his back and yowled as loud as he could, white cum spraying from his cock and across the room. Albreck closed his eyes and moaned as he thrust into the cat’s suddenly tight tailhole. He pushed hard, his thick knot fighting against the ring of his ass, slowly spreading him open wider then ever, which made Jason howl in pleasure and cum even harder as the fox’s knot popped inside him. Albreck gave a short yiff of pleasure and moaned as he came, his cum pouring into the cat. The fox thrust desperately even though he was trapped inside Jason, his cum filling the cat’s tailhole. Jason moaned at the glorious feeling of his teacher cumming inside him, his seed flooding his tailhole, making him feel warm deep inside.

Albreck gasped for breath as the cat collapsed back wards into his embrace, stretching his whole body in utter delight. "Oooooh Albreck… you feel so good inside me…" The fox panted hard and nodded numbly. He could barely think as the warm after glow of his climax settled into his bones. "Oh my…" was all he managed as Jason grinned back at him and twisted in his lap, kissing him long and hard. Albreck smiled softly and looked around the room a bit. In their passion, they’d knocked scrolls and books off his desk and almost pulled the covers off his bed. Jason grinned back at his teacher. "Was it good for you?" The fox smiled a bit sheepishly; acutely aware his cock was firmly lodged inside the cats cum filled ass. "Yesss… it was." Albreck murred softly as his paw rubbed the cat's chest and softening cock. Jason purred at the attention and snuggled back into the fox’s embrace. "Are we, okay now?" Jason asked quietly. The fox chuckled. "We were okay when you picked the lock on my door to apologize to me." The fox looked concerned for a moment. "I hope you didn’t do this just to make me forgive you." The cat chuckled a bit and blushed. "Well, kinda. But I’ve been wanting to do this since I came to live here." The fox smiled a bit. "What am I going to do with you boy?" The cat grinned mischievously. "Ground me till I learn my lesson?" The fox chuckled and grinned. "Oh you think its that easy to get in my robe do you?" The fox pushed the cat forward onto his hands and knees, his knot coming out of the cat's tailhole with a pop and a rush of his seed. Albreck grinned as he gripped the cat’s hips and ground his cock back into him hard, making Jason moan in ecstasy. "Well your about to find out I can teach you all sorts of tricks." Jason just moan in delight as the fox began to hump him harder then ever.


The next morning, Albreck opened his eyes slowly to find himself sleeping beside his student. He looked down into Jason’s face as the cat lay beside him in bed, his head pressed up against the fox’s white chest. Albreck smiled and kissed Jason’s forehead. He was young and naďve, and his temper was still hot, but deep down he was a good boy. Albreck smiled and corrected himself. Jason was a fine young man. He closed his eyes and went back to sleep with his new lover.